A Constitutional View Of The Late War Between The States (2 Vols)

Stephens was Vice President of the Confederacy, and a senator with a brilliant legal mind, skilled in debate After the war, Stephens took up his pen to explain his view of states rights and the right of secession in this two volume set The second volume is in the form of a dialogue taking place at

States' Rights and the Union: Imperium in Imperio, 1776-1876

Forrest McDonald has long been recognized as one of our most respected and provocative intellectual historians With this new book, he once again delivers an illuminating meditation on a major theme in American history and politics n nElegantly and accessibly written for a broad readership, McDonald

The Story of the Confederate States: Or, History of the War for Southern Independence

Author Joseph T Derry briefly covers the history of the United States from the English colonization of North America to the secession crises of 1860 1861 He then gives a year by year description of the Civil War from a Southern perspective, with a concluding chapter which briefly outlines the Reco

Lincoln's Wrath: Fierce Mobs, Brilliant Scoundrels and a President's Mission to Destroy the Press

In the blistering summer of 1861, President Lincoln began pressuring and ordering the physical shutdown of any Northern newspaper that voiced opposition to the war These attacks were sometimes carried out by soldiers, sometimes by angry mobs under cover of darkness Either way, the effect was a com

The Civil War in the Western Territories: Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah

Between 1861 and 1865 the violent struggles of the Civil War extended into the Western Territories, where they were complicated by the involvement of the Indians The Confederate leaders had planned to annex a corridor from the Rio Grande in Texas to the California coast Thus they would have had a

From Union to Empire: Essays in the Jeffersonian Tradition

Jeffersonian Democrats, also konw as Southern conservatives, were once a numerous and common American type They are seldom heard from any , but for over 30 years Clyde N Wilson has been examining American history and current events from just such a viewpoint Wilson, as historian and columnist

The Slaveholding Republic: An Account of the United States Government's Relations to Slavery

William Lloyd Garrison argued and many leading historians have since agreed that the Constitution of the United States was a proslavery document Garrison called it a covenant with death, and an agreement with hell But in The Slaveholding Republic, one of America s most eminent historians, Don

The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War

A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary WarMost Americans consider Abraham Lincoln to be the greatest president in history His legend as the Great Emancipator has grown to mythic proportions as hundreds of books, a national holiday, and a monument in Washington, D.C., extol hi

The South under siege, 1830-2000: A history of the relations between the North and the South

This book is that rarity of rarities, a history of the South covering the turbulent 19th and 20th centuries, written from the Southern conservative viewpoint Its central theme is the devastating culture war which various groups of Northern liberals have been waging against the conservative South si