A Field Full of Butterflies

A Field Full of Butterflies Rosemary Penfold Was Born In In A Traditional Gypsy Wagon, And Grew Up In The Fields Of The English Countryside In This Beautiful And Evocative Memoir, She Recounts Her Life Within A Loving Extended Family And Small But Close Knit CommunityFrom Early Memories Of Her Father Bringing Home Oranges During The War, To The Simple Beauty Of A Field Full Of Butterflies On A Hot Summer S Day, Rosemary S Stunningly Elegant Narrative Captures The Love And Losses, Hopes And Struggles, Traditions And Prejudices That Bound Her To Her Family And Helped Her Adapt To A Fast Changing World Rosemary S Story Is A Moving Testament To A Forgotten World And A Rapidly Disappearing Way Of Life

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  • Paperback
  • 291 pages
  • A Field Full of Butterflies
  • Rosemary Penfold
  • English
  • 02 June 2019
  • 9781409120957

10 thoughts on “A Field Full of Butterflies

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    A biographical account of a Gypsy Romany family growing up during and after WW2 This reads as if written by a child It is definitely in need of a good edit as there was a lot of repetition, even whole sentences were repeated within a few paragraphs of each other A lot of the detail also seemed just to be fleshing out the narrative rather than adding anything interesting I lost track of all of the names characters as they all blended together.I gave up on this book as it just didn t keep my interest It might appeal to someone carrying out research on this people group.

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    Nostalgic memoir of growing up as a gypsy that was enjoyable in parts but didn t hold my interest the whole way through

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    Charming memoirs of a childhood in the English countryside Not so much an expose of the Gypsy life as it is a remembrance of a life well lived with a focus on what s important Much of the Gypsy aspects of the story are merely ancillary or background to it rather than a focus And many of the stories don t sound all too dissimilar to stories of my own family growing up in depression era coal country of Pennsylvania A book NOT to be looked at as a source for a deeper understanding of Gypsy beliefs and practices as it is a look at the things that we all share in common as humans, whether Gypsy or gadje.

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    Informative and interesting, unfortunately neither the author s voice nor the structure of the book captivate.

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    I m not a fan of memoirs biographies but the thought of a Romany childhood intrigued me as there s something a touch romantic about a gypsy caravan meandering down country lanes though thats a very idealised notion I know but there s none of that here While it s a nostalgic tale of a lost world, to some extent it could be any pre war childhood in which money is scarce children had to make their own amusements ah the days before X boxes, wiis or whatever the current fad is, when children shock, horror actually played OUTSIDE My main disappointment in the story was the family s caravans were based on a site so no romantic meanderings here I admit to having had some stereotypical ideas of Romanys before reading this eg homes being scrupulously clean, closeness camaraderie of the families, those ideas are reinforced It s a pleasant tale, the bulk of which features the authors young years Rosemary s teenage years were in a few rushed chapters at the end personally I d have been happy if these had been skipped the tale just concentrated on her pre teen years Overall, it s a nice, quite interesting read, one which I think older readers would find a lot to identify with What has stayed with me, however, is the treatment of the children at school shocking Some of the teachers were nothing but bullies.

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    This was a worthwhile project, but very badly written The writing was poorly structured, full of needless precious comments and at times repetitive.Nevertheless what came through for me was a beautiful pride in family and identity, a discussion of how harmful and unfair bullying is and an overwhelming optimistic tendency to look to the kindness and wisdom in some people The take home message was that it always matters how you treat people The book looked at things like poverty, dignity, autonomy and asked some hard questions about the point of education when it is merely control and not liberation I did not get the impression Rose would necessarily have been worse off if she didn t go to school although she began to excel when there was a better principal in charge.It seems to me that the motivation for this memoir was love, and that part of it is worthwhile This is a very different view of a Gypsy lifestyle than the one I recently read in Stef Penney s book, but this seems to have credibility even if I can sense that aspects of the life have been idealised, and maybe gendered problems have been papered over.

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    Really enjoyed this one It is the childhood memoirs of Rosemary Penfold who came from a Romany family Rosemary grew up in a traditional vardo with all of her family around her I loved reading about a different way of life and seeing it from the view of a child was interesting Such a shame the way some people treat people depending on how they chose to live their lives At the end of the day everyone is human and life wouldn t be what it is if we were all the same Lovely read and an insight into a different way of living It seems like an idyllic way of life I m guessing the author uses the idea of a field full of butterflies for the metaphor for this way of life, something that is beautiful but is only brief.Really enjoyed this book as it was different to a usual fiction book that I read and has taught me a lot about this way of life.

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    A fascinating insight of growing up as a Romany Gypsy Rosemary tells the story with much fondness and humour of her life within the close knit community and extended family Despite the hardships what shines through is the freedom and simple fun had The characters are portrayed so lovingly that by the end it s quite a bitter pill to swallow An enchanting story of a disappearing lifestyle.

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    I enjoyed reading about the Romany culture, there were some very heart warming moments, but a lot was repeated, just written in different ways.

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