Le Morte d'Arthur: King Arthur and the Legends of the Round Table

Le Morte d Arthur is an exciting, magical interpretation of the legend of King Arthur n nThe next elegant edition in the Knickerbocker Classic series, Le Morte d Arthur is unabridged and complete Originally published in 1485 by William Caxton, Sir Thomas Malory s Le Morte d Arthur remains the most ex


Augustine s Confessions is one of the most influential and most innovative works of Latin literature Written in the author s early forties in the last years of the fourth century A.D and during his first years as a bishop, they reflect on his life and on the activity of remembering and interpretin

Why Can the Dead Do Such Great Things? Saints and Worshippers from the Martyrs to the Reformation

From its earliest centuries, one of the most notable features of Christianity has been the veneration of the saints the holy dead This ambitious history tells the fascinating story of the cult of the saints from its origins in the second century days of the Christian martyrs to the Protestant Refo

The Murder of William of Norwich: The Origins of the Blood Libel in Medieval Europe

In 1144, the mutilated body of William of Norwich, a young apprentice leatherworker, was found abandoned outside the city s walls The boy bore disturbing signs of torture, and a story soon spread that it was a ritual murder, performed by Jews in imitation of the Crucifixion as a mockery of Christia

Setting the World on Fire: The Brief, Astonishing Life of St. Catherine of Siena

One of only two patron saints of Italy, the other being St Francis of Assisi, St Catherine was ahead of her time As a political powerhouse in late 14th century Europe, a time of war, social unrest and one of the worst natural disasters of all time the plague, she worked for peace between Christi