A Very Ruby Christmas (Bound and Determined, #4.5)

A Very Ruby Christmas (Bound and Determined, #4.5) Popular Book, A Very Ruby Christmas Bound And Determined, 4.5 Author Lavinia Kent This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book A Very Ruby Christmas Bound And Determined, 4.5 , Essay By Lavinia Kent Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I have adored Lavinia Kent s every book in her Bound and Determined series A Very Ruby Christmas, was a wonderful peek into Ruby and Derek and a surprise peek into a couple of other lead couples from other books.Ruby is ready to marry Derek and sell the brother, but she isn t quite ready enough She continues to search for a buyer, never finding exactly the right person to take over the business she has built Ruby knows Derek is losing his patience and is a little worried about it.Enter Ruby s legitimate and very pregnant half sister Ruby was shocked to find her on her doorstep, obviously pregnant and their father very unhappy about the situation.Ruby wants to help her sister, marry Derek and make a life with him Can she do all of that Can she make it work Highly recommended, lots of hotness and steaminess in this book like the others in the series I absolutely loved it I received a complimentary copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review FINAL DECISION Especially for fans of the series, this novella wraps up Ruby and Derek s story, gives some hot and spicy moments with beloved characters from the Bound and Determined series and also pushes the series forward into a new era.THE STORY This novella takes place before the epilogue of RAVISHING RUBY In this book, Ruby who is the owner of a brothel is trying to organize her life to be able to leave London with Derek, the man she loves The story takes place at Christmas time and is a bit of a last hurrah to Ruby s reign as madam.Ruby s inability to sell her brothel is causing some problems for her and Derek Into this difficult time, Ruby s half sister arrives on her doorstep Her sister in in desperate straits and Ruby feels that something else may come between her and Derek.OPINION I adore Ruby I ve followed her story through the entire Bound and Determined series where she has been a matchmaker for the couples and especially enjoyed the story of her and Derek This novella adds some information to their story but doesn t disturb their happy ending which occurred in RAVISHING RUBY.This novella add something significant to Ruby and Derek s story Ruby is a woman who has made her own way in the world Although she loves Derek, she still has not surrendered to their happy ending She continues to make contingencies after being disappointed by men in her past She seeks to protect herself when reality insists that she take a chance and rely on the man she loves.Ruby is such a complicated character This novella shows many facets of her She is a woman who has successfully run a brothel She cares about the women who work for her She manages difficult men She is separated from her legitimate half siblings, but desperately wants family connection.This novella serves to wrap up Ruby s story and launch a new story for Ruby s brothel Anyone who enjoyed the Bound and Determined series should read this novella It s like a Christmas present if Christmas presents were sweet and hot and sexy and definitely spicy.WORTH MENTIONING A foresee a story about Madame Blanche in the future.CONNECTED BOOKS A VERY RUBY CHRISTMAS is book 4.5 in the Bound and Determined series It can should be read after at least RAVISHING RUBY which tells the story of Ruby and her captain s love story.STAR RATING I give this book 4.5 stars.This review was originally posted on Top10RomanceBooks.com I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review I thought this was a very sweet story and by sweet I mean touching it is an erotic story, so don t get the wrong idea.This book centers around Ruby and her struggle with leaving Madame Rouge she wants to leave and start her new life with Derek, but she is having a problem letting go and is starting to let her insecurities about her relationship with Derek overwhelm her And if this wasn t enough, her half sister, Jasmine shows up and needs a place to stay as she has left the duke s house after refusing to name the father of her unborn child and to marry a man of the duke s choosing.Throughout the book Greggory Louisa and Colton Angela show up and offer to help Ruby, these couples share some very hot scenes as they want to share some time at the house before things change when Ruby leaves.As Christmas grows nearer and Derek makes it known that he has to leave again, Ruby has to make some difficult decisions and make peace with her past Derek is absolutely wonderful in this book, he is so supportive of Ruby and even though he is impatient to marry her, he doesn t give her ultimatums or threaten to leave her he just loves her And through it all they bring their relationship to a new level.I would recommend reading the series in order but at the very least read the Ruby novellas before you read this book. I have loved every book I have read in this series Historical romance has always been a favorite of mine and Lavinia Kent is a wonderful storyteller Ruby, out of all the characters in this series, is by far my favorite Her whirlwind romance with Derek is full of heat and heart I hope this isn t the end of Ruby I enjoy her stories so much But I m very interested in the next book within this series Well done I like this series It is all about the Woman and the Man Madame Rouge runs the Top brothel in town She won t let anyone go overboard yet she will help those who want a Special night Ruby has a problem Her fiance Derek is expecting to be going and give her a new life in America But she is also down because she can t find someone to take care of her House and patrons Then there is someone knocking and needing help Spoiler She sees she is wrapped and pregnant Ruby will take care of her and then she realizes it is her sister Jasmine is running from her father, a Duke Ruby is her half sister Derek wants to go home with her Will he wait for her Will she stop and decide not to leave on Derek s ship I know the ending and I hope you will really choose to get this book It is a short story and there are some graphic scenes You can read around them Don t pass this up I have volunteered to read and review this book. I was so glad to get of Ruby s story, as she s been one of my favorite characters of the books I ve read in the past year Her story was fun, and I liked that we got a glimpse update at some of the couples she d helped matchmake I also liked that each couple had their own sexual dynamic A super steamy novel that worked for the holiday season. A Very Ruby Christmas , is a wonderfull addition to Ms Kent s Bound And Determined series, she finally gives us of our very different Madame Ruby s and her hunky Captain Derek s story.Ruby has been awaiting the return of her Captain, her fianc back to England from the colonies and beginning her preparations to sell the brothel and marry Derek to become just a Captains wife but is she ready to let her independence go are the Lords and the Ladies she helped to join together in wedded bliss ready to see their freind move on While awaiting his return , those very freinds will try and help her sell the brothel to someone she trusts but that is becoming and difficult because Ruby can not find the person that will care for her girls, health and welfare as she does Amongst her indecision over the brothel another issue shows up at her door, the half sister she has never met, her father the Dukes legitimate child running from the Duke and his demands and very pregnant Her half sister arrives, very determined not to give up the name of the child sies father, nor the child, but how to secure a future away from the ton without the means to support herself Only adding to Ruby s hesitation to leave behind her life as the owner of a brothel and Derek s arrival back may release her of her concern of his safe travel, but her concern as to wether he will wait for her to make her decision on a predecessor causes angst for Ruby.Arc Graciuosly provided in exchange for an honest review. I would like to thank Lavinia Kent, Loveswept, and Penguin Random House for allowing me to read this novel in exchange for an honest review.Madam Rouge aka Ruby aka Emma Scanton finds herself with a dilemma She s had plans to sell her pleasure house for months now, but it s not as easy as she d thought She doesn t trust anyone to run it as it should be run And now the man she loves, the man who wants to take her away to start a life together, is back, waiting for her to get her affairs sorted Complicating the matter is the sudden appearance of her very pregnant half sister How does Ruby make the best decision for everyone I did not enjoy this book I was so confused This book was a continuation of Ruby s overall tale, which has been slowly told over the course of the Bound and Determined series, primarily in Revealing Ruby and Ravishing Ruby As far as I can tell, because I ve only read A Very Ruby Christmas VRC , each book in this series is like an episode of a TV show smaller segments of a bigger story which, in theory, sounds like a reasonable method of storytelling but not in this case This is a mess Allow me to briefly outline the series, because unfortunately, you may need me to I wish I d known this in advance I d have saved myself the headache but as of 11 3 neither nor Fantastic Fiction was clear, and Kent s website wasn t up to date, so this is my guestimation Also, without knowing word count, I m judging novel or novella by page count but as the series goes on, the harder it is to tell what s supposed to be considered a full length novel and what s a novella which is why I have a by 3, 4, and 4.5.Book 1 Mastering the Marquess Louisa and Geoffrey Lord Swanton 369 pgsBook 1.5 Revealing Ruby the beginning of Ruby and Derek s relationship 108 pgsBook 2 Bound by Bliss Bliss and Stephan 340 pgsBook 2.5 Sarah s Surrender Sarah and Jonathan 128 pgsBook 3 Angel in Scarlet Angela and Matthew Lord Colten 282 pgsBook 4 Ravishing Ruby the continuation of Ruby and Derek s relationship 267 pgsBook 4.5 A Very Ruby Christmas Ruby and Derek s HEA 198 pgsFYI, Bound by Bliss and Sarah s Surrender are irrelevant to VRC, as far as I can tell, but the others are involved.Note I didn t dislike the writing style, the confounding storytelling Adding to my complaint that this is nowhere near a stand alone book and yes, obviously it s a series, but an author worth her salt would make each part an independent story, which this is not are the two chapters told from Angela and Louisa s point of view Two completely unnecessary, irrelevant, time and word wasting chapters Long, long chapters full of nothing but kinky sex Or at least, I assume so I got halfway through Angela s chapter and thought, This cannot be just sex between two characters who have nothing to do with the central conflict But it seemed to be, so I skipped them, and I don t think I missed anything important Perhaps I d feel differently if I d read the stories of Angela and Colten and Louisa and Swanton, but I haven t, and since they probably got their HEAs in their own books, I could care less about their sexcapades They re Ruby s friends, I get that, that s fine, but I believe this was Ruby and Derek s story, so those chapters had no place here, in my opinion.I liked Ruby and Derek as characters I didn t particularly connect to either of them, but I cared about them enough to want to see them happily sail off into the sunset They both seemed like good people and didn t do anything irrationally stupid I could relate to Derek s struggle to maintain hope and patience with his sort of fiancee, and Ruby s position between a rock and a hard place, just trying to do what s right.The plot was..lacking It revolved around Ruby s indecision regarding what to do with the brothel and everything branched off of that Jasmine s appearance and what to do with her, Derek s return and plans for the future, Thorton s trouble making It was not enough conflict to sustain even a long novella By the end it had been drawn out and I was frustrated Don t misunderstand it was certainly an interesting conflict, but it ran its course and then some.Loose ends include the reasons for Thorton s change in attitude and Jasmine s baby daddy, whose identity is likely being saved for a future installment Also, Ruby s grandfather was mentioned several times but never appeared, but I understand he might have shown up in one of Ruby s previous books.There were things to like about this book, such as the writing style and characters, but for me those positives were largely overshadowed by the strange way the story was told and the fact that there wasn t much going on I was disappointed to learn that I wasn t going to experience the whole of Ruby and Derek s story Although, I have to admit, even if I d loved them enough to want to purchase the previous installments to read their introduction, I don t think I would, because Ruby mentioned in VRC that she d first met Derek while he was fucking one of her girls Just no, thank you.noapologybookreviews.com I have not read the earlier books in this series but despite being lost once in awhile, I still thoroughly enjoyed this holiday read I will, however, add these earlier books to my wishlist as Kent managed to pack a whale of a story in less than 200 pages Wow, it seemed much longer in a good way while I was reading it Can t wait to pile up with a full length novel of hers.I love when characters can rise above their past and go on to celebrate their own HEA Ruby s occupation is not one that is often addressed in a Regency and I really enjoyed seeing this loving character reach out to her half sister and possibly endangering her future in order to help someone else.

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