7 Secrets Of Shiva

7 Secrets Of Shiva Well, if you go by the title, u will be disappointed But if u read without any exceptation, it s definitley a good read A strange thing happened when I read this one My 3 year old was asking abt this book and I told a story from this one She kept silent for sometime and started crying When I asked, she said she loves Shiva and wanted to see him I have told her a lot of stories about gods but she never reacted this way I wonder what makes a 3 yr old cry.is it because Shiva is the Purusha for he connects with the atman soul My confused mind isconfused now Smeared With Ash, Draped In Animal Hide, He Sits Atop The Snow Capped Mountain, Skull In Hand, Withdrawn, With Dogs For Company, Destroying The World With His Indifference He Is God Who The Goddess Shall Awaken His Name Is Shiva Locked In His Stories, Symbols And Rituals Are The Secrets Of Our Ancestors This Book Attempts To Unlock Seven Dr Devdutt Pattanaik the author of this book, is a mythologist by passion He has written many books discussing the Hindu religion in great detail So, this book comes no less You sure will be amazed by the extend of insight, the author has provided This book discusses Shiva, one of the three main gods of Hindu religion in great detail The author has chosen a few avatars to detail about the God s nature, his consorts and his children He also strikes differences between Shiva and Vishnu in places appropriate It is rather good that he does not choose to pick on any God but just comes around saying that each of them works their own ways uniquely Lingeshwara The basic form of Shiva worshipped everywhere is this Linga form He details about the creation of this linga form The author describes a story about Shiva emerging from a infinite beam of fire, burning without any fuel It is thus a representation that god is formless, limitless and is omnipresent The term Aham Brahmasmi is also explained, pushing the mankind from finite to infinite, from mortality to moksha or immortalityBhairava There are two kinds of fear for the mankind, the predator and the prey The fear of such things makes us Pashu or with animal instinct Shiva becomes Pashupathi who destroys this fear and leads us towards Moksha It is said that Brahma also fears Prakriti or nature and attempts to tame her This fear sprouts as a fifth head for Brahma and an enraged Shiva because of Brahma s ignorance slays his head Thus he becomes the Kapalika The child form seen with the dogs at his feet is the Bhairava who removes such fear Shankara This is the most interesting part where Shiva turns from the hermit to a house holder It is with the help of Sakthi that Shiva opens his eyes and looks at mankind with mercy The lonely, celibate, blissful hermit, insensitive God becomes caring and patient towards humans The marriage of Shiva and Shakthi is explained in great details Shakthi through her never tiring efforts makes Shankara indulge in Prakriti nature and Sanskriti Culture and Society of humans It is described that Yoni, the pot dripping water on linga, is Sakthi who helps Shiva to reflect on humans.Bholenath This part discusses Shiva to be ignorant or rather innocent about the society and culture It describes him to be pure and blissful like a child that he never discriminates between good and bad It is due to this fact that he never discriminates between a Asura and Deva and grants all the boons It is also due to this fact that he never follows with the basic rules of the society, such as eating, need for a house, children, et al We often hear about Aghoris and their uncouth practises It is due to this reason that they too hate to discriminate in the eyes of the societyGanesha Muruga The two sons of Shiva who help him to empathise and embrase the humankind The births of these gods are discussed thoroughly Ganesha who isattached to Shakti is the god of prosperity and Muruga is the war lord who wards away all fear of predator In other words they help mankind from the fear of prey and predator, thus paving the path to attain mokshaNataraja There are teacher forms of Shiva, one is the Dakshinamurthy who sits under the Banyan tree and preaches the rishis and scholars The other is the Nataraja, who through his dance forms evokes thought and demands attention The final pose of the Shiva tandav is the wisdom of the Vedas The 7 secrets of Shiva is a book with so much information that even after this exhaustive review I feel that I could have includedA special note goes to the photos of Shiva It is astonishing to see so many photos that substantiate his writting The book definitely has a lot of Tension between the genders going, without which the author could not have given such indepth details A few stories which I had heard already and a lot of them which were so refreshingly new got me look at the Shaiva cult with a new meaning It is not a end to end light read, but something to, relate to and think about our Hindu religion. Coming from someone as exalted as Dr Patnaik, this is a massive letdown I had expected some kind of commentary on one of the most mysterious gods in the Hindu pantheon.However, this short book is nothingthan a collection of folk tales about Shiva, interspersed with fairly amateurish pseudo psychological bits I m a firm atheist and so, I treat mythology, religions, and religious symbolism with mild amusement and disdain However, I do think that some hardcore religious zealots may be offended by the phallic interpretations of the linga even though the author does take pains to point out that the erect penis stands for spiritual alertness and not lust I don t buy that explanation at all Overall, it does seem to me not just in Hindu mythology, that the gods people are supposed to revere and look up to are hardly great role models They have all the human vices and failings, and sometimes even do stuff that a law abiding, morally upright citizen wouldn t So why believe in them at all This part isn t covered by the author, but isof a musing from me There was very little in this book for me, except I had a good laugh going through a couple of other reviews when I spotted that there are people who have classified this book as non fiction still laughing I d say avoid this and get yourselves a book of mythological tales instead. Go bask in the glory of the Lord Seven Secrets of Shiva is a non fiction work that endeavors to explain Shiva, the Lord of Kailash through the labyrinth of myths, stories and cultural perception.Why is Shiva dressed like an uncouth tramp Why does he smear ashes from the cemetery, on his body and dress with a tiger skin Why did he arm Ravana and Basmasura with boons that finally led to trouble Who is this God who acts like a hermit devoid of family, commitments and emotion and yet has a huge following of ganas, wives and sons One will find all the answers for these questions in this book With impeccable research, Devdutt Patnaik steers us through Sati s marriage to Shiva, the impact of her death on him and his resultant withdrawal from the world.I liked the way, the author explains the role of Parvathi in Shiva s world It is she who facilitates Shiva s engagement back in the world It is she who teaches esoteric nuances of sex and love to him And author s assertion that Shiva was innocent to the world s prejudices and cultural perception makes a lot of sense.Click here to read the complete review What seperates humans from animals is imagination The cerebrum helps humans understand the notions of reality beyond the senses From fear comes all corruption Fear transforms living creatures into the predator or the prey The fear of scarcity haunts the predator and the fear of predation haunts the prey and without realising, every victim is also a victimiser and there is no escape from this cycle of life Without empathy, there is no evolution Wisdom is meaningless unless it enables the liberation of those trapped in fear Culture is a human delusion Culture distracts man from outgrowing the beast and discovering humanity Though the means are different, the role of Dharma and Vairagya are the same They seek to transform Praja Pati, he who commands over human society, into Pashu pati, he who outgrows the animal within Food alone does not satify hunger Hindus believe that there are three bodies, the mental, the physical and the subconscious memories which could be full of fears and resulting prejudices which also create hunger It is this subconscious memory that outlives death To overcome these fears and prejudices to clean the sub conscious, one has to outgrow them in the physical body Face fear to outgrow it The stories of Shiva s two sons Ganesha, a symbol of prosperity and Murugan the warrior son help to depict the victory of good over evil Destruction is Deconstruction Contruction means a perception of the world shaped by a measuring scale that depends on cultural norms and personal prejudices This changes every time there is a change in cultural norms or prejudices Thus the perception can be de constructed and re constructed One often uses the word illusion that typically states that logic can help decipher the truth free of all bias The word construction however admits that all understanding is rooted in bias. 7 Secrets of Shiva by Devdutt Pattanaik is a mythological book I thought the book might talk about the physics behind formation of Shiva, I mean the symbolism behind the Hindu god Rather, the book talks about the legends spun around Shiva and family giving pictorial representations of various art, painting, and sculptures across India I was not really looking for this in the book I did read the book, it is a quick read It talks about Lingeshwara, or the Shiva Ling The reasons or the story behind the names Bhairava, Shankara, Bholenath and Nataraja The last two chapters talks about his two sons, Ganesha, and Murugan.The author gave a passing reference to topics like immortality and soul However, not much was said about the three states of Shiva Nirgun, Saguna Nirgun Sagun The book is good for readers who enjoy reading stories and legends and names behind Shiva. Before starting the review, I would like to confess I always wanted to read Devdutt because he wrote about mythology that, I absolutely love to uncover but always found something else to read I must say, we all have that list of movies, books or places to visit that we never complete but here I finally read his book I, for the first time listened to Devdutt in Unlikely Pairings Episode 1 Biswa Kalyan Rath and Devdutt Pattanaik on the YouTube channel Books on Toast Confession time again I love Books on Toast, but watched this particular episode coz I simply love the comic style of Biswa His Devdutt s genius mastery on Hindu Mythology, blew me away and I made my mind to read his books Recently, got a chance to get a free copy of 7 Secrets of Shiva throughPrime s monthly offer and I knew, I had to grab it Somehow, everything fell into place I had been wanting to read Devdutt and on top of that my curiosity towards Shiva is unparalleled Bhairava rides the dog to remind us of our animal instincts and our amplified fears that have constructed the notion of property Like dogs we cling to me and mine and are wary of what is not mine We call this love, but it is in fact attachment as they give us identity and meaning So, here are the 7 reasons, why you must read 7 Secrets of Shiva 1 It brings Shiva into a totally new light which is refreshing and true to its core.2 This book explores all the versions of stories of Shiva and try to find a point of convergence.3 It s not only just Gyan knowledge it gives you a perspective on Shiva and other gods.4 The author hasn t shied away from the relatively so called Taboo side of Shiva and his bhakts.5 It not only is about Shiva, it is about every God or Demi God that comes in the ambit of Shiva.6 It is divided in 7 chapters that specifically deal with an in and out of a particular topic like Lingeshwara, Bhairava, Ganesha etc.7 It s indigenous and I say it with pride We have a bipolar situation where either the Mythology is seen from the perspective of people, not native to India or people who are native but preach too much This book is an insight of the vast Hindu Mythological universe which is a perfect blend.So, here it is I am done with it Finally How much I loved this book Too much I ll certainly go and buy his other books to feel the rush the rush when I read a good book and on top of it, if it has mythology in it hallelujah Shiva mocks Brahma s delusion by always appearing in a state of intoxication He is always shown drinking or smoking narcotic hemp In intoxication, one refuses to accept reality and assumes oneself to be the master of the world When the reference point is aham, not atma, when the world is only Brahmanda not Prakriti, one is as deluded as one who is intoxicated P.S I love Dogs Book InformationPages 234Language EnglishGenre MythologyMy Rating 4.5 5 I immensely enjoyed The Pregnant King and Jaya A lot of things draw me to Dr.Pattanaik s writings I have a dispassionate relationship with religion, customs and the concept of God gods Most writing on religion reads like a priest s preaching I want to read about faith, belief customs from an objective perspective and not from inside a You must revere this or DIE mindset All that I ve read of Dr.Pattanaik s writing so far, has matched that need It has been refreshing to read his thoughts and even old stories, expressed without a fundamentalist This is a God so we don t question anything he she does attitude I m afraid 7 Secrets Of Shiva did not do the same It was as dry and preachy as the aforementioned religious treatises that I ve taken much care to avoid.Secondly, the other books I mentioned Jaya The Pregnant King contained a fair degree of the author s own analysis of beliefs His articles often carry forward an idea from mythology and apply it to realities of our modern times But 7 Secrets of Shiva seems to be nothan a collation of several floating stories about Shiva, with no sign of the author s objective intellect showing.Most notably, every Pattanaik work I ve read so far has been beautifully illustrated by his own simple, distinctive sketches I couldn t find a single one in 7 Secrets of Shiva Instead the book contains plenty of black and white photographs paintings The starkness of this is only compounded by a large font size, the kind you usually see in children s books Where is the quality I ve come to expect from a Pattanaik book I get the feeling that I m not the intended audience for this book Perhaps it is a book for those completely unfamiliar with Hindu mythology and want a ready primer on the Shiva myth Even so, I would rather recommend a simple Amar Chitra Katha over the dry, heavy tome that is 7 Secrets of Shiva For the first time in my reading life, Dr.Devdutt Pattanaik disappoints.

Dr Devdutt Pattanaik born December 11, 1970 is an Indian physician turned leadership consultant, mythologist and author whose works focus largely on the areas of myth, mythology, and also management He has written a number of books related to Hindu mythology, including Myth Mithya A Handbook of Hindu Mythology, a novel, The Pregnant King, and Jaya An Illustrated Retelling of the

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