Wall and Piece

Banksy, Britain s now legendary guerilla street artist, has painted the walls, streets, and bridges of towns and cities throughout the world Not only did he smuggle his pieces into four of New York City s major art museums, he s also hung his work at London s Tate Gallery and adorned Israel s W

The Art Book

An A to Z guide to 500 great painters and sculptors from medieval to modern times, it debunks art historical classifications by throwing together brilliant examples of all periods, schools, visions and techniques Each artist is represented by a full page colour plate of a definitive work, accompani


The definitive introduction to the scope and range of Picasso s work The Times, London I wanted to be a painter, and I became Picasso, declared Pablo Picasso 1881 1973 in an apt survey of a triumphant career He had good grounds for the confidence palpable in his statement, for in the history

History of Art

For 1000s of art lovers both amateur professional, esthetic life began with Janson, as his History of Art is often called In the 1st edition, published in 1962, he spoke to that perennial reader he gently called the troubled layman His opening paragraph revealed his sympathy Why is this supp

On Photography

First published in 1973, this is a study of the force of photographic images which are continually inserted between experience and reality Sontag develops further the concept of transparency When anything can be photographed and photography has destroyed the boundaries and definitions of art, a

The Art of Rivalry: Four Friendships, Betrayals, and Breakthroughs in Modern Art

Pulitzer Prize winning art critic Sebastian Smee tells the fascinating story of four pairs of artists Manet and Degas, Picasso and Matisse, Pollock and de Kooning, Freud and Bacon whose fraught, competitive friendships spurred them to new creative heights Rivalry is at the heart of some of the mo