All Hallows Evil

All Hallows Evil I would have given this book 3 stars because, as a whole, it was a nice enjoyable read What bumped it up to 4 stars was a couple gems, the most notable of which was Dead and Buried Treasure by Barb Goffman Bravo Thirteen Stories Devoted To Crime At Halloween Sometimes The Holiday Is The Impetus, Other Times It Merely Provides A Stage On Which Crime Comes To Fruition In This Collection, You Will Discover That Not All Detectives Or Criminals Are Human You Will Find Tragedy In Detroit And Comedy At A Costume Party A Murder Play Where One Of The Actors Isn T An Actor Incest Alongside Taxidermy And The Reason For The Season I m normally not much of an anthology fan However, there were several stories here that I loved Norman s Skeletons was good and creepy Dead and Buried Treasure was one of my favorites because I always love it when people get what s coming to them Of course, there were a couple of stories that I found disjointed and hard to follow, but all in all, a great spooky read This book of stories was awesome.From the first story it sucked me in and kept my attention.Very worth reading for the twist in each tale.A to all of the authors who contributed. love the cover great book loved all the storys in it i thought it awesome good job writing the book This was a great compilation of short Halloween mystery stories. What a great treat for the Halloween season An anthology of fresh, spooky short stories Great light reading for the fall season. This book was split into chapters of short stories, each revolving around Halloween in theme or setting Every author within has a unique tone and style, and all of the chapters are relatively quick and easy reads 10 to 20 minutes per story I enjoyed the book, especially since I was able to read one or two each night and still finish the book within a week The stories were edited well, and I found no grammar or spelling errors rare for a newly published read I recommend this book to anyone that likes short stories, horror or mystery reads.

Sarah E Glenn has a B.S in Journalism, which is a great degree for the dilettante she is Later on, she did a stint as a graduate student in classical languages She didn t get the degree, but she s great with crosswords Her most interesting job was working the reports desk for the police department in Lexington, Kentucky, where she learned that criminals really are dumb.Her great great aunt se

❮Epub❯ ❦ All Hallows Evil  Author Sarah E. Glenn –
  • Paperback
  • 213 pages
  • All Hallows Evil
  • Sarah E. Glenn
  • English
  • 09 June 2018
  • 9780989007627

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