All the Kings Men

All the Kings Men The British Soldier,wrote A Prussian Officer Who Served With Wellington,is Vigorous, Well Fed, By Nature Highly Brave And Intrepid, Trained To The Most Vigorous Discipline, And Admirably Well Armed These Circumstances Explain How This Army Has Never Yet Been Defeated In The Field From The Restoration Of Charles II In To The Downfall Of Napoleon In , Britain Won A Series Of Major Wars Against France That Enabled Her To Lay The Foundations Of A Global Empire By Waterloo, She Was The Paramount Maritime And Industrial Power In The World, And Would Remain So For Much Of The Nineteenth CenturyThis Is The Story Of That Extraordinary Century And A Half Of Martial Success And The People Who Made It Possible The Soldier Kings William III And The First Two Georges The Generals Marlborough, Wolfe, Moore And Wellington And The Ordinary British Redcoats Who Despite Harsh Service Conditions That Included Low Pay, Poor Housing, Inadequate Food And Brutal Discipline Rarely Let Their Commanders Down In Battles As Far Afield As Blenheim, Plassey, Quebec And Waterloo Pages Of Narrative, Pages In Total

SAUL DAVID was born in Monmouth in 1966 and educated at Ampleforth College and Edinburgh and Glasgow Universities History MA and PhD.An expert in the wars of the Victorian period, he began writing his first history book when he was twenty five and has since completed eight They include The Homicidal Earl The Life of Lord Cardigan 1997 , a critically acclaimed biography of the man who le

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  • Hardcover
  • 499 pages
  • All the Kings Men
  • Saul David
  • English
  • 23 November 2017
  • 9780670916634

10 thoughts on “All the Kings Men

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    Fascinating in its detail and vivid in its hour by hour descriptions of historic battles Saul David s book brings history alive and renders interesting what might have been a very academic review of a key period in warfare I am not a weapon fetishist nor strongly interested in matters military but I found All the King s Men absorbing and that s the best test of such books if they appeal beyond a core and rather geeky audience then the writer has succeeded.

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    Excellent book for getting a detailed overview of the British conflicts in the age of the musket, and for getting your redcoat fix.

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    I have been a fan of Saul David s writing for a number of years and had eagerly anticipated the publication of this book subtitled The British solider from the restoration to Waterloo However, I have to say I was a little disappointed as although David used the diaries and letters of the ordinary soldier to great effect the main thrust of the book is not on the ordinary British Tommy a phrase coined by Lord Wellington but the great generals and field marshals of the era including Marlborough, Wolfe, Moore and Wellington.I enjoyed the book but I bought it for the very purpose of it reportedly not being about the leaders of the epic campaigns and battles of the period The BBC series Bullets, Boots and Bandages, which is based on the book, is a much visceral and detailed account of the lives of the ordinary soldiers throughout the long 18th century than the content of the book Having said that David s style of writing and detailed narrative of the campaigns, wars and individual battles are some of the best in the military history genre with Wolfe s capture of Quebec and the retreat to Corunna being particularly praiseworthy.I would recommend this book with the caveat that the title of the book is a slight misnomer but that Saul David is still one of our finest military historians and that All the King s men contains great short appraisals of some of Britain s greatest ever generals.

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    Who said that history is boring Not with an author like Saul David This history of the common British soldier is brilliantly written, full of the telling detail without losing sight of the scope of the story Highly recommended.

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    excellent book, full of anecdote and interesting facts very well written.

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    Top notch Judicious, well paced, and above all empathetic, this is a genuinely superb example of the best military history.

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    While a very informative book, I think it managed to miss it s own announced main goal of describing the soldier than the commanders.

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    Well written with glimpses of laudable overvire, but about the generals and their battles, than the soldiers

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    very good history and insight into How the British Army became the British Army that we think of, and what it is that we think of and why it is viewed as it is

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