A Little Bit of Trouble (Little Bits, #3)

A Little Bit of Trouble (Little Bits, #3) It S Safe To Say I Ve Loved A Lot It S Safe To Say I Ve Lost A Lot How Do You Move On From What You Ve Lost, When What You Ve Lost Is Such A Big Part Of You It Takes That Part With It I Lost My Wife And My First Born Three Years Ago Since Then I Ve Existed, But Now I M Trying To Live I Have A New Family And New Friends Who Actually Love My Daughter Amelia And I UnconditionallyThey Think I Should Move On, I Disagree Sure I M All For Meeting A Nice Female And Having A Little Bit Of Fun But I Can T Give Away A Part Of Me That I Lost Three Years AgoAnd Then I Meet Loryn She Brings Color To My Life, Color I Need But Don T Want She Frustrates Me To No End And Makes Me As Possessive As A Caveman But How Do You Keep Someone Who Deserves To Be Loved When You Know You Can T Love Them Yourself She Wants Something From Me That I Can T Give This Is Our Story Mine And Loryn S, With A Lot Of Everyone Else And Just A Little Bit Of Trouble Recommended For Readers AgedDue To Some Sexual Content And Strong Language Approx , Words

A E Murphy is the Queen of sarcasm and satire, she likes long walks in the park, as much as ice cubes like to chill in a roasting oven She s effortlessly independent and so good at adulting it s unfair on the rest of the world She only napped twice today and has only avoided the dishes for three days before making the child slaves do them this morning Winning Her favourite hobby is writing, h

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  • A Little Bit of Trouble (Little Bits, #3)
  • A.E. Murphy
  • English
  • 22 January 2019

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    A WHOLE LOTTA GOODHaving read the previous books in this series A Little Bit of Crazy Little Bits and A Little Bit of Us Little Bits I was really looking forward to Lucas and Loryn s story.Lucas s wife and elder daughter had died in a car crash, he has never been able to move forward with his own life since then He still has his youngest daughter Amelia, whom he loves very much But he has no plans to ever fall in love again or to marry He s still in love with his late wife Crystal.Having recently been reunited with his brother James Lucas now has a family around him Then he meets Loryn, she s sexy and beautiful, and Lucas is immediately attracted to her But Loryn remembers Lucas and his wife Crystal from school They bullied her, so she s not very receptive to Lucas s interest in her But can he win her over This is a very well written story I was looking forward to Lucas s story, and this doesn t disappoint The characters are brilliantly drawn Lucas is my favourite, he s a complete idiot, but a sexy and loveable idiot Loryn is sweet and loyal I loved the two of them together, their interactions were at times laugh out loud funny, at others deep and full of emotion The path to true love is never smooth The love scenes were sensuous and passionate.The characters from the previous books also feature I love Maya and James, and their craziness The cling film incident was hilarious.This is a well rounded read with plenty of romance, a bit of angst and drama thrown in as well A recommended read

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    I have to start by saying I really love A E Murphy s quirky style of writing, and I thoroughly loved her first two books, Maya and James are so my favourites so I was glad to catch up with little bits get it of their story in this book about Lucas and Loryn.My only criticism of this book was maybe it had too much humour in it, which sometimes didn t come across as humorous to me And I didn t really bond aswell with Lucas and Loryn as I did with Maya and James, but I think that s just me

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    Deffo the best book so far of the series So many ups downs to keep you interested Loved Lucas possessive ways with Loryn me LOL but sometimes wanted to throttle him too, which I m pretty sure Loryn me did a few times lol Can t wait for Marie s story Love her feisty personality.

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    I ve been awaiting Lucas story and it does not disappoint This is a Series of books and this one can be read as a standalone although it helps to read the other two in the series A little Bit of Crazy and A Little Bit of Us.Lucas featured in the previous two books about James and Maya I liked him from the get go He was much manly than his brother James As we know Lucas wife and eldest child died a few years ago in a car accident He is now bringing up his daughter Amelia He has been reunited with his brother James and has gained good friends in Maya, Marie, Summer etc His life is looking up and he realises it s time to move on and meet a woman.When Lucas meets Loryn it turns out he knew her in high school but unfortunately he wasn t too kind to her so she is standoffish when he first meets her She is also the cousin of Dana who brings a little bit of trouble into Lucas life When Lucas finally persuades Loryn to go on a date with him, things don t go too well when she sees he still wears his wedding ring even though he has let her believe he is just separated rather than widowed Misunderstandings continue throughout their relationship Lucas is alpha male and although he can t commit to Loryn or give her what she wants, he doesn t want to lose her either He spends a fair amount of time hurting Loryn and I felt sorry for her as he gives her so many mixed signals but I forgave him because he s having to cope with the guilt he still feels at moving on from his wife When Loryn really needs him, Lucas mans up and lets those walls he built around his broken heart finally come crashing down.The author has given herself a challenge writing the book entirely from Lucas POV but she does an excellent job writing the male voice and I will admit I fell a little bit in love with Lucas myself The sex scenes are a lot hotter in this book than the previous books I love an alpha male and Lucas definitely has those traits but he s also a little arrogant and cocky but comes out with some great one liners and thoughts that are laugh out loud funny I liked Loryn but she s not as feisty as Maya or Marie and I would have liked her POV to be able to get to know her but this is essentially Lucas story and so it needs to be told from his POV I was pleased that we do get to hear from Loryn in the epilogue.I m so impressed with A E Murphy s writing Her writing is witty and I love all her characters and it s great that James, Maya, Marie, Summer etc from the first two books also feature again in this book with some amusing scenes The banter is still really strong between James and Maya and in this book we see that Lucas and Marie have developed a good friendship I loved their interactions This is a big progression from book one and whilst I have always liked the authors style of writing, it is now polished and the storyline flows better, yet she has retained the originality in her writing style and although the book has some sad moments concerning grief and loss, it also has a lot of laughter which makes a great combination and keeps you enthralled from start to finish.I loved this story, it s now my favourite in the series The next book will feature Marie and Jacob I can t wait for that one Well done Alex, I wish you continued success, you deserve it

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    In A Little Bit Of Trouble Murphy improves her writing style and storytelling abilities While I had my difficulties with Maya s narration I enjoyed the funny scenes but couldn t feel her sad moments I connected with Lucas story, felt the character s emotions and couldn t put the book away The story is written in his first person narrative Only the epilogue is in Loryn s first person perspective He addresses the readers directly and interrupts his narration with thoughts and comments With his narration I laughed out loud, teared up and cried a little Murphy balances the story s emotionalism with his manly point of view very well Even with his grief and guilt he is through and through an alpha Another improvement is Murphy s arc of suspense She uses and methods to increase the story s suspense and for a short time I was afraid of the ending The contribution of other storylines besides the love, sex and relationship of Loryn and Lucas is a great thing I really liked the length of the book and the wide range of the topics.I really excited about the continuation of Maya s and James story and the hints about Marie and Jacob I m only a little bit disappointed that Maya s and James relationship is reduced to their immature pranks at the beginning of the story It is funny for a while but gets boring at the middle of the book I can t wait for Marie s and Jacob s story They are my favorite characters in the series.9 Juni 2014

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    Lucas has had a hard time in life He is trying to rebuild his life after being tracked down by his sister in law, and has now got his brother along with a tight circle of friends to help him He bumps into an old acquaintance and instantly feels a sexual attraction to her She fights him every step of the way and he seems to love the chase Lucas will not let himself get too involved as he feels he is cheating on the ghosts that still haunt him Will he let himself fall for Loryn or will it all get too much for him I absolutely love this author She has a way with words that i think is fantastic The book has a lot of humour in it to lighten the mood at every step and i think it is so refreshing I can t wait to read books from this author.

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    I was so glad when I saw this was finally released I read the prologue and stopped I realised just how good these books were that I went back and read the first 2 again Trouble didn t disappoint once again James and maya were just as funny, lucus was gorgeous I couldn t put him down loyrn didn t quite do it for me at the beginning she seemed a bit insipid but by the end she really came into her own and was a much stronger character I liked her as much as maya and could see us being friends Always a sign of a good character It was just as funny and had me laughing out loud on the school run Not because I was reading it but what I remembered Loved this book and cannot wait until the next one

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    4 starsThere were a few funny scenes, which I love I just had to say itAnyways, it took me awhile, probably a few months since I ve read book 1 2 coz, well, an errand boy s story ain t really that promising or exciting I actually thought he would end up with Dana the addict so it just threw me off.There s no boring moment in this story It s weird that I still remember the story of Maya and James I usually forget a novel after a few days or a few weeks after reading it I love the characters, the story flow and the writing style.I love the push and pull and I love it when the two main characters banter..

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    Simply The Best Better than all the rest Well better than the first two Seriously this author has some slick skills How she s managed to portray herself as a man in such intricate detail is beyond me Really enjoyed it and sadly I am now hooked I might as well set up a direct debit is this possible to have all the books delivered to me.Funny, witty, engaging and believable I could feel Lucas anguish and lust for Loryn In fact if anyone is like Loryn and wants to give me a call

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    i waited until i read all 3 books that are currently out to write a reviewand all i have to say is WOW this series has love, angst, family, friendships, humour and so much it s a nice change to read up on strong female characters and equally lovable and loyal male characters i loved the main characters as well as the secondary ones i can t wait for marie s book please write faster A.E

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