A Love So Wild

A Love So Wild A Wild Young Beauty Breaks From Prison Into High Society Only To Fall Victim To International Intrigue In This Delightful Romp Through Regency England Charmingly Frank And High Spirited, Mary Clampton Learns To Her Horror That The Man She S So Rashly Consented To Marry To Get Out Of Jail Is The Fearsome Lord Menton, Son Of The Villain Who Put Her There And No Sooner Is She Free Than She Whisked Off To Brighton To Learn To Be A Lady Only When She IS One Will Her Captor See Her Then Comes The First, Formidable Interview, And To Her Own Dismay, Mary Finds Herself Drawn To The Dashing, Aloof Menton Alternately Charming And Maddeningly Insensitive, He Proceeds With A Sham Courtship, Threatening Her Immediate Return To Prison Should Mary Fail To Prove Herself Worthy Of The London Aristocracy Intrigued And Increasingly Eager To Penetrate His Cold Exterior, Mary Finally Extracts His Reason For Marriage And Finds Herself Caught In A Dreadful Dilemma A Love So Wild Combines A Beguiling Heroine With An Exciting Story To Provide Uncommon Entertainment the closing the book, screeching in a fangirl way and re opening to keep reading, yup it happens with this book a fun read, even if it does go exactly where you think it will. I ve been owning this book for like two months yet I haven t read it because I was to sucked up by ebooks so I haven t touch my paperback book Mary s in jail For almost a year Until one day one man lets her out for one condition Mary has to marry him She said yes, yet she doesn t know that that man s father is the one who put Mary in jail I m kind of confused by the language Maybe it s because the book came out at 80 s But I get most of of the story Very sweetly cruel, the way Menton treats Mary Good but not really get my attention First historical romance i ve ever read. Cons Despite the great opening hook of a potential heist plot, that angle is very quickly dropped and only occasionally pops up for weak afterthoughts before suddenly fizzling away in the rushed climax A lot of the story feels jumbled and clunkily arranged, with potential threads falling away and random asides popping up that lead nowhere A lot of the drama comes from people constantly withholding information and making assumptions in very forced ways While I like where the central romance ends up, it does have an unpleasant atmosphere to it, and too often the lead is undercut and left lacking in agency.Pros As clumsy as it is at times, I was never bored by the book or disliked any of it It s actually quite consistently lively and entertaining The characters are memorable and well developed The worldbuilding is great with a nice examination of yuppie social politics of the time As rushed as the climax is, it got some great swings and punches to it The entire book is surprisingly tame compared to other romance novels I ve read, with nothing here that wouldn t have made it past the Hayes Film Code of the 1940s I actually found this to give the work a certain charm which, when mixed with the liveliness and colorful characters, reminded me of the better films of that era.Overall, it s an enjoyable read I picked up this and a handful of Chester s other early works after loving her Alien Chronicles novels, and while it does have the roughness of many debut works, it certainly didn t disappoint as I had nothing but a pleasant time with the read Not enough to give it a strong recommend, and I don t know that I ll hang onto it for a re read down the road, but enough that I m absolutely going to continue digging through those early books.

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  • Hardcover
  • 270 pages
  • A Love So Wild
  • Deborah Chester
  • English
  • 10 October 2019

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