A Sinister Sense (Ravens Nest, #2)

A Sinister Sense (Ravens Nest, #2) Overall ok to read I am not gripped by the book where I feel like I just can t put it down The Quinn sense is starting to bother me though I That the main character seems to want it both ways You can t be angry for it not working when you want it to when you are actively trying to stop it from working every time it does Just decide if you want it or not If you decide to use it you need to stop preventing it from working. Another cozy mystery this one was disappointing It s a good premise with the main character being a psychic who doesn t want to be a psychic who works in a bookstore, but falls flat, especially in the areas of suspense and world building I particularly feel the lack of setting detail telling not showing This series is set in Maine and the author really tries with regional detail, but it just doesn t work Being a midwestern girl born and bred, I ached for a description of, say, the actual taste of a lobster roll and the lack thereof made me sad But then I was texting with one of my best friends who was born and raised in Maine and he described the taste and texture of a lobster roll with such detail and precision that it made me hungry This series is only for the seriously hardcore cozy mystery fan. Visions Of The Future And Turning Into People S Thoughts Come Naturally To Clara Quinn Thanks To Her Inherited Quinn Sense Unfortunately, It Offers No Insight Into Her Love Life Or Lack Thereof Especially Where Hardware Store Owner Rick Sanders Is Concerned But Even Though She S Still Nursing A Broken Heart, Clara Offers Rick A Home For His Troublesome Dog, Tatters But Tatters Is The Least Of Rick S Problems When A Dead Body Is Discovered In The Back Of His Truck The Victim Was Seen In The Hardware Store And Bludgeoned To Death With A Hammer Stolen From There Clara Believes Rick Is Innocent, But She S Not Sure Whether That Belief Comes From The Quinn Sense In Her Head Or Simply From A Desire In Her Heart 1.5 stars If you took out all the I knooooooooow he s innocent and the OMG everyone saaaays he s guilllty the book would be about 5 pages long I mean, JFC, even Molly is first on the HE DID IT bandwagon, so apparently her ordeal in the first book is long forgotten There s humility for you Clara is a prime candidate for Dr Phil I get it, you got dumped, but the continued harping on lack of trust in the opposite sex isn t endearing, it s just annoying.I thought there was too much inner dialogue and I found myself flipping through several pages at a time Half of every chapter was taken up with the MC s anguish over her Sense Jesus, get over it already The rest of the characters, despite the ample descriptions, still manage to lack depth.Underneath all the claptrap, there s a good story in there, which saved the book from being completely terrible So, my rating is halfway between hate it and didn t piss me off. This is my first book in this series and it was okay It was a bit disconcerting to switch to Steffie s POV a couple of times randomly and as far as I can tell for no reason at all I also quickly bored of Clara s complaints about her Quinn Sense Still I was an ongoing thread in the book and if it continues throughout the series, I can see why I might not read them all I picked this up because it was a bookstore mystery and included physics, but honestly there was very little to the bookstore In fact, I am very confused about the bookstore because it s supposed to be dedicated to psychic books, but ever time a book was referenced, it was a fantasy or cookbook Overall, this was an enjoyable, fast read I didn t figure out the culprit half way through, which was nice as well. I have not read the first book in this series and don t think I will When I went through the bags of mysteries my mom got for free at a book exchange, I mostly picked out ones that were culinary and or book related to take to read I didn t think to also check if any were paranormals.I do have to say that for a paranormal, the use of paranormal powers was very understated in this book, but it was almost to the point that I wondered why the author bothered with it at all It seemed like there were ways the main character could have found the information without relying on a sixth sense one she doesn t even want to boot I also give the author credit for using a dog rather than the stereotypical cat, but the dog didn t stand out as a character for me The writing and the plot are decent I figured out who the murderer was before it was revealed by the author. I recently finished the first novel in the Raven s Nest series, so I wanted to read this second installment I liked this story even than the first novel The reader learns a bit about Claire s background in New York City and why she moved home to Maine I liked the addition of a rambunctious pet, as well as the growing relationship between Claire and Rick Sanders The one thing that really puts me off is how Claire s cousin Stephanie has to lie to her husband about where she goes and what she does She s a grown woman and her husband is too controlling. 2 1 2 stars It s a run of the mill cozy The dog was cute and the love interest has potential The confrontation was gutsy and haphazard something that amateurs would do It just might work.Clara complains about her Quinn sense and her mother too much The mystery could have been a little stronger They didn t really have proof of anything, just speculation I was hoping that there would be a surprise culprit at the end.At the same time, it passed the afternoon Nothing wrong, but nothing too spectacular either. I enjoyed the first book better Clara is such a sad sack, she has no idea what she wants at all I m beginning to think that there are certain in tropes in cozies that just don t work for me, namely the I have to find the killer because the police never will Why anyone who learned information obviously important and necessary to a murder case wouldn t report that information to the police is beyond me That, in a nutshell, is my problem with this book The heroine, Clara Quinn, wants to clear a friend s name in a murder investigation, but when she learns key information about the dead man, she doesn t share that information with the police and allow them to investigate Instead, she and her ditzy cousin decide to investigate it themselves and naturally find themselves in a heap of trouble at the end.What saves this book is that the writing is solid and Clara, despite her trips to TSTL territory, is a likeable character I was very interested in seeing whodunnit, and that s makes for a solid mystery I m probably just not the ideal reader for this book.

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  • Mass Market Paperback
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  • A Sinister Sense (Ravens Nest, #2)
  • Allison Kingsley
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  • 21 February 2019
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