A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl

A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a GirlNo matter how hard we tell ourselves not to fall for Mr Wrong, we can t help falling in love with the bad boy You know, the guy who pretends to be in love with you, then used you and pretends that his love for you never happened.Josie, Nicolette and Aviva have that in common They fell for the bad boy s tricks Josie stopped just in time, the others weren t so lucky, but they bounced back and warned the other girls about him, making him an outcast This novel in verse, has a great message for girls Trust your gut If it tells you something is wrong, don t ignore it It s easy to give in, but at the end of the day, it will hurt your heart faster Learn from your mistakes and make sure to don t repeat it. I was tempted to rate this book 3 stars I m not the target demographic, I ll be the first to admit it I read this book because it was banned at my high school and like why Are teenagers not allowed to know about sex It s not even all that explicit in the book I don t think they ever use anything explicit that boobs and crotch Even though I m not the target, and I felt some language was a little dated, I can really appreciate what she s trying to accomplish with this book, and the messages it gave I think it could have gone deeper into the bad boys motivations, but I understand the one sided perspective because it s to encourage girls to empathize with the very relatable leads and to really put themselves in this situation and see clearly how bad it is I think it s a perfectly serviceable quick read guide to life for it s target audience of preteen and early teen girls Independent Reading A Bad Boy Can Be Good For a Girl Every girl in a point in time has been a teenager, and during that period of time known a little something about a Bad Boy A Bad Boy is usually the hot good looking guy in school that all the girls want to be with, and knows he is only after one thing, but can t resist his charming ways This takes place in the fictional novel A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl by Tanya Lee Stones Three girls named Josie, Nicolette and Aviva crumble to the charms of a cute high school senior Throughout the book, these three girls share the experiences they had with the hot jock and the misfortunes of it We are first introduced to Josie, a freshman, whose hormones rise when she comes upon the hot jock of their high school Josie falls for him and in the end learns that her only use to him was for sex Angered at herself for being foolish to fall for such doings, she decides to head to the library There, she finds a way to make girls aware of this Bad Boy She does this by retrieving the book Forever by Judy Blume, knowing that it is the most read title in the library At the back of the book are blank pages where she alerts girls of the Bad Boy She spreads the word of the book around to girls in hopes that it will warn them of what he is up to The hot jock moved on to girls, one being Nicolette, a junior Nicolette has not read the book and unfortunately, she was already worn down by the Bad Boy s charms Nicolette uses her sexuality as a way of having power When she sees that she is noticed by the hot jock, she cannot resist him She too is fooled by the jock, and once again he moves on Aviva is the next girl he makes his move on Unlike the other two girls, she does not have a clique, but rather is a criss crosser, meaning she does not belong to any one clique She has friends in all the different cliques Aviva is pretty, but not cheerleader pretty, smart, but not geeky, artsy, and plays the guitar, which people fine cool She is completely surprised to find that the hot jock has interest in her She gives up her virginity to him and says the words I love you while making love He is turned off and separates herself from her Disappointed by this, she displays her anger towards him Nicolette tells Aviva about the book Forever, and is shocked to see what so many girls have written All three girls regretful of being gullible, warn others of the Bad Boy Practice does in fact make perfect, and his ways has made him a professional at what he does He does this in a way that makes it hard for girls to control their desire, causing them to act out romantically towards him Once he has what he wants, he drops them like they never existed The book Forever, definitely symbolizes the important information needed to be passed from girl to girl I loved reading this book It relates to many teens and tells the stories that many have experienced Others should read this book because the language used in this book is very realistic It gives a lot of descriptions which allows the readers to easily visualize what is happening There are at times sexually content, however it is mild I highly recommend this book to girls that are in high school I think this book would be very enjoyable and relatable to them The way it is set up makes it very quick and easy to read I for one hate to read, however, this novel changed that Its simplicity made it a success. Very rarely do I not like a book Unfortunately, this is one of those rare books I will admit that I am biased, and I dislike girly books about boyfriends and relationships, which is perhaps why I didn t like this book from the begining However, as I continued to read, I did not find any redeeming qualities to this book at all.My main issue with this book was how unbelievable it was It is basically about three girls who date the same bad boy, and their relationships end horribly However, each girl seems to recover from her relationship with the bad boy awfully quickly This really concerns me because two of the girls have sex with the bad boy before things go awry For many girls, getting dumped after giving herself over completely to a guy is not just something that she can recover from quickly It can leave lasting, damaging scars that could take awhile to heal Each girl had about one or two pages devoted to how sad and depressed they felt after their relationship ended, but after that, they suddenly felt empowered and happy and better off than they had before the relationship I almost feel like the message of the book was that girls should go out and have sex with bad boys because they can learn from the experience and will be better off because of it This is not a message we want to be sending to young teen girls.Secondly, I did not like how this book was written in verse It seemed far too short for me, which is perhaps why I had issues with the believability I didn t feel I could really connect with any of the characters or get to know their true, inner feelings Plus, I didn t like the idea of how it was narrated by three different girls If the book had just been narrated by Josie and had been an in depth look at her relationship, the mistakes she made, and how she grew from it, perhaps I would have liked the book However, it felt so rushed, and, as a consequence, unbelievable.I m not sure the appropriate age group for this book One of the characters is a freshman, but I do not feel like this book is appropriate for such a young audience There are several sexual scenes which make this book better off for older readers I, personally, would not recommend this book to anyone, though, just because of my issues with the believability and the message it seemed to send. Josie, Nicolette and Aviva have one thing in common He goes by the intials T.L., and he misled them all.Josie, who never cared much for boys or what others thought of her in the word of Middle School, finds herself slightly less certain upon entering High School And even though she balks are her own reactions when a hot Senior jock starts paying her attention, she finds herself somehow unable to resist But he continually pushes her boundries, trying to move beyond where she s prepared to go Unwilling to give in, she eventually finds herself left behind Her situation reminds her of the book Forever, and she seeks it out in the Library in order to begin her payback.Nicolette has always gone with boys from other schools She knows what she likes, and knows that in High School it would be bound to lead to a bad rap, since she s not a guy But the story of Josie travels the halls, and Nicolette is sure she must not have had what it took T.L seems mighty fine to her She steps right up to be next in line And even though there are no dates, and she s never invited to sit with the crew at Lunch, the fact that they have their own special place within the school soothes her.Until she hears about Aviva.Until the day with the frog in Biology, Aviva is pretty sure she never entered into T.L s radar But they seem to hit it off, and when he asks her to a party, she says yes Soon, weekends with the boy become a regular thing, and Aviva s other life is forgotten Old friends try to warn her, but she sees things differently She s sure this is different She gives him what he wants, only to find out she gave too much.One of many to be left in tears, Aviva takes Josie s advice and heads to the library to check out Forever She finds all empty space covered with stories and warning of the one and only T.L and wonders how it can be possible And yet, for all that, the girls he s damaged have all come out for the better, with a little knowledge to help them along the way It s a pretty safe bet that in the end, all he ll get out of it is a list of empty names. Tanya Lee Stone, A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl Wendy Lamb Books, 2008 As a reward to myself for finishing one book I started in September of 2008 and getting another to the point where I ll be able to finish it today, last night I allowed myself to crack the cover of a combustible, which is my term for a book I stick on my list of stuff to read because I m so horrified by its very concept that I find the idea that I might end up liking it next to impossible It has happened on occasion, however I read combustibles for one reason because they tend to deserve bad reviews far richly than your run of the mill awful book A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl hits one of my hottest hot spots by claiming to be a novel in verse Now, first and foremost, a novel in verse is, when done correctly, a synonymous term for a long poem think Canterbury Tales or The Ring and the Book here The problem is that almost every booklength poem I ve read in the past twenty years, excluding Daryl Hine s 1970 book In and Out and Ivan Arguelles brilliant, but seemingly neverending, poem Pantograph up to, at last count, eleven books, each from 88 96 pages , has thrown over the idea that a novel in verse is a long poem, instead using the idea of narrative verse as a stylistic trick In other words, it s not a poem as much as it is prose chopped up into little lines to make it edgy or different than the typical novel It also, of course, makes the thing look longer, so that, say, a book that would have been, by some quick and dirty figuring, 117 pages ends up being 228 And while I have seen this repeated time and again over the years, I m not sure I have ever encountered such a mercenary display of ignoring the poetic in a novel in verse The opening strophe of this monstrosity is I m not stuck up.I m confident.There s a big difference Please, by all means, if you can find anything even remotely poetic in that passage, point it out to me You ll look in vain, however, because there is, quite simply, nothing to be found It s prose broken into short lines, and it s nothing But worry not, if you want to carry on the search, there s another 227.5 pages of this nonsense for you to pore over to look for any scraps of elevated language, shreds of imagery, glimmers of rhythm, or any other evidence that Tanya Lee Stone actually worked on creating poetry rather than coming up with a manuscript that was a bit shorter than the publisher wanted and deciding to make it look different, rather than making it be different As such, the book is offensive on its face it claims to be something it is most certainly not And, if it gets popular, it s pretty much guaranteed to unleash on the world a generation of even worse poets than we ve had this time around After all, they ll be looking up to this zero Reviewed by Me for TeensReadToo.comDon t let the title of this book fool you The bad boy in question is definitely bad, and the can be good part is in the vein of thank God I learned something out of this rather than oh, he s so gooood to me That being said, every high school age girl in the world needs to read this book, before they meet the proverbial bad boy who, although good at breaking your heart, isn t really good at anything else Told in verse, A BAD BOY CAN BE GOOD FOR A GIRL is the story of three girls at Point Beach High Three very different girls Josie, the super confident, always responsible, throw my hair up in a ponytail and still look good girl Nicolette, the girl who knows she s called a slut behind her back but doesn t care, because by using her body to get what she wants, she s always in control and Aviva, the Criss Crosser, who s not too smart, not too pretty, but always popular with every group she befriends Three girls, who all have the misfortune of meeting the same bad boy at PBH, not always at separate times You know the type of bad boy I mean he calls the freshmen girls freshmeat the abandoned storage closet is his own personal Red Light District the urge to get a girl on her back is much stronger than his desire to get good grades When Josie comes to her senses and sees what s happened to herself after being duped and dumped by the bad boy of PBH, she sets out to warn the other girls in school before it can happen to them What happens next is a story of self discovery, broken hearts, and renewed spirits for three very different girls A BAD BOY CAN BE GOOD FOR A GIRL is a wake up call to every girl whose ever said she doesn t need a boyfriend to be complete to every boy whose only looked at girls as a piece of meat with breasts A great, inspiring read for all ages. What if you find these thoughts in your teen daughter s text messages or on her Facebook wall but then he walked right over and fit himself right into my puzzle I hope I remember these feelings forever stupid, humiliated, foolish, stung, heartbroken, pissed off, and a little bit wiser I hope I remember forever, so I never fall for this kind of boy again Nobody calls boys whores Why is that The phrase nail her flashed like a huge neon sign in my brain And I am so pissed at myself because when I get older and look back on my first time, I was really hoping it would be a nice memory And then the song that you hear wailing over and over again through her bedroom door I should have given you all of my heart, but there s someone who s torn it apart, and he s taken just all that I have, but if you want I ll try to love again, baby I ll try to love again but I know, the first cut is the deepest What would you do If you have a daughter, maybe before you get to this point, you should read A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl. I read this book in an hour It was a very easy read and I could see why teens would love it It is full of sex and teenage jargon I didn t like the message that it sent to young girls though and I think the girls would have been a little better off had they not had that encounter with the bad boy He is like every boy out there Josie, Nicolette, And Aviva All Get Mixed Up With A Senior Boy A Cool, Slick, Sexy Boy Who Can Talk Them Into Doing Almost Anything He Wants In A Blur Of High School Hormones And Personal Doubt, Each Girl Struggles With How Much To Give Up And What Ultimately To Keep For Herself How Do Girls Handle Themselves How Much Can A Boy Get Away With And In The End, Who Comes Out On Top A Bad Boy May Always Be A Bad Boy But This Bad Boy Is About To Meet Three Girls Who Won T Back Down

Tanya Lee Stone is an award winning author of books for kids and teens Her work, which includes YA fiction A Bad Boy Can Be Good for a Girl , picture books Elizabeth Leads the Way and Sandy s Circus , and nonfiction Almost Astronauts and The Good, the Bad, and the Barbie has won national awards such as the ALA s Sibert Medal, SCBWI s Golden Kite Award, YALSA Excellence in Nonfiction, Jane Add

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  • Tanya Lee Stone
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  • 14 October 2018
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