A Wedding to Die For (Yellow Rose Mystery #2)

A Wedding to Die For (Yellow Rose Mystery #2)From The Author OfPick Your Poisoncomes A Crazy Case Of Matrimonial Murder And A Broken Hearted Bride To Be When A Family Guest Gets Hit Over The Head With A Gift The Bad Reception Only Gets Deadlier For Houston PI Abby Rose, Enlisted To Resolve The Wedding Fiasco This is the first book in this series that I ve read as I misread the blurb on the back cover and thought it was the first book It is the second book and gives a catch up of the first book which includes a spoiler, so I will just carry on with the next one now I think rather than going back.The main character is a bit feistier than I m used to in a cozy, but actually I found that quite refreshing after initially feeling a bit shocked. A bit too romance novellish and filled with cutesy stereotypes of Texas women and expressions I have never heard any Texan say but a New Yorker might hallucinate that we say To be honest, I wanted to puke on every third page The only thing that saved the book from getting just one star was the central character having an appeal I can t quite explain. Painful to read Grammatical errors. Another good read This book had a lot police based things in it, almost like a CSI Law and Order feel than a Cozy The main character was great like before I loved Jub The minor characters seemed to hold a strong interest for me Over all, as I said, good read. Still an enjoyable story, like the first book, but I did find that the language was stronger than the first book Several F Bombs, which I really am not a fan of I can usually get around other cursing, but that one really grates on meHoping the other books in the series are a tad conservative in regard to language. This is one of my favorite series Well written, concise, and fantastic characters who are wonderfully human. Great story I don t usually start reviewing a book before I ve finished it, but I just want to say, if you hate spoilers, don t read this one before Book One of this yet another series, as the entire book is spoiled in the first few pages I don t have access to Book One, but honestly, for the author to blow her own book out of the water like that, it must have been a very tiny blip on the publishing radar She must not expect anyone to read it at all.The narrative voice is much better than the Cats In Trouble series, but the grammatical howlers and misused language still abound Wind does not get in between every crack but through every crack in a building And that s just the first stylistic tooth grinder The authoress is still enad of Merlot is blood really that colour This is such a good series The premise, the characters, the setting..it all works wonderfully together Abbey has taken herself on an interesting career path In book one she didn t know what she wanted to do with her life Here, in book two, she is taking on private investigation with tenacity Because she s specializing in investigating for adoptees who want to find their birth parents She feels compelled due to her own past and that of her sister What starts out as a regular investigation takes on a twist when Abbey s asked to keep her investigation a secret, but it seems to be everything but Then murder insinuates itself We get to see Abbey jealous, frustrated, have brain farts, and show how strong willed she is when it comes to doing the right thing I can t wait to read or listen to the next in the series, DEAD GIVEAWAY Definite recommend.

Leann Sweeney was born and raised in Niagara Falls and educated at St Joseph s Hospital and Lemoyne College in Syracuse, NY She also has a degree from the University of Houston in behavioral science and worked for many years in psychiatry Her short fiction won many awards and several mysteries were published in small market mystery magazines Leann has written 13 cozy mysteries 5 in The Yellow

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  • Paperback
  • 268 pages
  • A Wedding to Die For (Yellow Rose Mystery #2)
  • Leann Sweeney
  • English
  • 22 September 2019
  • 9780451210326

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