Where's Halmoni?

Where s Halmoni is a picture book in a graphic novel style, which follows the story of a young Korean girl and boy whose search for their missing grandmother leads them into a world inspired by Korean folklore, filled with mischievous goblins dokkebi , a greedy tiger, a clever rabbit, and a wily f

Rabbit Moon

Bedtime wishes take flight on paper airplanes, traveling all the way to the moon There Rabbit gathers the night s haul, grinds the wishes into stardust, and fills the sky with their starlight It is a beautiful sight to behold, but lonely work So one night, Rabbit takes a wish and makes it float d

Tales of India: Folk Tales from Bengal, Punjab, and Tamil Nadu

A shape shifting tiger and a pretentious rat.A generous goddess and a powerful demon.A clever princess and a prince who returns from the dead.This collection of 16 traditional tales transports readers to the beguiling world of Indian folklore Transcribed by Indian and English folklorists in the nin