A Well Pleasured Lady

A Well Pleasured LadyPrim, Plain, Desperately Virtuous Lady Mary Fairchild Stared At The Seductive Gentleman And Wondered Did He Remember The Elements Of The Night They Met Surely Not In The Ten Years Since, She Had Abandoned Her Youthful Impetuousness And Transformed Herself Into A Housekeeper Disguising Her Beauty Beneath A Servant S Dour Clothing Determined To Conquer The Passions Of The PastBut Sebastian Durant, Viscount Whitfield, Did Recognize Her As A Fairchild, One Of His Family S Bitter Enemies When He Demanded Her Help Recovering A Stolen Diary, She Dared Not Refuse Him When He Proposed They Masquerade As A Betrothed Couple, Loyalty Forced Her To Agree And When The Restraint Between Them Shattered And Pleasure Became An Obsession, Mary Had To Trust A Powerful Man Who Could Send Her To The Gallows Or Love Her Through Eternity

HIDDEN TRUTHS Cape Charade novella

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  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • A Well Pleasured Lady
  • Christina Dodd
  • English
  • 12 July 2017
  • 9780380790890

10 thoughts on “A Well Pleasured Lady

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    People either hate or love this book and all because of one infamous scene.I ve heard about this book over the years and the controversial rape scene about which even the author has been asked a few times So I thought to find out for myself Having forgotten the title, sifting through the CD books several times I always missed it as I never suspected to find that rape scene in a book named A Well Pleasured Lady Anyways, reading this mostly humorous story set in a rather quirky setting with an uber dominant but considerate despite himself H and a prim but determined h, who set my heart zipping with their fiery yet endearing chemistry, I just couldn t fathom a rape cropping up here between these two Spoilerish Rape or Forced Seduction As HP Romance readers we ve allowed that line to blur so many times for the medieval regency bodice ripping, indiscriminately rutting Heroes or for the much older, coldly abusive and rapey husbands of vintage HPs both kinds I personally detest , but dissenting opinions are still possible and understandable And to be honest I ve enjoyed my fair share of forceful Hs who go for what they want, consent be damned.I feel there was nothing PC about this one here but still I d rate it a forced seduction rather than a rape Even when No or don t should mean just that I d be horrified if it didn t in RL He was a self centered jerk to push her as he did.He may not have been violent but power play definitely came into it.He enjoyed and treasured her tears over her maidenhood.He knew she was a virgin and still wasn t particularly gentle with her or tried a traditional way of doing things.But it was so damn hot and erotic No wonder she tells him to shut up and hurry No wonder this particular non con took on such mythical stature.The author wrote it as simple and complex as that and takes you along horrified, confused, swooning guiltily even as you wonder on things like No, consent compliance before or after penetration, a much abused overwhelmed by passion or a believable portrayal of enjoyment, a certain tenderness yes, it was there too.As for the story, it was an okay entertainer and holds up well throughout Lots of complex well fleshed out characters, evil vulturish relatives, engaging plot and subplots, humor, suspense, blackmail, mild ow om drama mixed in with some gothic ness and hot sex Grouse Although the story never lets up, the h H interaction drops a bit in the middle The last scene on the rooftop could have been better Also the Mary vs Guinevere thing got a bit odd after a while.This was a review of the that scene than the book per se.Still a 4.15 , I d say.

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    Hey, enjoy rape and forced marriage Than this is the romance for you When the most evil person in the book is a hero, it is difficult not to throw the book across the room in rage.And don t forget it is ok to be an abusive rapist as long as something traumatic happened in your past Then it is all good.

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    Wow, to add to an already boring, draggy story, he rapes her but it s okay because even though she fought him the whole time she ended up kinda liking it Yeah, not okay.Did Not Finish.

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    The only realy,realy good thing is the cover of the book.Sometimes I had a feeling that story was writen by somebody else and not by C.Dodd.

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    I thought this book was ok There were parts that I absolutely loved but there were also parts that just totally pissed me off I almost didn t finish it I think that a different approach could have been taken with the part of Sebastian and Mary becoming intimate Anything would have been better than a rape and that is exactly how I saw it I didn t get how Mary could fall in love with such a man and was disappointed that Sebastian was made out that way I actually liked his character until that happened He could have still been a strong determined man without the brutal abuse in which he gave it to her Maybe I m being a little harsh but it really bothered me and made my starting love for the story turn into just a like for the book I haven t decided if I want to read the next one in this series.

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    I never thought there d come a time when I d rate a Christina Dodd romance 1 star but here we are Never say never I guess To sum it up shortly, the hero rapes the heroine but hey it s ok because she ends up liking it, right Screw heroes like that That s a villain and not a hero for me And the heroine s brother who s supposed to be a good guy too only gets mad at another guy when he finds out the woman he tried to dishonour was his sister, the heroine, but was totally ok with it when he thought it was some namless woman And these are supposed to be the good guys Yeah, no thank you, 1 star

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    This book is disgusting Allow me to explain I have an interesting relationship with romance novels, they re like crack to me.They pile high in my room, as I happily flit through them and toss them into a pile, smutty romance after smutty romance I m not ignorant to the flaws of these books I am often amused at how terrible they can be However, I seem to be immune to the flowery prose and usual romantic cliches One thing I can t seem to ignore is the sexism Although I have come to accept that these books don t have any literary merit and are not to be taken seriously, it kinda ruins the fun Normally when I read a romance, I know what to expect and I can mostly just roll my eyes at the annoying sexism, but sometimes I run into the books like these, Where the sexism is so blantant is makes me sick and cannot be ignored A Well Pleasured Lady, follows Mary Rottenson, our Jane Doe with a secret past who is disguised as a housekeeper When her employer Lady Vale ry, informs Mary that her godson, Sebastian Durant, Viscount Whitfield, is coming to seek her out, Mary is panicked he alone could identify her as a murderer By force of his alpha male bullshit she is repeatedly raped and abused by Viscount Shitfield He forces her to to act as his wife in order to gain access to a diary stolen from Lady Vale ry If the diary should fall into the wrong hands, his would godmother suffer and the very government could fall Insanity enues They find the diary, and Mary decides that it s okay that Sebastian is an abusive asshole because apparently that s okay if you ve had a rough childhood The rape scenes are not only completely unnecessary and irrelevent, but also incredibly disturbing The relationship between Mary and Sebastion is dysfunctional and abusive There is absolutely NOTHING romantic about their relationship The most annoying thing about this novel is that the plot is fairly interesting and it is well written But because of the blantant sexism, I have now ripped off the cover and am using it as a mousepad I would have really enjoyed this book if not for the horrid rape scenes.This book turned me off to Christina Dodd forever If I ever read another book by her it will just be to justify my disgust in this author.

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    I m in the middle of the book, and WHAT THE FUCK So it is OK to rape the MC as long as she enjoys it Doesn t this author know that there are cases of rape where the forced person has an orgasm, and it isn t less traumatizing As I was reading the scene, seeing that she was begging him not to do it, nearly crying, I couldn t be less turned off by it, and I kept thinking she has told him in several occasions she doesn t want it, surely the author won t make the main character a rapist he will stop right now, he will stop right aaand he is inside I cringed at the scene And for what Because he thought she had been with another man So then for him it is OK to rape her AAAAAAGH Stupid sonofafuckingbitch I m not reading past the scene, and I m glad I didn t pay a cent for it, because rape should not be encouraged in any form, but even less when it is done by a person who apparently loves you.A pity, because this author writes very good sex scenes, but this is outrageous.

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    Mama likey.This book reminds me of a 18th century version of Cluebut with sexy times.So, the story did start out a bit slowBUT I m glad I stuck it out, because it really picked up around 20% From there, I was totally hooked.What I especially liked and what sets this historical romance slightly apart from others is its subtle Gothic fiction elements which I love A virginal maiden revealed to be the daughter of an aristocratic family and the sole heiress Old estates and misty roof tops A mysteriously missing diary Dark secrets Murders Evil characters Night escapades Miraculous survivals I actually wish Dodd would have fully embraced the Gothic style and just gone balls out It would have added further complexity and ambiance to this plot of familial intrigue, psychological trauma, and haunted pasts And there is a touching love story here, as well Sebastian is just how I like my heroes sexy, sarcastic, dark, jealous, scarred, and, of course, a little bit broken A well written and surprisingly entertaining story

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    This book was good except for one HUGE problem Although Mary fights him the whole time, pulling his hair, hitting him, scratching him, kicking and trying to get away, he has sex with her anyway Right at the end she stopped fighting but the whole sex scene was her saying stop Sometimes the heros won t take no for an answer after marriage, but they weren t even truly engaged I wish this would have been written in not such a cringy way I felt guilty reading it Besides this sex scene, the rest of the book was really good It s just hard for me to get beyond the assault.

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