A Fever in the Blood

A Fever in the BloodCass Fled To Italy, And To BenHe Was The One Person In The World Who Could Help Her And Help She Desperately NeededSo It Was A Shock To Find That She D Only Added To Her Problems Instead Of Solving Them She Was A Grown Woman Now She Had Four Years Of Marriage And A Great Many Daunting Experiences Behind Her And Yet The Attraction Between Them Flared Up AgainIt Was An Attraction That Had To Be Denied At All Costs Because There Was Just No Way That Ben And Cassandra Could Be Happy Together

Mildred Grieveson was born on October 10, 1946 in England She had written all through her infant and junior years and on into her teens, the stories changing from children s adventures to torrid gypsy passions Her mother used to gather these up from time to time, when her bedroom became too untidy, and dispose of them Mildred has always wanted to write which is not to say she has always wanted

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  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • A Fever in the Blood
  • Anne Mather
  • English
  • 11 January 2019
  • 9780373112517

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    Re A Fever In the Blood Anne Mather is keepin it ALL in the family here This book would be really, srsly icky if it weren t for the fact that both the H and h are about as fierce and Alpha as a foam frog helmeted kitten going into Battle Toads In other words, in this one, if the H and h can t win on cute they are not winning at all and they don t until the big meanies that are their divorced mother and father relent and let the poor tykes be together Buckle up your seat belts, angst wrecki junkies we are going to need a bigger train on this run.The book opens with the h showing up at the H s apartment in Italy, she is running away from her lyin , cheatin abusive hubby who is also her Don Corleone wanna be father s right hand man Benvenuto which is Italian for welcome and NOT Benjamin, which is Beniamino, a copy editor ran amok here, is our H, and may I add how disconcerting it is to read an H whose name sounds like a welcome mat for 185 pages But moving on after a fortifying consult with the Captain.So the h is at the H s apartment, she wants him to ask his mum if she can stay in the divorced from her father mum s Italian Villa that her father pays for while she figures out what to do The H is torn, he loves the h but can t have her and even having her in the same country is tormenting him out of his oxygen deprived mind and doing terrible things to his libido The h is sweet but terribly dim from being dropped multiple times on her head when she was a baby She has ALWAYS loved the H, but they got split up years earlier when a summer loving moment happened too fast and the H s Martinet mother caught them together She insisted it was a sin cause they are BROTHER and SISTER except the H knows that they aren t Martinet mommy is lying cause she married the h s dad Don Corleone JR when her real love died and left her preggers MM doesn t think anybody else knows this tho, and she is afraid to lose her home and her financial support, so the h had to be sent away The h goes to her DC Jr Father in the Islands Daddy dearest is now married to the h s mother and the h gets drunk and gets naked with daddy dearest s right hand thug They marry, but the thug has been cheating for a while now and daddy dearest has given him multiple talking to s and it just doesn t stick for longer than a month or so The h is trying hard to be brave and gather up the courage to tell daddy dearest that continuing her marriage just isn t on So she needs the H and his support and we get six chapters of meandering about Italy, doing some touristy things, meeting the H s Italian half of his family and unrequited angsty moist longing on the h part the H was longing too, but he wasn t moist Then right hand Thug hubby shows up and is mean to the H and h, they go to the H s grandma s and finally grandma spills the beans The H and h aren t related at all, but Martinet mummie s house and income are at risk and the H can t man up enough to talk to his supposed dad It is bad enough that our welcome mat H did not go into the family business and went to be a Medieval historian in Florence instead, if the H and h hook up together, Martinet mummy will lose her income and SHE FORBIDS the H to be welcoming to any of that side of the family That doesn t stop our little cuddle bugs from having a fling by the lake tho, they lurve it up and moistness abounds Then the h has to go home and face DC Jr daddy There is a nasty blackmail try by the Thug hubby that he will spill the beans about the H and h and the h kinda agrees to reconcile but needs a little time first Then Thug hubby s mistress shows up, she is preggers AND she isn t TH s Mistress, she is his Legal Wife and he and the H aren t married cause thugy hubby is a bigamist and married the mistress first Well the h runs fast to tell daddy, and DC Jr daddy does his best Brando imitation and Thug hubby is never seen again DC Jr daddy really does want his little girl to be happy tho, so he tells the h he knows that Welcome Mat isn t his, and he has been hoping all these years that the two would get together and continue his empire But Martinet mommy has to be talked into it cause she doesn t think the h is good enough for her boy Eventually the h gets preggers and the wedding happens and everybody is happy and refusing family business appointments in favor of Medieval Historian professorships with stay at home mum supportive wifehood for the HEA This one is just one I think you have to decide for yourself I thought it was wild, but I was pretty well inured to the basic tackiness by a huge Captain Fortification before I read Plus I knew they weren t related, so it is fairly entertaining after you get over those big hurdles If you venture here, stock up on supplies, cause even knowing the twist, there is still a lot wrecki angsty moist longing to wade through before you get to the end And don t even mention the Welcome Mat even tho it is HPlandia and open to a great deal of leniency, there are just some things that should be copy checked.

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    Crap Lost my whole review.A Fever in the Brain would be a appropriate title for this train wreck filled with vile, shallow and fickle characters, both minor and major.Cass and Ben venuto are the Ken and Barbie, Toy Story 3 style, of HarleyLand Cass has left her Daddy approved, adulterous husband Roger for Florence and her handsome half brother not step brother, but half for Welcome Ben venuto Cass has had a reciprocated crush on Welcome Ben venuto since they were kids When they were teenagers they finally kissed He pushes her away as he rightly should half brother She leaves in a fit of pique and rebounds into marriage with the loathsome Roger.Current times, she begs him to ask his mother if she can stay with her Welcome Ben venuto s mother is Cass s father s first wife I have a diagram Papasito had numerous affairs and was finally strong armed into leaving by Cass s smarter, wilier and British mother To say that the first wife is bitter is an understatement which leaves me to question WHY would Cass want to stay with the disapproving Italian mother of your half brother and where would Cass find the gall to ASK to stay with her Once again, seeMiss Sensitivity does stay and Welcome Ben venuto stays away For a while He admits they are not brother and sister they have another passionate kiss Then he says he lied they are brother and sister.Later she finds out that he lied AGAIN They really aren t related, and have cosmic sex No, she s not a virgin, but she might as well be She is SO RELIEVED THEY CAN FINALLY BE TOGETHERTHE ANGELS WEEP ANDuntil Welcome Ben venuto tells her they can never be together Ragazzo di mamma aka mama s boy says he could never shame his mother like that i.e revealing that his father is not is biological Yep, true love.She wants to die She wants to live He wants her to leave He wants her to stay.She leaves for England where her vile mother hunts her down Cass must reconcile with Roger There is a creepy vibe with Mumsy and Roger that makes me go hmmm, but it s probably my imagination.Papasito who is supposedly so controlling makes an appearance finally, and is ridiculously warm and supportive for a Harlequin dad view spoiler Turns out Roger has been married all along and his so called mistress is actually his real wife Yeah hide spoiler

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    I m giving this 5 holy crap on a cracker stars It probably was really a one or two star read in the real world There was a whole heaping helping of WTF in this one I can see where this story line could work and be pretty angsty but it was dealt with very oddly here He knew from the time he was 20 and she was 5 that they weren t siblings but she didn t and fell in love with him anyway It was explained off as her soul must have known Or she could just be very mixed up and need some serious help You decide He should have told her years ago or even at anytime before the last 20 pages of this book Oh well Worth the read for vintage HP fans if you like the crazy.

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    This was too icky for me, and I usually tolerate step sibling romances just fine The problem in this one was that the heroine and I think the hero when they first got together didn t know that they weren t actually blood brother and sister If they thought they were real brother and sister, then romantic love between them is pretty gross in real life only pretty psychologically messed up people would do that The fact that it turned out of course that they weren t related by blood doesn t fix the problem that there was something wrong with a heroine who had serious romantic and sexual feelings for a man she believed to be her half brother I also didn t like the way the hero let his mother browbeat him I prefer a hero with his mother under control Also, I kind of couldn t get over his name I guess Benvenuto is actually used somewhat in Italy, but I know it is also the Italian word welcome and I couldn t help picturing an author who wanted an Italian hero named Ben and made his name sound Italian by using Benvenuto, but really his name was the word welcome in Italian, not the equivalent of Benjamin It just made me cringe when the Italian mother and grandmother were calling him Benvenuto over and over I dunno, maybe Benvenuto is totally common and I was over thinking it, but it was just jarring.Overall, this one was readable but it grossed me out a lot imagining the heroine having all these sexual thoughts toward a man she thought was her genetic brother.

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    This book suckedI wasn t impressed with the weak heroine or the pain in the ass heroThis isn t really a spoiler since it s obvious they aren t really half brother and sister otherwise, ew But maybe, just maybe, the hero could ve told the heroine he knew they weren t blood related four years ago when he knew she was in love with himLike I said, pain in the ass heroAnd any hero that would put his mama s feelings ahead of his heroine s is stupid

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    Read June 2010.A step sibling drama Great read, well written.

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    3.5 stars I honestly don t know what to say about this book, but it wasn t bad.

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    Perhaps I m alone in this, but I love this book I think it s because obviously I knew that the two main characters were not actually half brother and sister and there was a huge misunderstanding somewhere along the way It turns out, I was right Shocker.Anne Mather is an effective writer, and very good at writing sexual tension Her sex scenes are ok, but I hate the word moist so that spoiled things a bit Cass flees to Italy to her half brother Ben, who she s obviously desperately in love with She s fleeing an abusive relationship with Roger Fielding, who she married only to make Ben jealous Throughout the course of the book, we find out that Cass and Ben grew up spending summers together, and when Cass turned eighteen, their friendship turned to passion Of course, there s that icky feeling of, um, isn t that incest but you know since it s a Harlequin, naturally it s going to turn out that they aren t siblings Misunderstandings and mis communications ensue, but in the end, they live happily ever after Solid writing, a likable heroine if a bit dim and she is described far too many times as thin for my liking and an anguished hero What s not to enjoy about that.

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