Always a Queen

Always a QueenIn author Cynthia White s sequel to Queen, Always a Queen, readers find the protagonist Queen eight months pregnant and living in Hawaii Queen is seeking out professional help in the form of a therapist who s helping her to not only sort through her past failed relationships with Gauge, Marc, Carmen and Isaiah but her tumultuous relationship with her mother Hillary as well Although she was pampered royally by her father, Hershey Aaron, the neglect she felt from Hillary fueled many of Queen s poor decisions But before Queen can fully benefit from her therapy sessions Isaiah re enters her life.Isaiah has been running Queen s father s organization The Black Mafia and wants Queen by his side After giving birth to their daughter, Princess, Queen decides to return to St Louis with Isaiah and become his wife However Queen has a difficult time adjusting to life as a wife and mother especially with Isaiah spending so much time away handling business Can she avoid returning to her promiscuous ways especially after she starts to suspect Isaiah of being unfaithful Fidelity becomes even difficult for Queen with Carmen her ex bodyguard and lover still working for The Black Mafia.Queen tries desperately to keep her marriage in tact and avoid repeating the same mistakes from her sordid past or repeating the same trifling actions of her own mother But with a past so scandalous and violent that it attributed to the death of two lovers and both of her parents can Queen prove that she s no longer the misguided, spoiled little girl that she was before she ran off to Hawaii But with so many reminders of her past in St Louis as well as Isaiah s shady behavior the old Queen might be forced to make a re appearance.What did you like about the book Always a Queen worked well as a stand alone book and readers need not to read it predecessor to follow the storyline The therapy sessions helped tell the back story along with other well placed flashback scenes.What did you dislike about the book The storyline dragged throughout the middle of the book A lot of the middle portions could have been cut out especially when Queen finds proof of Isaiah s infidelity and does nothing with it except for using it as an excuse to run to Carmen for comfort.What could the author do to improve the book Cynthia White did an excellent job improving upon Queen s hasty decision making which had her jumping in and out of multiple beds in book one However Queen s new rationale of thinking and the shift away from promiscuity hindered the storyline in book two Hopefully in the upcoming third installment Queen will focus on re establishing control of her father s organization which should keep the plot flowing effortlessly. I don t think this book was as good as the first book Queen was way better. Queen leaves st.louis with her unborn child to go to hawii to to for get about her pass behind her and the two people she love Isiah goes to hawii to take her backand ask her to marry him.On there wedding day it was shoot out That lead to alots of blood and dead bodies Queen got shoot in the arm trying to protect herself and find her husband But the only person that was there to save her was her former lover Carmen to save her life She was still looking fo isiah but no use till he came to the hospital and he gat mad to see carmen there.Isiah was always saying he have business in chicago to go to and didn t have time for her and there daughter But words got out and told her that they don t have business there at all and that hurt her cuse she didn t want to believe that at all the her husband was cheating on her So she took action in her on hands and went to chicago to comfront nikki his baby mother, but what she saw was unbelieveable what she saw therm having sex and they were into it.She back home and found her self back with carmen, and faken like she didn t just fund out her husband and baby mother havin sex So her and carmen is connect then ever cause he always there.she finds out that her best friend had his daughter killed that shocked her even cause she was so naive she marrid himQueen find s out that she have brain tumor The only people that seem to care is he best friend lamar and her lover carmen she try to call isiah but no use.queen got lock up fo murdering her ex fianicee guage She got a visiter from her isiah and it hurt her so found out that she was sleepin with the enemy.All this time by he was working fo the yang family to bring down the black mafia family and he was only using her Queen finds out she was his mistress and they was never married that hurt her even cause he was married to his sons mother what was crazy she thought she knew him, he s a snake by didnt he plan on killing every body she madea phone call to some one and told him dont come to bail her out and do what they got to do to get kill him cant wait to read part 3 WTH Queen is a label ho who makes horrible decisions and I thought she should have spent time with her child I could not get with her immaturity and her bourghie attitudes This was a book pre teens might enjoy, But I could not relate to these characters AT ALL. Queen Aaron Is Back In The Eyes, Minds And Hearts Of Readers As Cynthia White Picks Up Where Her First Novel Left Off Queen Is Eight Months Pregnant And Living A Life Of Her Own In Scenic Hawaii, Far Away From Her Dramatic Past In St Louis When Isiah, The King Of The Black Mafia, Shows Up At Her Front Door, Queen Cannot Help But Believe His Promise Of A Safe And Happy Household For Their New Baby Back In Missouri As Queen And Her Newborn Daughter, Princess, Arrive In St Louis, Her World Seems Too Perfect To Be True Queen And Isiah Enjoy The Fruits Of The Black Mafia In Their New Luxurious Estate Wedding Bells Ring Out Soon After Queen Settles In But Just As Her Life Is Nearing Flawlessness, Queen And Isiah S Wedding Reception Proves To Her That Not Everything That Glitters Is Gold When Her Past Hits Her Like A Speeding Bullet, Queen S Dream Life Dissolves And Reality Sets In Queen Must Step Up And Fight For Her Daughter S Safety, For Her Father S Organization And For True Love But Will That Be With Isiah, Her Husband, Or With Carmen, Her Former Lover Queen Must Maintain Her Self Worth In The Wake Of Her Mother S Abusive Ways In Order To Fulfill Her Promise To Be A True Mother To Princess But Can She Resist Past Tempatations YES Cynthia White Has Done it AGAIN Waiting To Reaf A Book 3. When Queen has to ask herself who can she trust it all comes out at the end of the book and she still remains a Queen. Queen is doing it again she making people fall for her and breaking dudes heart Know that she has a little one she trying to see how to make her life right. I GOT BORED AND COULDNT FINISH THE BOOK This book was nice but I truly really really really truly think that this book is for GROWN UPS

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  • 03 February 2019
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