A naive girl from a humble background meets an ambitious city boy, and a torrid romance ensues Despite her pride, independence, and honesty, Charity Royall feels shadowed by her past especially in her ardent relationship with the educated and refined Lucius Harney Can passion overcome the effects

A Cup of Tea

Rosemary Fell was born into privilege She has wealth, well connected friends, and a handsome fiance, Philip Alsop Finally she has everything she wants It is then, in a moment of beneficence, that Rosemary invites Eleanor Smith, a penniless young woman she sees under a streetlamp in the rain, into


One chill Easter dawn in 1917, a blizzard blowing in their faces, the four divisions of the Canadian Corps in France went over the top of a muddy scarp known as Vimy Ridge Within hours, they held in their grasp what had eluded both British and French armies in over two years of fighting they had