A Night in Brooklyn

A Night in Brooklyn I didn t love the whole book, but the poems in the first and longest section set in Brooklyn are the best. Nurkse s poems are lovely and lovingly crafted musically adept, imagistically compelling, emotionally resonant, and fiercely intelligent. D Nurkse S Deeply Satisfying New Collection Is A Haunted Love Letter To The Far Corners Of His Hometown, Brooklyn, New York, And A Meditation On The Selves That Were Left Behind In Those Indelible Places Here Nurkse Brings Alive The Particular Details That Shape A Life, In This Case Unique To The World Of Brooklyn A Job At The Arnold Grill, Topping Off Drafts With A Paddle For The Truckers Who Came In The Deaf White Alley Cat That Mysteriously Survived The Winter On A Stoop In Bensonhurst The Narrow Bed Where Young Love Took Place The Wild Gardens Behind The Tenements His Exploration Of This Almost Mythic City Past Is Combined With A Sense Of The Future Speeding Toward Us The Ongoing Riddle Of Time And Being In A Larger Universe And She Who Was Driving Said, We Know The Coming Disaster Intimately But The Present Is Unknowable Which Disaster, I Wondered, Sexual Or Geological But I Was Shy Her Beauty Was Like A Language She Didn T Speak And Had Never Heard From The Present Liked these poems Not my favorite ever, but pretty good With a title like A Night In Brooklyn, expecting poems about Brooklyn is obvious However, can a book be too Broolyn y D Nurske pays homage to the borough by mentioning it by name in practically every other poem in the first of three parts, and then times in some poems in parts 2 and 3 The names of regions in the borough offered some dynamics, but it all came to be a bit much In fact, the poems about trips away from the city sparkle in comparison, a refreshing glance at new scenery, and perhaps that s the point of contrast, but the point then is overdone Very different from these poems are the throwbacks to old forms of poetry the song and the riddle Most verses show intriguing images and allusions, though some of the riddles seem rushed and too easy.The highlights 1967 for its exquisite visuals a dime room with a jar of Vaseline, a votive candle, and a peony in a wine glass The Rain streaked Avenues of Central Queens for its building of prepositions Twilight in Canarsie for the lines why is it always twilight when we die, she asks, and Canarsie where we are born again Many of the poems in the collection were published in journals separately, so maybe it s the collective sequence that did not allow the poems to shine as they could. I am honestly at a bit of a loss as to how to rate this book.It is divided in to three sections The entire time that I was reading the first section, I was enraptured I loved the poems in this section, folding over many pages, immediately rereading stanzasAnd then I began the second section and lost interest The poems in this section seemed to have all lost the heart and emotional drive of the first section By the end of the third section some of that was returning I really enjoyed the closing poems of the collection but it never felt to me like it regained that urgency that it had earlier on.So while I did not love this as a curated collection, many of the poems in the first section are absolutely spectacular and I believe that I will seek out by Nurske based on the strength of those poems And yes, I do think this book is worth the purchase price for those early poems Date June 13th, 2015Author Illustrator D NurkseTitle A Night In Brooklyn PoemsPlot A collection of gritty and grimy poems that focuses on the poet s hometown Brooklyn, New YorkSetting Various Settings surrounding Brooklyn, New YorkCharacters Multiple charactersPoint Of View First Person Third Person Theme Life, City LivingStyle Poetry Realistic Dark PoetryCopyright 2012Notes I found this collection of poetry to be quite dark and grimy If you are looking for a uplifting collection of poetry, keep looking, this poetry collection is not for you. I enjoyed the poems about Brooklyn, but lost interest in the rest. With A Night in Brooklyn, the mysteriously initialled D Nurkse has produced a fine, vibrant collection, poignant without being mawkish, expressive yet austere, and within the constraints of its fairly conventional structure sneakily subversive The volume, its author s tenth, is the work of a hyper observant loner, attuned to the rhythms of the city, half in love with the past, half in love with the future, sketched in lines that skew just this side of modernist opacity In Nurkse s hands, standard issue free verse, broken into stanzas of irregular length, seldom running over a page or two in length, is energized by sudden leaps of poetic imagination rendered pleasingly concrete, with daylight in our cupped hands or August inching sideways through the blinds Images of eyes, reflection, vision the poet entered your level eyes like a minnow the rain simmered in the dog s huge eyes recur with haunting regularity, becoming over time a fully realized motif redolent of perception, doubleness, mirroring The voice is conversational without being banal, effortlessly evocative, and graced with a touch of the metaphysical, a feel for the shining absent presence Many of the poems trace, with rueful accuracy, the locked together waltz of romantic attraction and dissolution, where we made love and each thrust carried us deeper into the past, before we grow old and it ends in chaos To be sure, the Brooklyn that Nurkse conjures up, with its domino players hunched over folding tables and boys taking engines apart on stoops is not the Brooklyn of artisanal markets and organic diaper creams, but rather the older, grittier, working class city that lies, Pompeii like, under strata of memory and demographics These are missives from precincts Canarsie, Bensonhurst, Bath Beach, Flatbush and occupations factory worker, housepainter, bartender, truck driver that rarely figure in Brooklyn s chic post millennial landscape But, A Night in Brooklyn is too engaging to be considered a mere dispatch in these poems, the quest to be united in a radiance that will not fade at dawn becomes universal From THE L MAGAZINE, August 1, 2012. great poems Living Will probably my favorite

D Nurkse is the author of eight books of poetry He has received the Whiting Writers Award, two National Endowment for the Arts fellowships, two grants from the New York State Foundation for the Arts, and other awards He has also written widely on human rights.

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