A Family Arrangement (Little Falls Legacy #1)

A Family Arrangement (Little Falls Legacy #1) I enjoyed the characters and their interactions quite a bit I did feel there were a couple places where aspects of a relationship with a minor character changed dramatically without much reason for why, but that was a very minor part of the book Also saw good character development with main characters. Ms Meyer swept me away to Little Falls, Minnesota with her captivating imagery It was exciting to watch the town come alive.I admired the strength and commitment of Charlotte to care for her nephews I also admired Abram s determination to leave a legacy for his sons Hope, healing and second chances are woven into this heartwarming story It is a beautiful picture of true love. Makeshift Family Abram Cooper Has Ten Months To Turn Rough Minnesota Country Into A Vibrant Town, Or His Sister In Law Will Take His Three Sons Back To Iowa With His Blessing Until Then, Charlotte Lee Has Agreed To Keep House And Help Raise His Children As Part Of Their Bargain But Can The Single Father Fulfill Charlotte S Requirements In Time To Make Sure That She And His Boys Don T Leave And Take His Heart With Them Charlotte Is Convinced That The Wilderness Is No Place To Raise Her Nephews But As She Watches The Community Slowly Develop, She Sees That Abram Just Might Be Able To Make It Blossom With Three Little Matchmakers Bringing Her And Abram Together, Little Falls Could Become Not Just A Flourishing Town, But The Perfect Home For Their Patchwork Family Life is all about risks Love is simply one of them 111 A Family Arrangement by Gabrielle Meyer is a sweet story about a makeshift family needingthan anything to be a family Come December 6th, this story is available for purchase, and if you are looking for a story about coming together as a family for Christmas, this is one to get Both Abram and Charlotte have one thing in common the lost of their most beloved person in their lives For Abram, it is his wife, and the mother of his three boys For Charlotte, her sister, the only relative she has left, and Abram s wife Now she has her nephews to think of Can Abram and Charlotte come to an agreement on how to give the best for these three precious ones, or will self desires break this family once again I really enjoyed how the author brought together two lost souls and together, allow them to give a resemblance of a family to three little boys that have lost their mother When past prejudices prevent Abram and Charlotte to come to a consensus, it is their mutual love for the boys that allows them to try a different type of arrangement There sthan a love a story, or a story of marriage of convenience, or a story of kids needing a mother There s history one can enjoy about how a town is started How the dream of one man can build a town and make it thrive It s also how the support of the woman in a man s life that allowed the dreams to come to fruition A story of dreams, of love and of risks Are you willing to risk as Charlotte and Abram have in A Family Arrangement This review first appeared on Just Commonly blog.NOTE I received a complimentary copy of this book for an honest review All opinions expressed are my own For my review policy, please see my Disclosure page. 3.5 Charlotte has come to Minnesota to take her three nephews back to Iowa after her sister s death, but her brother in law wants ten months to prove that he can turn their settlement into a town if he does, the boys stay with him This is loosely based on the history of the author s home town, Little Falls, which is absolutely fascinating I enjoyed watching the town build, and appreciated the slow burn between Charlotte and Abram They had ten months Most Christmas novels give you a few weeks at best While this is marketed as Christmas, that was actually at the front of the novel, and the bulk takes place in the summer Still, nice characters and she really made the town history come alive. Miniseries I thought this book was a Christmas story and picked it up to read during the Christmas in July time frame But it wasn t a holiday story at all, but this was a Christmas gift from one of my boys so it still fills my requirement Anyway, I enjoyed the time frame the story was set in Even though this book could have been read in a couple days I took my time and enjoyed it I would recommend this book because even with it being fiction, the author did her research to make it accurate with the information she used to make this lovely story I will certainly readbooks from this author. Sweet story Being from the Midwest, I love the setting The characters are strong and relateable Charlotte is especially out of her element, but feisty and determined Abram just as determined but focused and driven I want to scoop the kids up the three boys and give them big hugs, especially Robert Great read. Abram Cooper and Charlotte Lee have one thing in common, they lost a beloved wife and sister almost a year ago With threats of taking his three boys away to Iowa city, Abram comes up with a compromise Charlotte stays to help manage the household and he builds a town within ten months to keep his sons at home where they belong Can the best laid plans of man be within the will of God, or will what he sets out to do fail Charlotte only has good intentions when it comes to her three nephews raise them up in a town with easy access to a school, doctors and church She cares very much about their well being and happiness and is willing to do whatever is necessary to see that they have all they need Abram has always abundantly provided for his family and his vision of a real town is a legacy he wants to leave his sons Charlotte has trust issues from her past that she must overcome and Abram wants to prove himself to her These two sometimes butt heads and don t see eye to eye But what I like about them, is their care for the boys and the growing town As they each overcome difficulties with God s help, a truce begins to take shape You also see glimpse of romance developing, though they each deny it for various reasons I also fell in love with the boys, their differing personalities add another layer to an already great story The cast of side characters rounds this out and I enjoyed seeing each stage of the town developing growing I also have something in common with Timothy and Pearl Hubbard, they originally came from Moline, IL where I grew up I really enjoy how the author incorporates history in the pages of a fiction book This was another terrific story by this author and a wonderful start to a new series Little Falls Legacy Engaging characters, scenes so real you can picture them in your mind, romance brewing in the background, learning history through fiction, and a faith filled story are what you ll get with this author that s why I like her so much Definitely looking forward to future installments of this new series I was provided a complimentary copy by the author A favorable review was not required and all views expressed here are strictly my own. Gabrielle Meyer has a love for her hometown that is very evident in the sweet historical romance about the beginnings of Little Falls, MN She transports you to Minnesota Territory, 1854 in the opening lines of the first chapter Here you will meet Abram Cooper and Charlotte Lee in Little Falls, MN They are connected by the love of a woman they both lost, her sister and his wife They are also connected by three young boys When Charlotte arrives in Little Falls, there is a two story house, a barn and a saw mill along the beautiful Mississippi River It is definitely not what she expected from reading her sister s letters Charlotte and Abram come to an agreement He will have a preacher, teacher, and doctor in town by Sept 1855 or she will take the boys home with her to Iowa City She will keep house, cook and care for the boys in that time allowing Abram to work on building the town Before she meets her nephews she finds out that one of them has lost their hearing Charlotte is resourceful and teaches all of them to communicate through sign language.Throughout the book, Gabrielle has weaved a great story of friendship, hard work, commitment, sacrifice, trust, love and loss Ben is one of my favorite characters He is happy and shares that with everyone He is kind, thinks of others and loves God By the end, I really came to like Harry, who is a stubborn underdog in the story It was interesting to me how at the beginning of the book there were 4 people living in Little Falls and by the end 10 months later there were over 200 people living there As new people moved in it was fun to see how the relationships developed, just like in real life, as people move around during their lifetimes This book had me laughing crying, hoping for the relationship between Abram and Charlotte, and hoping for the boys to have a REAL family I spent 9 years in Little Falls and I love and appreciate that as I read this novel, I can see Little Falls, I can imagine the buildings as they looked then and how they look now This is a great start to her Little Falls Legacy collection and I am eager to continue reading as Little Falls continues to grow.NOTE I received a complimentary copy of this book for an honest review All opinions expressed are my own.

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