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All In Annie Jump Navarro Is An Ivy League Math Whiz Kid Who Has Won Numerous Internet Poker Championships Under The Handle Supernva But When The Feds Crack Down On Legislation Making The Funding Of Online Gambling Accounts Illegal, Most Of Nova S Assets Are Frozen Her Sponsors Will Only Continue To Support Her If She Can Win A Championship Bracelet At One Of The Live Events Of The World Series Of Poker She Heads For Vegas, Where She Meets Vesper Blake, An Ambitious But Jaded Casino Host Who Has Seen Too Many Fools Flock To The Strip Only To Leave Broke And Humiliated Will Vesper Be Able To Successfully Coach The Volatile Nova To Win At Live Poker And Will Nova Be Able To Convince Vesper That She Should Take A Gamble On True Romance If you like poker or mathematical games of probability and the movie Rounders, you will probably like this book I wasn t really into Nell Stark s previous books, but I really love this one, mainly because of the setting, the theme, and Vesper D It s just a smart, sharp, leisurely paced but thoroughly enjoyable read. I really like how Nell Stark writes her stories It s like you re there watching it If you re a fan of poker, or maybe you ve tried playing it I think you will like this one.As for me, yes I ve tried both playing online and live pokerand you can really spot difference I miss playing, it s been awhile I miss the adrenaline, I too can t mask a poker face often times I got busted by friends For Nova she speaks her mind and what you see is what you get from her that why I can see disaster when she played live poker She has a smart mouth While V is the ice queen here She s cold but deep inside she ll do anything for the people she values She s got a rough life and being an Ice queen is a the only option.There are nice secondary characters, my favorite is TJ.Actually, the reason why I gave this a 4 and not a 5 because of the ending It felt flat like I was still browsing hoping for a after credits scene Yeah I know how lame.And also I wantinteraction between Nova and V 3.75 The player and the ice queen meet Though neither are typical for those roles One is gracious and outwardly open, and happy, and everything that goes against the idea of ice queen But that s outwardly She works as a host the gracious host It s her job Romantically Relationships She barely has any friends, and she just doesn t date At all Not since she was 16 That would be Vesper Casino host in Las Vegas.The player Not the typical player Atypical I ve run across a few atypical ones in my reads There was that one in Brayden s universe whoused that player reputation as a shield the one in Galli s universe who got a player reputation because she, almost nightly, went home with a different woman but she was helping them, the drunk women, get home, not helping them to her or their bed for sex why she didn t fight the reputation is something I didn t understand at the time, nor now then there s the one oh, darn That is also Galli universe The Virginia clan one was in fact a player, but had decided to not be any, kind of bored with it, but hadn t gotten around to letting everyone know The took women home nightly was in Galli s most recent book Clich d Love, I think it was called Here Nova is, in fact, something of a player Thoughnot She has no trouble sleeping with women and putting the moves on women, but she kind of fell into being a player by accident.Nova arrived on a college campus, back in the day, and got talked into someone s bed, and once the women of the campus realized there was new meat , they all sampled her And she was quite up for that Then she fell into a situation wherein she lived with um 4 Other women in a group home type situation And they kind of fell into and out of each others beds So while she is a player, she s an accidental player She doesn t really have much game she just happened to fall into situations wherein a lot of women wanted her, and she was okay with that As opposed to her seeking out women to charm, hump, discard So, those are the two main characters Vesper is working hard to advance herself and always believes someone wants something from her, a quid pro quo Nova is a very talented math genius who is super good with poker Made millions through her abilities Is just about to buy her dream home Excepther money was made illegally through online gambling online poker That s the set up at the start of the book.Now Nova is in Las Vegas, attempting to make some money through live poker but she is very much not built for live poker Antsy, needing to constantly move No ability to school her features, to assume a poker face Very good at reading people on line seeing patterns, very bad at reading people in person, reading tics, movements, bluffs She is doomed for failure, but she s still trying.So the book follows Vesper as she hosts people at her casino one of whom turns out to be Nova, though that sof a favor to an online gambling place while Nova strives to learn live poker by playing little games before the world series of poker Romantically the two circle each other Vesper is very much opposed to relationships Nova wants to hump Vesper, and maybe have somethingthough thatpart confuses her.I liked the book, enjoyed it even There was just a small undefined something missing though that keeps me from rating this 5 stars That undefined something, plus the ending kind of felt a little rushed, and there were a few plot lines left dangling view spoiler like how Jeremy did in the tournament He was still in it butbook didn t say how he did And it s not like the book ended before the tournament ended The book endedwhat, months later Days An hour after Vesper view spoiler got the hotel job offer hide spoiler I believe the first thing that drew me in about this fic was the cover Thank goodness because I still recommend this story for people looking for good lesbian fiction My games of poker are child s play compared to this world Practically immersed in the culture of gambling, rules, and bluffing, I enjoyed every bit Then, there s Vesper Blake She s so dreamy Her sharp tongue and obsession with getting everything right is sexy to me Later, when they show where she lives, my love to for grew tenfold A fascinating character I couldn t help falling for Nell Stark s probably as brainy as Nova s character Major props because I learned a lot I can t forget to mention that the lovemaking scenes are awesome I wish there weresince Nova and Vesper s chemistry was explosive.

Author of the following lesbian romance novels 1 Running With the Wind Bold Strokes Books, 2007 2 Homecoming Bold Strokes Books, 2008 Co author with Trinity Tam of the EVERAFTER paranormal romance series 1 everafter 2009 2 never 2010 3 nightrise 2011

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