A Death in Jerusalem

A Death in Jerusalem On The Evening Of September A Car Carrying Count Folke Bernadotte, The First United Nations Appointed Mediator In The Middle East, Traveled Up A Narrow Jerusalem Street As The Car Shifted Gears For The Climb Toward The New City, An Israeli Army Jeep Nosed Into The Road, Forcing Bernadotte S Car And The Two Following Him To Come To A Full Stop From The Jeep Sprang Three Uniformed Men Clutching Automatic Weapons In A Moment That Set The Stage For A Legacy Of Violence That Has Since Characterized Arab Israeli Negotiations, Count Bernadotte Was Shot Six Times And Killed The Assassins Were Never Brought To Justice A Death In Jerusalem Reveals The Forces Behind This Assassination, The Passions That First Dictated The Tactics Of Terrorism In Israel And That Continue To Shape The Thinking And Actions Of Those Even Now Determined To Block Accommodations With The Palestinians

Kati Marton is an award winning former correspondent for NPR and ABC News She is the author of eight books, the most recent of which is the New York Times bestselling memoir Paris A Love Story Enemies of the People My Family s Journey to America was a National Book Critics Circle Award finalist Her other works include The Great Escape Nine Jews Who Fled Hitler and Changed the World, Hidden P

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  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • A Death in Jerusalem
  • Kati Marton
  • English
  • 14 June 2017
  • 9781559703529

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    Kati Marton has done an excellent job reporting objectively on the 1948 assassination of the first UN Mediator, Count Folke Bernadotte, in the Palestine Israel partition plan As the US has recently removed support financially and politically from UNRWA, it is now relevant than ever that one look back at the earliest days of the partition and re discover the vital importance of UN humanitarian efforts in one of the longest running world conflicts Bernadotte s challenges, remain the same challenges all mediators after him faced the inability to ward off extremism on both sides that forever scuttle any opportunity to compromise Though many thought Bernadotte naive and well beyond his depths in Middle East diplomacy, in hindsight, he predicted quite rightly, that the Palestinians driven from their homeland by the armed forces of the new Israeli State, would if not allowed to return, become a refugee crisis of untold proportions An indeed, that has played out, with 3 generations now in exile He also predicted that the question of Jerusalem, would keep both Muslims, Jews and Christians forever in a state of crisis if the ancient city was not internationalized.Though Bernadotte was murdered by extremist Stern Gang factions led by Yitzhak Shamir, it is than clear from Marton s reporting, that everyone from PM Ben Gurion to shopkeepers and children on the street covered up and helped the assassins get away with this horrific crime It is a stain on the the State of Israel that in its earliest days it employed the tactics of terrorism that it so decries and rightly so when it is aimed at its own innocent civilians.

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    Kati Marton has written another interesting and thought provoking book It s well researched and I believe it gives a balanced look at a subject surrounded by emotion Count Folke Bernadotte was a Swedish nobleman, the uncle and godfather of the king of Sweden He was the first person who attempted to mediate between the Arabs and Jews regarding Israel He was asassinated by the Israeli underground, one member who later became prime minister Even though he represented the UN, that was not enough to keep him safe Those responsible for the crime never spent a day in jail and his work was mainly forgotten Little effort was made to solve the crime I recommend this book to those interested in little known people who strived to make a difference against great odds.

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