Aching To Exhale (Bantorus MC, #2)

Aching To Exhale (Bantorus MC, #2) Ok were to start The cover, what s not to like, yep I m one of those girls who likes her covers and this girl LIKES the cover To be completely honest I hated Crystal in book one I wanted her to die a slow painful death with heaps of humiliation thrown in yes I m also one of those vengeful types when it comes to OW I loved Raul I hoped and hoped he would get a book but I never in a million years would have thought or wanted him to be with Crystal Dun dun dun, color me shocked when I saw they were together but I trusted Debra and loved book one so I took a leap of faith, and boy was it worth it This was a great second book to a great series.Raul has been a member of the Lagsturns for eight years and he s also been an undercover agent for the FBI tracking down a drug deal woman smuggler At the end of book one Raul was ousted to us and two others Rain and Tory from book one as an undercover FBI agent and Raul believes Crystal is dead Crystal was escorted out of town for causing problems with Rain and Tory, she was with a druggy and was an all around nasty girl sleeping with men and being tossed around yeah can you see why I hated her But have you ever heard the saying no matter how flat a pancake, it always has two sides and man did we have Crystal all wrong She has only ever wanted and loved Raul and she would do anything for him, she kept secrets and pains and thought she was not worthy of Raul or anything good.One year later, When Raul finds out Crystal is alive, he stops at nothing to bring her home and keep her safe while trying to uncover and bring down the Mexican Mafia and others in the MC he believes are working against the MC As Crystal and Raul get back together they learn that all the things they thought about themselves and each other are wrong and that in the end the only thing that matters is the each other Crystal and Raul learn to trust each other and reveal their dark pasts and secrets When Raul finally takes down the ringleader and Crystal and Raul finally think they are in the clear and are able to go back to their life in the MC, a new danger enters their lives that threaten not only their lives but also the life they built together.I really enjoyed this book Debra Kayn has a way with words and story telling that hooks you and draws you in till the last page She reveals sides of her characters that would have been easy to look over and she makes you love what you thought you never could Raul was a great hero he loved Crystal and was willing to do anything for her and did whatever he needed to keep her safe Crystal was a scarred woman who hid for fear of hurting those she loved and would do anything for the people in her life This is a great addition to a series that I ve love, and I can t wait to see what will happen next thank you Debra Kayn for so graciously giving me an ARC copy of this book. I had a hard time starting this book After reading the first book in this series, I just couldn t because Crystal got on my nerves So now nearly a year later I just sat down and started reading.I have to say this book surprised me I didn t hate Crystal After reading her story and her reasons for her behavior I started to like her She s a strong woman who just loves the wrong kind of guy If Raul would have stand by her from day one than all this mess would have been avoidable It s clear that Crystal has a huge secret, that stops her from giving her all into the relationship But I think they would have worked it out, and no way was this secret big enough for all this drama.I can t understand Raul I know he s a hot man on a bike with a secret He s an FBI Agent It s also clear that he loves Crystal, after all he calls her mi vida view spoiler Raul has to find out if Rain is a good guy He then sends Crystal to him to find out the answers Really Come on No way would any man send his woman, who he supposedly loves, to any other man And Rain comes with an entire MC Raul wouldn t know what would happen to Crystal once she infiltrated Rains territory And then Crystal gets into an relationship with Rain for 3 months, even sleeps with him Crystal does this out of love, and Raul seems to be indifferent He want s to have the info, than he thinks Crystal would be safer with Rain.When Crystal comes back to him, Raul can t get over her sleeping with Rain so he sends her away Crystal is crushed, needs to lay low with another man Then she leaves town and begins her new life as a stripper All the while Raul thinks she s dead Come on Really He s the President of an MC, and an FBI Agent undercover And he has no resources to find her Or find out what happened to her I don t believe it hide spoiler 2.75 StarsThis story was a big improvement over book one in how it was written I enjoyed it but maybe a tad less then I enjoyed book one Which is too bad because I liked Raul a lot in book one.What I Liked 1 I liked how Raul called Crystal his life mi vida 2 When Raul was sweet with Crystal.3 I actually really liked how the ending worked out 4 I liked the small surprise regarding someone in the book.5 Once they were FINALLY a real couple once and for all always a couple 6 Even though the Lagsturns were not a clean club, and the Bantorus rivals, I still liked them a tad bit 7 No dealing with club whores 8 It ranlike the MC books I m used to a bit I still like when they don t fully conform to the normal MC books though What I had issues with 1 I didn t feel a connection with the couple.2 I didn t find that Crystal s story was all that sad 3 I felt that Crystal s sob story about bad parents reminded me too much of Tori s sob story in book one 4 I never felt the loved connection with Raul and Crystal.5 I really didn t care for Crystal, as I had previously disliked her in book one.6 I didn t like how Raul treated Crystal at timeseven when he was just trying to protect her But then again, it was pretty much typical MC behavior 7 Editing issues Especially with peoples names.8 I didn t like how the major even happens too fast and is over too fast. This was a good read, another testament to Debra Kayn s skill at story telling. Raul Sanchez, President Of The Lagsturns Motorcycle Club, Proved Himself Over The Span Of Eight Years To Lead The Outlaw Bikers No Longer Able To Distinguish Right From Wrong, The Undercover FBI Agent Is After Blood When He Finds Out The Mexican Mafia Took His Woman When He Finds Out His Other Half Is Still Alive, He Sheds The Badge, Throws Himself Into Chaos, And Seeks Biker Justice Because Any Man Who Touches His Woman Is Going To Die Swinging On A Pole In A Seedy Lounge In Palm Springs, Crystal Rose Works To Keep Herself One Step Away From Trouble With A Prior Rap Sheet Of Pissing Off A Rival MC President, Shacking Up With A Crazed Out Drug Addict Who Used Her For Collateral Against The Mafia, She S One Day Away From Disaster All She Wants Is The One Man Who Rocks Her World But She Can T Go Back, Because Loving Raul Could Get Him Killed I wanted to see if Debra Kayn can make me like Crystal after the first book.Raul Sanchez has been a member of the Lagsturns for eight years but he was an undercover agent for the FBI working to take down a drug dealer woman smuggler In book one, Raul helped Rain get Tori back from her older brother and in the process he revealed his true identity and purpose in Lagsturns MC.Crystalwas pole dancing when Raul came to take her back in his life She was in the past tossed from one man to another She played Rain for information, had a shady relation with Tori s brother and overall created problems to everyone One year later, Raul finds out Crystal is alive, and he brings her back to his MC to keep her safe from Mafia and in the process solve his case.The start a journey of discovering each other and find out that they were not what they tought.So, I didn t like Crystal till the end of the book She was not that on the outside for what she did to Rain and ToriI was not convinced Embarrassed maybe, but she was resentful on Tori for what she had These traits make her human but not likable.I am still not clear why Raul let her go and in such a nasty way to go and get her back and there was not much talk about it.Raul was sweet, not all alpha and possessive, or at least I didn t feel it Nice HEA and interesting place for Raul and Crystal to restart their life together. 2nd reading Read this first in 2013 This is Raul and Crystal s story Even though it is labeled as Bantorus MC, Raul is in the Langsturn MC on the cover , but we first saw them both in the first Bantorus book about Rain and Tori Enjoyed this the second time around Not really 1% activities going on, so the club girls and the violence isn t there like most MC books now I read the entire Bantorus series thru the 2nd generation in the Federal MC chapter established by Slade s son Kurt Enjoyed reading these characters again but can t believe how muchraunchy the MC books I read now are.1st reading Loved this book, and it got better with each chapter Raul first seen in Breathing His Air is a hot alpha biker with an interesting side job that makes every minutedangerous than the next He s so obviously in love with Crystal, but they re both trying to make up for past mistakes, and sometimes that gets a little trying for their relationship One of the things that I really liked about the previous book was the great writing and the lack of serious editing problems The great writing continues with this book, but the editing was rather sloppy this time around disappointing because of the great story, fully described developed characters, and the intensity of the book I will definitely seek outbooks written by Debra Kayn. Unfortunately this is a D N F for me The writing is is choppy and not at all engaging There is no emotional or even basic connection to the characters It s written in 2nd person singular perspective and it makes it really hard to care or connect with the storyline or the characters Everything is rushed and thrown at readers as if they just have to accept it and move on There s also a lot of mention of the past, one we do not see so it s hard to understand or follow the characters past relationship I am really disappointed as we all love a good Alpha male biker but this story didn t do it for me I made it like 40% and had to move on It was predictable in some ways but just did not engage or capture me enough to keep me entertained. rating 4 of 5 Crystal Rose is surviving That s how she ended up in a dirty dive, pole dancing with her eyes closed, imagining herself to be somewhere else She definitely is not here by choice, jumping to avoid the dirty grabby hands trying to get a piece of her What she never expected was the one man she never could stop dreaming about to suddenly show up, and order her on the back of his bike.As an undercover operator for the FBI, you sometimes have to spend years building up your cover and Raul Sanchez, president of the Lagsturns Motorcycle Club, has eight years of hard work put in It took him that long to prove himself and win the loyalty and trust of this group of outlaw bikers For many months he lived under the impression that the woman he had turned away, was dead at the hands of the Mexican mob When he finds out she is alive and in possible danger, he doesn t hesitate He goes to collect her and keep her safe, and damn the consequences.Unaware of Raul s real profession, Crystal is completely confused by his sudden appearance All she knows is that he tossed her out of the club house, quite suddenly, almost a year ago She has no way of knowing he was trying to protect her Had Raul realized he was throwing her to the wolves , in the hands of drug dealers, he might have thought twice Now he wont let her out of his sight again until the big players have been brought down, and the threat against his woman is gone.But secrets tend to get in the way, and both Raul and Crystal have plenty of them Once they are forced to come clean with each other, they realize it is not just the Mexican Mafia they have to fear, but some pretty powerful people from Crystal s past as well A hard lovin , hot bodied biker who no longer knows what side of the law he is on, takes on a tenacious, barely surviving fallen angel, to rescue, to tame, to protect and to hold.Fast moving from page one, I was not bored for one minute Lots of action and intrigue, some seriously steamy sex and an interesting twist at the end Even though this is technically a stand alone book, there was a lot of background context to catch up with in this story All of which is very important to understanding the dynamics in the book Both of this story s main characters, Raul and Crystal appeared in a previous book, BREATHING HIS AIR, and we see that story s protagonists, Rain and Tori again in this book as well Crystal in particular was not necessarily a nice person then, but only now do we find out the circumstances, and suddenly her character is muchunderstandable and sympathetic Raul was hot, even then In ACHING TO EXHALE we get a much closer look at him A bit of insight and it makes him all theappealing Trust Debra Kayn to create chemistry that blows right off the pages ARC received from author in return for an honest review Aching to Exhale picks up a year after the events of Breathing His Air, Debra Kayn s first book in the series, in which Crystal is depicted as a shrewish, jealous woman who slept with the president of a rival motorcycle gang at Raul s request, and then shacked up with a strung out druggie errand boy at the end of the book So I was extremely curious to see how the author would redeem Crystal, make her seemhuman, and give her a story and personality worthy of a romance heroine And does Debra Kayn deliver Crystal blossoms in this book, and her brittle exterior and jealous, bitchy behavior is seen in a new light, as we learnabout her past and the reasons for her actions She is muchthan the sum of her actions, and it was fascinating to see the layers peel back from her hard outer shell to reveal the woman beneath.Crystal has always loved Raul, and done whatever he asked But when he turns her out of the motorcycle club in a harsh and secretive attempt to keep her safe from his enemies, she has nowhere to go but with a club errand boy who happens to be working for the Mexican Mafia Pretty soon Crystal is in serious trouble, and ends up back with Raul Although Crystal and Raul have both screwed up and hurt one another, they never stopped loving each other Both attempt to hide their secrets from the other in misguided efforts to be protective, jeopardizing their trust Raul is very much a sexy caveman style hero, strong, protective and forceful, demanding Crystal trust him and obey his instructions, but offering her no explanation Crystal s had enough of this behavior, and her strength in standing up for herself forces Raul to be honest with himself about his feelings for her Although Raul s behavior can be really annoying, his incredibly dangerous and stressful life as an undercover agent leaves no room for the niceties Crystal and Raul find themselves in a complicated mess of tangled biker loyalties, all while trying to put away the local kingpin of the Mexican Mafia and shut down his drug and sex trade business Raul is walking an incredibly fine line between protecting his Langsturn bikers and bringing down the bad guys he s spent 8 years hunting The same bad guy who wants Crystal and has a price on her head.The ending is the perfect twist on a happy ever after, and suits Raul and Crystal perfectly.With non stop action, intense and sexy relationship building and secret life sharing, Aching To Exhale was an exhilirating, exciting and passionate ride Well done

Debra Kayn is published by Grand Central Publishing, Simon Schuster Publishing, Carina Press Harlequin Enterprises Limited, and repped by agent, Stephany Evans of FinePrint Literary Management She has over fifty contemporary novels available worldwide where heroes and heroines come from the most unlikely characters.She lives with her family in the Bitterroot Mountains of beautiful North I

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