A Novel Way to Die (Black Cat Bookshop Mystery, #2)

A Novel Way to Die (Black Cat Bookshop Mystery, #2) Darla Pettistone May Have Inherited Her Great Aunt Dee S Brooklyn Bookstore, But It S The Store S Mascot An Oversized Black Cat Named Hamlet Who Acts Like He Owns The Place And When Someone Turns Up Dead, Hamlet Smells Something Rotten In Brooklyn As The Owner Of Pettistone S Fine Books, Darla Is Settling Nicely Into Her New Life, Even Reaching An Uneasy Truce With Hamlet Unfortunately, When She Needs To Hire A New Clerk, The Finicky Feline Decides To Lend A Paw To The Hiring Process He Chases Away Applicants Who Don T Meet His Approval, Finally Settling On An Unlikely Candidate Robert, A Book Loving Goth Kid Who Has A Secret Only Hamlet Knows And Hamlet Can T Seem To Stay Out Of Trouble One Of The Bookstore S Regular Customers, A Man Who Is Renovating A Local Brownstone, Claims He S Seen Hamlet Prowling The Neighborhood When The Man S Business Partner Is Found Dead, Darla Discovers That Hamlet May Have Been The Only Witness To What Could Be Murder With The Crafty Cat S Help, She Wonders If They Just Might Be Able To Pounce On A Killer

DIANE A.S STUCKART who also writes as ALI BRANDON, ALEXA SMART and ANNA GERARD, is a member of that proud breed, the native Texan She was born in the West Texas town of Lubbock, home to Buddy Holly, prairie dogs, and Texas Tech University, where her mom once taught Most of her formative years, however, were spent in Dallas with her parents and siblings one younger sister and three younger brothers And then, when she was fifteen, her dad s work took them north of the Red River and into Oklahoma, settling just outside Oklahoma City.

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  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • A Novel Way to Die (Black Cat Bookshop Mystery, #2)
  • Ali Brandon
  • English
  • 20 February 2017
  • 9780425251690

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    4.5 Stars Hamlet Darla shook her head If someone composed a soundtrack to her life at the shop, then every mention of Hamlet would be accompanied by shrieking violins and an ominous dum dum DUM stinger A stereotypical bookstore feline would curl picturesquely in a wicker basket and greet customers with a purr But Hamlet stalked the shelves like a miniature Genghis Cat, black fur and green eyes as cold and sparkling as emeralds The store s regulars all knew the drill knew, as well, where they stood in his feline rankings while first time shoppers quickly learned their places in the hierarchy I love me some Hamlet And he decided on the part time clerk That had me in stitches Oh, he s also a witness to a murder a customer of Darla s bookstore And his human, Darla Pettistone and her would like to be boyfriend discover the body in the basement of the Brownstone that the two men are renovating Curt was a little sleazy, but he didn t deserve to die, or did he Curt s very young girlfriend is missing Could Tera have killed Curt Her mother, Hilda, had motive to kill him too So did Porn Shop Bill Yes, that is another flamboyant character Or did the thieves terrorizing the neighborhood do Curt in Hamlet begins knocking off books from shelves as clues to the killer s identity just as he did in Double Booked for Death, and Darla pays attention to the clues this time Darla knows where she fits in Hamlet s hierarchy, but that might change since both she and Hamlet find themselves in dire trouble, trapped by the killer This 2nd installment was so much better than the series debut novel And I got fooled again, it wasn t who I thought The characters are much developed, and Robert is truly delightful He made me laugh, and shed a tear I ll need to read the next one, soon.

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    Overall, I liked this book, just a few things bugged me First, the pace it took almost 60 pages for something significant, in terms of the mystery, to happen Once it did, it seemed to pick up, but then it was like a roller coaster, moments of extreme speed and action, followed by long periods of climbing slowly The slow parts really dulled the momentum, and my interest I like the characters, Robert and Hamlet, the cat, were my two favorites My second major complaint was the solution, it was, at least to me, predictable You could kind of see who the guilty party would turn out to be That all being said, the ending was an adrenaline rush, which was great, and I will read in the series.

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    I loved the mystery, but I found myself frustrated at how clueless Darla seemed at times The secret that was teased about in the blurb was easy to figure out, yet it took a good bit of the book before Darla figured it out The mystery was very well written, and both the killer and the motive surprised me.

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    Darla Pettistone has inherited her Great Aunt s Brooklyn, NY book store and cat, Hamlet In this second book of the series, we slip right back into the story as Darla finds new challenges to adjusting to her new life.The book store is flourishing and Darla is making friends in her new life far from Texas Darla needs a new part time worker and the one obstacle is Hamlet who is very particular as to choosing his friends Enter Robert, a young eighteen year old that has his own mysteries Hamlet likes Robert and although Darla isn t sure of the Goth child, she is open to giving him a chance This just might save her life.Also, Darla is hoping to find some companionship in dating Finally a man, Barry, is showing some interest in her The handsome homicide detective from the first novel in the series, Reese hasn t shown any interest in hersigh Barry and his business partner, Curt are remodelling a brownstone.Barry invites Darla over to see their improvements on the building, when instead, Curt s body is found.Hamlet begins to leave clues about and Darla finds herself involved in solving the crime as neighbourhood friends and business owners become suspects.This is a fun and imaginative series I love the cat s talents and the growing friendships in Darla s life I also enjoy the dialog, especially inside Darla s mind I often find myself chuckling aloud.

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    This was my novel to take to doctor s appointments or waiting in line somewhere, so it took longer than it normally would It s a quick read and very fun You don t have to think much and you can figure out who the murderer is fairly quickly It s a little cheesy in parts but overall it s cute Darla has inherited her aunt s bookstore and bookstore cat, Hamlet Hamlet is a great people reader and crime solver For cat lover s you will like Hamlet s personality, he s pretty much a temperamental cat, of course I m not sure what other kind of cats there are Mine are always close to Hamlet s personality, without the ability to solve murders I like Robert, a teenage guy Darla hires as part time bookstore employee and who has an immediate positive connection with Hamlet, a prerequisite for any employee hired to work there I m sure he ll be a constant character in the other books of this series James is the other employee, a former professor of literature who also has an instant connection with Robert The follow up books should be fun, although rather simplistic and a tad cheesy.

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    I enjoyed this 2nd novel in the series even than the opening story.What fun as Darla Pettisone begins interviewing for an additional employee that needs to be a good fit to meet her needs for a part time employee but must pass critique by shop cat extraordinaire Hamlet Having worked at several bookstores independent and chain , I remember the camaraderie of coworkers that are drawn together by their love of books and come for all walks of life Ali Brandon captures this perfectly as the reader is drawn to hear all the interactions between Darla Pettistone, James T James, Store Manager and former professor of English literature at one of the area s prestigious universities, new employee Robert Gil, and of course, Hamlet One of the regular customers of Pettistone s Fine Books is dead and Hamlet s paw prints are at the scene Is that just a coincidence There are clever clues for all mystery fans and especially for fans of bookstore mysteries and ingenious felines.I can t wait to read the next novel in this series.

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    I really love this new Cozy Series Not only do I have a BLACK CAT, which yes, makes me probably love Hamlett a little I truly think Ali Brandon does weave in a wonderful mystery, where Hamlet does his drop a book, and guess the clue.It s delightful, and because the people don t always assume Hamlet knows what he is doing it s very plausable I really like the Robert, Darla s new hired employee I love how he paw bumps, Hamlett, and has an admiration for James, her other employee.I also enjoy her relationship with Jake hew downstairs neighbor and was glad that Jake started her own PI agency And it s nice too see some flirtations between Reese and Darla Overall this is a wonderful series and I can t wait to be better acquainted with all the characters

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    I have read this series all our of order D Thankfully, it s the kind of series where that doesn t really matter You can read each book as an individual, or in any order you like The same characters mostly repeat, and there is always Hamlet D This is the book where Hamlet gets a bit of a fright, and his owner Darla as well It makes sense now, having already read the third book, as to why Darla mentions an event that has made her want to learn a little self defense In fact, in some parts it was downright scary A fantastic book as always, especially as this is the first book to feature Robert James and Robert are two of the best secondary characters I ve come across, and I love their banter Highly recommended in this genre, five stars.

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    I didn t read the first book in the series, but it didn t feel like I had missed anything All things backstory were shortly explained I liked this book enough that, if I came across the other books in the series, I would pick them up.For a while I feared the author was going for the classic love triangle that would last through several books The twist certainly surprised me I also liked that the person who discovered the murder was advised to get counseling and that the emotional part wasn t rushed.I thought the mystery was well done I read this book at night and it was starting to feel pretty creepy at some points

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    I started reading this with no great expectations, I was just hoping for a decent cozy This has two of the elements that interest me books cats So I was quite pleased to read better than average writing with defined interesting characters who were NOT prone to doing ridiculous things just to move the plot along Very enjoyable, I ll go back and read the first in the series now.

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