Ronin Island Vol. 1

After a catastrophic event changes 19th century Japan, Korea, and China, two young soldiers must protect their peaceful island home from a warlord s oncoming forces and newly mutated creatures that threaten to destroy the world as they know it.After a mysterious attack devastates a great swath of

Ghost Tree

A touching graphic novel about love, loss, and how the past never truly stays dead Seeking a refuge from an unhappy life, Brandt returns to his ancestral home in Japan to find a haunted tree and the departed souls that are drawn to it, including his Grandfather Getting involved with the

Strange Planet

I feel attractive.Honestly, you are.It s the star damage.I CRAVE STAR DAMAGE.Straight from the mind of New York Times bestselling author Nathan W Pyle comes an adorable and profound universe in pink, blue, green, and purple Based on the phenomenally popular Instagram of the same name, Strange