A Taste Fur Murder

A Taste Fur MurderDeirdre Lancaster, AKA Foxtrot, works as a personal assistant and all around house manager for an eccentric old millionaire, Zelda Zoransky ZZ After Foxtrot spots a terrifying and huge animal like ghost in ZZ s on property pet cemetery, things take a turn for the weird and spooky Suddenly, her dead cat, Tango, appears and she s talking Along with Tango is a talking, ectoplasmic dog, Tiny, who can also change breeds on a moment s notice When one of Foxtrot s coworkers dies under suspicious circumstances at the mansion, Foxtrot and her new ghostly animal companions are on a mission to solve the case before anyone else gets hurt They are helped along the way by a variety of other animal spirits that Foxtrot can now see and communicate with in the pet cemetery.I liked this mystery, but I didn t love it I enjoyed all of the talking animals and spirits, and found that they added both a spooky and humorous factor to the story At the same time, I tend to struggle with paranormal stories on occasion, as I find myself to be a bigger fan of contemporary and realistic fiction I think that was the main thing that prevented me from loving this story, to be honest, and I had a slightly difficult time getting into it as a result Despite that, the mystery was well written and not easy to solve, and the characters were interesting I do plan on continuing on to the next book in the series because I did find the book to be enjoyable, but it bored me at times and could drag Again, just my personal feelings Sometimes I ll find myself really loving a paranormal book if I can get into it properly, but at times I just struggle with the unrealistic aspect of it all That was kind of the case here. 2.5 5Mon avis en Fran aisMy English reviewIt s been some time since I read a cozy mystery novel, but it is true that this is something that I love, so when I saw the novel, I thought that this was an opportunity to try it I had something in this novel that I had never read about before, and it is talking animals I confess that I have often avoided this kind of novels, because it is a little too abstract for me I saw some very good books over the years like that, so I knew I had to try it Finally I think it is perhaps not so much for me Not that the idea is not good, but the fact that they speak was annoying and not that attracting But back to the story.Foxtrot manages the home and the life of a rich woman, a job rather addictive But one day her life will be turned upside down when she discovers the existence of animal spirits in the garden s cemetery But even if it was only that, but the cat of her youth reappears, accompanied by a dog and they need her help Yes, because a murder is about to be committed and they need the young woman to stop that and to save the cemetery that would be led to its loss if it happens But when one of the maids is found dead, Foxtrot is convinced that there is and helped of her two friends, she will begin to investigate to find out who is the culprit.Foxtrot is a determined young woman and although she has little experience in this area, she will seek the person responsible for the murder from the beginning of the story to the end, allowing us to actually discover some characters and many animals at the same time Moreover, despite her sudden gift, she ll soon enough manage to turn it to her advantage And who would not like to talk to the animals I m sure it would be very interesting.I must say that I was not really surprised by the culprit in the end, because it s quite logical But it is true that it was interesting to see her researches and discussions with each suspect It is very difficult to draw conclusions and each character makes her doubt But she will also be helped by the other occupants of the house or at least some, and of course by the animals I confess that I was really intrigued by the charming singer or by Ben, the man who will reveal quite surprising things By cons, despite the advantage that we have here with the animals, as I said, I had a little trouble with the talking animals, I really found it too abstract and I think that after testing it, I think I will drop it and I ll stay with the usual cozy mysteries It was however very nice to try something different That aside, the story is good and I enjoyed reading it all, to understand what was going to see how everything would end But I think that I ll stop there Really 4.5 stars, but I rounded up.A wonderfully unique beginning to a series that I m sure I ll read of A Taste Fur Murder was a winsome first book.The characters were eccentric in a great way ZZ was everything a crazy millionaire should be, Foxtrot was appropriately shocked and amazed at her new abilities and the rest of the characters were great I really like how the author incorporated so much detail about Foxtrot s abilities I feel like I understood the book better thanks to that.The mystery was great, the killer wasn t too surprising, but there was a limited pool of suspects to choose from so I doubt I would have been surprised regardless The only real down point to this book was that it took me awhile to get in to, but recently every book s been that way.Overall a great book I ll be reading the next one Rating 3.5 starsDeirdre Foxtrot Lancaster is the Executive Assistant to eccentric zillionaire Zelda Zoransky Foxtrot manages all of the day to day activities around ZZ s mansion and it s grounds, including a private zoo, pet graveyard and anything else that might catch ZZ s fancy After a long day at work where she swears she saw something large an dark and just plain odd in the graveyard, Foxtrot comes home to her cat Tango The problem is Tango has been dead for years And suddenly she can communicate telepathically Plus there s an ectoplasmic dog warning that ZZ is in trouble Has stress from her job finally caught up with Foxtrot A Taste Fur Murder is the first in the Whiskey, Tango Foxtrot Mystery series by Dixie Lyle When I saw this cozy mystery featured a telepathic cat and a shape changing dog, I knew I had to give the first book a try It was a lot of fun, had plenty of humor, though the story was a bit uneven I loved being with Foxtrot as she struggled to adjust to the paranormal and solve a crime with her two helpers The mystery of the graveyard and all it contains I admit made me a little teary eyed due to some of the other animal s stories and thinking about my own pets This book shows promise I ll be on the look out for the second in the series. This has got to be, one of the weirdest books I have ever read I liked the main character Foxtrot She was a strong character with a great sense of humor The mystery was very interesting, I had no idea, until the very end, who had killed the victim My over all dislike for this book was the paranormal story with the dead animals There was just too much of it and made the story bog down at times, which made the story just drag Overall, I might give the second one a chance, just to see, what happens between Foxtrot and all of these interesting characters in this series. This book lacks continuity most especially regarding the heroine s name In the first chapter she is introduced as Deidre F Lancaster, her middle name being Foxtrot, while near the end of the book she explains that Foxtrot is a nickname bestowed on her by her father a reader can t help but to ask, which is it Another scene describes Tiny her ghostly sidekick as having gone off on his own, only to have him make a reappearance on the next page in order to scout a room using his olfactory senses, while no than a few paragraphs later she is asked where he has disappeared to It is very confusing for the reader Shame on the editors that didn t catch these mistakes Overall I think the author has fabulous ideas but tried to integrate far too many into one plot line, making the book tiresome and convoluted Not my favorite book and I won t be purchasing any in the series. I ve just finished reading A Taste Fur Murder , a wonderful and pretty original paranormal mystery The idea of the talking dead animals really appealed to me and I loved the main protagonist, Foxtrot, a reliable assistant with a great sense of humor and a special bond with dead animals spirits A clever plot and plenty of zaniness made the book pretty interesting Finally, Topsy s story was heart wrenching and indicative of the cruelty humans are capable of The story s main message love conquers all. what a fun read I enjoyed this book and the humor was great Laugh out Loud Funny Introducing An Animal Loving Gal Friday With A Telepathic Cat, A Shapeshifting Dog, And A Ghost Of A Chance Of Solving Supernatural Crime Meet Deirdre Foxtrot Lancaster Trusted Employee Of Eccentric Zillionairess Zelda Zoransky, Foxtrot Manages A Mansion, A Private Zoo, And Anything Else That Strikes Her Boss S Fancy Her Job Title Is Administrative Assistant, But Chaos Handler Would Be Accurate Especially After She Glimpses A Giant Ghost Beast In Zelda S Pet Cemetery For Some Strange Reason, Foxtrot Is Seeing Animal Spirits And, Ready Or Not, The Fur S About To Hit The Fan Still Reeling, Foxtrot Comes Home To Find Her Cat, Tango Her Dead Cat Tango Alive And Well And Communicating Telepathically But That S Not All There S An Ectoplasmic Dog Named Tiny Who Changes Breeds With A Shake Of His Tail And Can Sniff Out A Clue Like Nobody S Business So When A Coworker Drops Dead While Organizing Closets, Tiny Is On The Case Can Foxtrot And Her New Companions Ferret Out The Killer Among A Menagerie Of Suspects Human And Otherwise Before Death Takes Another Bite So, when the first line of a book is Ever had a job that threatened to drive you straight into a loony bin , you have a pretty good idea what kind of story you re in for And this book absolutely lived up to its first line I loved it As cozy mysteries go, this one is clever, creative, and unusual than the norm, and it has a magical aspect that not only takes things in an interesting direction, but adds that secret ingredient to take a read from it was fine to I loved it and this book has all that.It s hard to really do this justice in a review without giving away too much and including spoilers, but I will give it a try.The setting is a blast Being the executive assistant to a kooky bazillionaire obviously offers all KINDS of fun situations for our main character Foxtrot to navigate Working on an estate that includes a pet cemetary but not the Steven King kind well, MOSTLY not and for a boss who is liable to do want buy arrange literally any bizarre thing makes for some very interesting goings on.The case of characters is also eclectic and lots of fun Rock stars, animal trainers, Olympic teenaged gymnasts and those are just ZZ s guests The other employees on the estate are their own kinds of quirky.Foxtrot is a delight Nothing phases her, and her assistant skills are than put to the test in this book s goings on I love this line about her approach to handling her boss whenever possible you wanted a Plan B, C, and even D ready to pull out when events decided to suddenly veer away from your carefully laid out itinerary and into oncoming traffic I especially love her explanation of why her job as an assistant was perfect for the things she s now dealing with When things really hit the fan, it was people like me who often wound up saving the day not because we had the solution, but because we could efficiently convey the pertinent information from the person in charge to the people on the ground As a communications person, that also describes what I do for a living, so it was neat.There s a ton of very clever humour woven into the story, and that is always a feature in a book that gets high ratings from me Lines like electric elephants How in the name of Oprah s pap smear was I supposed to deal with things like THAT and, Keene seemed to have indulged in than just alcohol as an appetizer He kept staring at the chandeliere as if he expected it to burst into monkeys at any moment And I would be remiss in not talking about the talking cat and dog who help Foxtrot out Again, without spoiling, it s hard to say too much But suffice it to say each of them is a character and filled with personality, both individually and together, and their interactions with Foxtrot are absolutely hilarious One of my favourite moments in the book and there were lots of them was when we finally get the explanation for where the nickname Foxtrot for our intrepid heroine came from and what it means It is super clever, and I loved it Overall, this is a cozy with a sort of paranormal aspect It was a terrific read, and I will definitely read future books in this series There is nothing bad about this book.

Dixie Lyle loves animals, mysteries, books, reading, words, bad puns are there any other kind and once had a torrid summer romance with an entire library Did I mention the books Oh, and definitely doesn t believe in the supernatural Nope, not me Hey, what was that sound Where s that spooky green glow coming from Oh, hello, didn t see you standing there in the corner, what with you being a

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