A Wilder Shore

A Wilder Shore She Gave Five Years Away To The Wrong ManAt Eighteen Elise Had Eagerly Accepted Peter Westwood S Engagement Ring He Was Handsome And Ambitious, And Her Parents ApprovedThen She Met Shard Cortland A Construction Man Whose Effect On Her She Found Hard To Resist But She Opted For The Good Life And Hastily Married PeterNow, After Peter S Death And Five Years Later, Shard Had Reappeared Wanting To Marry Her Their Mutual Attraction Remained Unchanged, But Marriage With Shard Would Be Risky She Doubted His Integrity And Knew He Had No Use For Love

Laurey Bright she also writes for Silhouette Books Her romances often appear on American stores romance best seller lists and she has been a Rita contest finalist, as well as winning and being placed in several other romance writing contests Her other writing includes non fiction, poetry and long historical fiction, She also is an active defender of the ideology of Feminists for Life, and she has written articles about it Since then she has won other literary prizes both in her native New Zealand and other countries These include the prestigious Katherine Mansfield Short Story Award, with Dying Light, a story about Alzheimer s Disease, which was filmed by Robyn Murphy Productions and shown at film festivals in several countries Starring Sara McLeod, Sam s wife in Lord of the Rings Daphne is often asked to tutor courses in creative writing, and with Robyn Donald she teachs romance writing weekend courses in her home in the winterless north of in New Zealand Daphne lives with her Netherlands born husband in a farmlet, grazing livestock, growing their own fruit and vegetables and making their large home available to other writers as a centre for writers workshops and retreats Their five children, one of them an orphan from Hong Kong, have left home but drift back at irregular intervals She enjoys cooking special meals but her cake making is limited to three never fail recipes Her children maintain they have no memory of her baking for them except on birthdays, when she would produce, on request, cakes shaped into trains, clowns, fairytale houses and, once, even a windmill, in deference to their Dutch heritage from their father Daphne frequently makes and breaks resolutions to indulge in some hearty outdoor activity, and loves to sniff strong black coffee but never drinks it After a day at her desk she will happily watch re runs of favourite TV shows Usually she goes to bed early with a book which may be anything from a paperback romance or suspense novel to history, sociology or literary theory.

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  • Paperback
  • 186 pages
  • A Wilder Shore
  • Daphne Clair
  • English
  • 12 June 2019
  • 9780263733334

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    One of those they don t write em like that any stories Elise was 19 and already engaged when she met sexy bad boy Shard oh help, that name It bugged me through the entire book Not trusting him or her own feelings, she hurriedly married her fiance When she s widowed five years later, Shard ouch comes back into her life, now very successful There seems to be nothing to come between them any, except that Shard never really understood why she rejected him in the first place and completely misunderstands why she decides to accept him.Shard, seen only through Elise s point of view, is fascinating very cool, utterly indifferent to other people s opinions, and a passionate believer in following one s heart and giving the people you love the same freedom But of course he has a vulnerable side that Elise doesn t see until the very end Elise is not quite as vivid but she s no doormat, and having matured, she fights for what she wants The depiction of their relationship felt unusually rich and thoughtful for a Harlequin Presents, while still having the all important angst and drama.

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    A somber second chance story How somber you ask Hero seizes his second chance with the heroine by showing up the night of her husband s funeral The heroine is in the fugue state of grief, but the sexxxy hero manages to pierce her grief and makes her feel alive again The story follows the DC pattern flashbacks to the poor hero s and rich heiress heroine s immediate attraction with the impediment of the 19 year old heroine s engagement to a much older man The main present day thrust of the story is questioning the behaviors and motivations of the characters who are never the most insightful of people until DC puts them through the wringer.The heroine marries the other man not out of love or duty but because of her fear of the attraction she has for the risky marriage prospect hero.Hero makes his fortune from the money h s grandfather gave him and returns in triumph to claim the heroine.Heroine might as well be in a Regency novel, since it never occurs to her to take some time and learn to be independent She has a pushy mother who thinks a woman needs the protection of a man and since the heroine is used to having sex, she ll need the decency of marriage to indulge those lustful feelings Her mother is a piece of work, btw H h do marry Heroine thinks he only married her for sex Hero thinks she only married him for money When the hero s business fails, he thinks he should give her the ultimate gift a divorce Heroine is livid and pregnant and they have an impasse until the heroine falls down a cliff and turns her ankle Hero finally admits he can t live without her HEAThis one was interesting in that DC didn t seem to mind having her alpha H lose money and tell the h she couldn t have her dream house right away.And heroine had many stiff drinks during her pregnancy OMG I guess I should be happy she wasn t smoking For DC fans who like an introspective story.

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    Rich girl Poor boy story The story was nicely written but not exactly romantic The author s in depth characterization of the protagonists as well as the secondary characters was both plausible and fascinating The heroine is a poor little rich girl, easily manipulated by her mother especially, as well as her circle of family and friends, to do what s expected of her The hero, a boy from the wrong tracks who disdains these upper class snobs but falls like a house of cards when meeting the heroine, tries to tell her that love is not a series of tests, summons and expectations but should be freely given Unfortunately, she is too young and chooses the safe path After many years of separation, the hero and heroine get their second chance The heroine has grown and matured a little bit, unafraid any of opening her heart to the hero but the hero now operates under the assumption that this is the same beautifully polished but hollow china doll that needs to be cosseted and spoiled, and he is now able and prepared to pay the price.The character of the heroine s snobbish mother was superbly written Her little sly innuendos, her deliberately created misunderstandings, her ability to manipulate, control, and guilt the people around her In an ocean of cartoonish, villainous mother characters, the fact that this character was so subtle and understated in her evil was all the chilling This is a little deeper and sober than your average Harlequin romance There are not a lot of over the top, exciting adventures Both hero and heroine internalize their most fiery, bitter, passionate and poignant emotions while hiding behind a blank, cool facade Despite their aloofness, the author succeeded in making me empathize and root for them A well written story of a second chance at love that is ultimately satisfying.

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    well, it did not work for me as soon as they were married, shard retreated into his shell he was cold, showed no emotion and i dunt see their relationship growing into something profound the only part i enjoyed was the recap which told us what happened 5 years ago this was interesting, elise was quite the lil madam, very arrogant and bitchy believable..from the rich and privileged background she came from infact, her bitchiness was her way of denying all dat smoldering attraction she was feeling shard recognised dat, dats why he did not hold this against her shard was really besotted, the way he wud buy anything she wanted, satisfied any of her desires after marriage he did not even mind not having children if he cud be wid elise she was believed to be sterile but at the same time, he was cold bcoz he believed she had married him only bcoz he had money now and wud be accepted into her society.

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    Available on Open Library.This was pretty good The heroine was a bit of a bitch, but the Hero could take it They met when the heroine was 18 and Hero 25 She was already engaged to a man she loved Hero at the time was unemployed, so I can understand her misgivings, despite there being a strong attraction between them Also since she was just 18, it s entirely possible that what she was feeling was merely an infatuation So she goes ahead and marries her fianc.She gets widowed 5 years later and the H is immediately on her doorstep He wastes no time marrying her This time he has made his fortune and naturally feels he is in a better position The Hero is totally besotted, it shows in many ways but naturally he is wary since he thinks she only married him for his money.It s a rocky road to their HEA but I think they earned it in the end.

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    Yay a compelling, extremely angsty read The whole book had kind of a dreamy feel to it, lots of introspection, but I thought it worked And I have to say that I really do like an imperfect heroine who sometimes has negative or petulant thoughts and behaviors I want a hero who can t help but love her, flaws and all This hero showed he was smitten through his deeds only yet his deeds implied that he was VERY smitten , but held part of himself aloof at all times made for great dramatic tension.Some might find it outdated or lacking in actual plot progression, but this one really worked for me.

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    2008 Review Wow, what can I say, this book was kinda angsty 0_0 My Mom lent me this book only cause I did her a favor and found the HP novels she was desperately searching for AKA this is one of my Mom s favorite HP novels Initially when my Mom told me the synopsis, I was semi turned off not interested She said something about the hero becoming poor later and giving the heroine whatever she wants to make her happy and I m like what you mean the hero is gonna be in poverty why I know I m such a greedy person 0_0, but I figured it was fiction, so I want my usual mega rich heroes P and why does the heroine sound like a b Mom I don t wanna read it Mom s like, No, its good, its good Needless to say I did read it, and yes, its good But oh man Just like the other novel I read, sometimes, its painful to me to read so much angst SPOILERS ALERT Since my Mom basically spoiled the story for me, I already knew what to expect The back cover already tells you most of the plot Bottomline is, this is the story of a man who REALLY loves the heroine and does whatever he can to have her and keep her and make her happy 0_0 even though he knows or should i say thinks P the heroine married him for his wealth Now isn t that sweet His love is one of those I only want her happiness even if I can t have her heart a As usual with angsty HP novels, it ll take me a few months to re read coz I feel bad It s not really a super angsty book its just that with my knowing that the hero loves the heroine than she does him or so he thinks I kinda feel bad for the hero But the heroine is not a bad cookie In the beginning she ran away from her feelings and married someone else but after, she does make some sort of amends Also usually I don t like those novels where the heroine was married before and if they were, I d prefer their exhusband dead husband was a bastard so I would love the hero 0_0 But in this particular book, he seemed like a nice guy and I wasn t disappointed mad or felt it retracted from that story Yeah, poor dead husband, but at least he never knew that the heroine had deeper feelings for someone else But yeah, I definitely still feel bad for the hero coz he really did love the heroine and she married someone else a anyway, I m repeating myself This book is really good I wish I could say I m gonna keep this book in my shelf but I can t coz my Mom said I have to return it back to her Grrrr.

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