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Immortal Beloved Nastasya Naci Hace Casi Cuatro Siglos Y Medio Y, Sin Embargo, Su Apariencia Es La De Una Chica De Dieciocho No Es La Nica Nasty Pertenece Al Grupo De Los Inmortales, Unos Seres Que No Se Diferencian Apenas De Los Humanos Salvo En El Hecho De Que No Se Mueren Con Tanta Facilidad Bueno, Y En Que Tienen Ciertos Poderes M Gicos Una Experiencia Traum Tica En La Infancia De Nastasya Provoca Que Se Pase Los Siguientes Cuatrocientos A Os Tratando De Enterrar Sus Recuerdos Bajo Una Coraza De Diversi N, Ego Smo Y Frivolidad Pero Todo Esto Llega A Su Fin Cuando, Una Noche, Nastasya Se Da Cuenta Realmente De La Oscuridad Que La Rodea La Nica Forma De Escapar De Ella Es Refugiarse En Una Granja Para Inmortales Descarrriados Pero Ni Siquiera Encerr Ndose En Ese Lugar Remoto Podr Nasty Huir De Su Destino O Del Amor

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  • Immortal Beloved
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  • 09 November 2019

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    Reviewed by Rabid ReadsHave you ever discovered a new book, by a new author, and absolutely LOVED it, so you go out and immediately buy the next book the author writes, and it s not quite as good as the first one, but it s still pretty good, so the next time a new book is released by that same author, again, you go out and buy it immediately, only this time it s not very good at all, and you start to think maybe the author is a one hit wonder that s a REALLY long, yet mostly grammatically correct, sentence.That s also really NOT what happened here In fact, it was pretty much the reverse.I discovered Tiernan s SWEEP series probably 10 years and inhaled it all 15 installments It was okay, but the most I can say about it is that it was entertaining Then I found her BALEFIRE series, which was thankfully much shorter only 4 installments and it blew SWEEP out the water.So when I stumbled across IMMORTAL BELOVED, I was like, Ooohhh that looks interesting And it was fantastic.Nastasya, Nasty to her friends, is an immortal No one is sure where the first immortal came from, but they can be found among every race and nationality As is usually the case, they are not truly immortal if you cut off their heads, burn their bodies, and scatter their ashes, they will not survive, but that s a rather specific set of circumstances, so I don t begrudge them their immortal status.They also have the ability to learn and use magic.If you know anything about Tiernan, then this is not a surprise Tiernan excels at writing all things witchy, and IMMORTAL BELOVED is no exception But Nasty avoids her magic, b c she learned at a very young age how dangerous it was for her to let others learn of her abilities.Why is it dangerous I think you know where I m going with this READ THE BOOK winks But Nastasya can no longer avoid her magic when she leaves the life she s been living in London, and the friends she s been living it with for the last hundred years, behind.This book is a very emotional story to read Nasty has money and beauty and immortality and a collection of friends who have all of those things as well, and they re pretty damn awful to tell the truth Nasty leaves without a word after Incy, her best friend, uses magic to break the back of a rude cabbie b c he can B c he was angry that the cabbie dared to call them out for their juvenile behavior So he broke the poor man s back left him in a puddle on the street beside his cab used magic again to prevent the man from calling out for help and then went clubbing.YEP Incy s kind of a bastard.And while Nasty is shocked and horrified by Incy s behavior she had no idea he could use magic that way she allows herself to be steered towards the bar that the rest of her crew are headed for, starts drinking, and does not one thing to help the man.The next day, she wakes up hungover and completely disgusted with herself, and decides that something has to change She has no idea how she became the person she currently is, but she s terrified of what it might mean for the rest of her very long life.So she runs to the states.She d met a women about 80 years ago, you see, who told her simply to come if she decided she wanted out of life.So she does.From there she enters a kind of rehab for immortals It s hard and it hurts, but Nastasya has reached a place where no matter how bad it is with River and the other immortals at the retreat, she can t stand the thought of being anywhere else either so she stays.This book would be an excellent story even without the paranormal elements Nasty doesn t need to be an immortal or capable of magic for her story to draw you in, make you feel her agony and despair and determination to change, be better, be MORE But she is and that only makes things interesting .And then there s Reyn the Viking GOD Well, okay fine, he s not really a god, but he s several inches over six feet of blond Viking warrior, and that s good enough for me.And they HATE each other It s fantastic Nastasya and Reyn achieve the kind of slow burn combustibility that s only possible when legitimate dislike is present, and it s HOT.So the characters are awesome And despite what I said earlier about no one really knowing where immortals came from, the world building in this series is VERY cool It s a mix of mythology and paganism, and I loved it AND b c even the youngest characters are as old or older than your grandparents, and no part of this story takes place on a high school campus, this is one of those YA novels that even readers 10 years out of high school can enjoy IMMORTAL BELOVED is an excellent first installment to this excellent trilogy I recommend it to anyone who likes witchy UF and hot Viking gods.

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    2016 Isn t it utterly marvelous, when a favorite aces the re reading experience with flying colors after almost five years 2011 I can t really comprehend that I am sitting here pressing determinedly the five star button in spite of the first chapters, which obviously have been patched together rather sloppily and almost caused me to switch books with one click on my Kindle, and in spite of the undeniable cliffy Yet here I am am doing precisely that and feeling completely comfortable with it.Really, at the beginning I had the fleeting, horrible impression my paranormal favorite Infinite Days would manage to catch up with me The cruel, excitement addicted, immortal heroine unable to feel for mere mortals and her gang of equally shiny, but worthless companions, who break a taxi driver s spine for fun I got very angry about repetitive sentences that should have been edited away and I moaned about unbelievable scenarios like an immortal girl hiding a burn mark from her best friend under a scarf for over a hundred years in spite of drunken and drugged party nights, shared hotel rooms and beach holidays, or like the same girl being shocked about said best friend s pleasure at causing someone deadly pain As if it would be possible to hide a personality this rotten for over a century from someone that close to you I held out and was rewarded with 180 degrees style improvement From the moment Natasya boarded the plane in order to leave her old life behind, the nasty crinkles smoothed out and the story enfolded beautifully in front of my eyes And Natasya Lilja magickally wormed herself into a cosy nook of my heart the one reserved for heroines, who are prickly and nasty and damaged on the outside, but hurt and helpless and lovable deep within Immortal Beloved could probably be described as a cross between Rachel s Holiday, Secrets of Truth and Beauty and maybe Succubus Blues It is the story of a girl whose long, long life has made her unable to feel attachment, unable to sleep without self medication , unable to decide for herself what she really wants It is a story of a girl at the point of no return A girl who turns herself in at a rehabilitation center for wayward immortals, because she vaguely remembers a woman inviting her 50 years ago to come and stay with her should she hit the bottom end of things and change her mind The rehab plot unexpectedly uncovered some very interesting strings of thought about the burdens of immortality, but also about a fulfilled life in general That might have easliy turned into something preachy soppy, but Natasya s own snarky, sceptical attitude and her ongoing inner monologue fueled by exaggeration lightens the mood and gives her stay at River s Edge a pretty hilarious note I was really relieved not to have to read about the hot hot hot love interest without reprieve He is of the in my opinion hot sort and I began to look forward to Natasya s encounters with him nothing like enemies falling for each other hard, isn t there , but I was glad that the romance was not taking over the already interesting story as soon as the potential supernatural heartbreaker made his first entrance.I have to say, I not only guessed the connection between Natasya and Reyn, I really knew when she implied that his face looked familiar But at that point I did not mind any I was too much enamoured already to care So Same as with Die for Me for instance, falling in love with this book has been an entirely individual process that cannot be easily explained by check marking off its shining points Thus it makes recommending it to all my friends a tricky thing I won t do it to be on the safe side I certainly do not want to be lynched But realize that maybe you are missing out on something rather satisfying and heart cuddling I, for my part, crave to read the sequel now But I, too, know what a sequel can do to a lovely story exasperated sigh.

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    Immortal Beloved IB 01 by Cate Tiernan 2 Captain Obvious Stars I m here because I can t bear to be not here any I m here because I can t tell right from wrong, light from dark I m here because I can t stand being me NastasyaIn the 1960s, her name was Hope In the 1920s, Christiane In the 1500s, Sunna Before that, another name A name she never thinks of A name she s running from, but can t And she s tired Tired of being cynical Tired of being lonely Tired of being numb Like what I asked.She shook her head, her brown eyes sad You can have so much , be so much Nastasya River In the 16th century, she was a farmer and a servant In the 17th Century, she survived the great plague She saw French royalty beheaded Lost a husband in the Anglo Indian Wars Sipped champagne while dancing The Charleston And turned on, tuned in, and dropped out with the Hollywood elite By the 21st century, she d been everywhere Done everything Invented the frigging T shirt She doesn t know what there could possibly be But she wants to find out I want to be myself I want my power back I want to be my mother s daughter, my father s heir My voice choked up.A new light flared in River s eyes Yes I want that for you Nastasya RiverFor 450 years, she s been running, now it s time to stop It s time to confront her past Face her fears Discover what she is Who she is And who she s destined to become Being good is something we choose every day, throughout the day, for the rest of our life A day is made of a thousand decisions, most small, some huge With each decision, you can work toward light or sink toward darkness The point of life isn t to be good all the time It s to be as good as you can No one s perfect No one does it right all the time That s not what life is AsherSome writers subtly weave life lessons into their text so it feels organic to the story Tales such as these are often an adventure, as messages aren t easily identifiable, and different readers interpret the same story in different ways Cate Tiernan is not a subtle writer Hence, the life lessons imparted in Immortal Beloved are blatantly obvious So be forewarned if you re not a fan of In Your Face moralizing, you may want to avoid this series.For a detailed critique of this book, check out Mara s review Click Me Baby Links to my reviews of books 2 3 Darkness Falls IB 2 Click Me Again Eternally Yours IB 3 Click Again you know you want to For information about my rating system, see my profile page.

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    This was a fun book that got me through a really rough weekend when nothing else was working So I guess that means it was worth every moment spent reading it And while it wasn t an instant favorite nor a must read type of rec, I do think there was a lot that kept me addicted enough to want to immediately read book two I hear book three is the best one, so I guess I ll see.There were a couple things that bothered me, but I am hoping they are ironed out as we move along in the series For now, though, I will think fondly of Reyn and look forward to seeing him again soon P For of my reviews, please visit

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    So I took a Mary Sue test for this book and it included questions such as 14 Does your character have a scar or other small flaw that is noticed by someone, but does not actually detract from your character s appearance from your point of view Check.42 Does your character always have money to spend on frivolities or whatever she really wants or needs at the time For no apparent reason EG, your character never works or gives any clue to any source of income Check.52 Your character alone uses a weapon that a.Is famous or legendary before the character acquires it b.Was given by some kind of spirit magical being c.Is magical Check 75 Is your character some kind of chosen one and or a major part of a prophecy Check.78 On the subject of your character and her family a.Was your character orphaned, abandoned, kicked out, or at least raised by a family person that was not her own family Check.b.Was a major villain responsible for the death of the parents or guardians Check.c.Was your character responsible for the death of her parents guardians d.Did your character witnessed the death of the parents guardians Check.e.Was she adopted by a cruel family or person f.Ran away at any point Check.g.Raised herself Check.h.Lived in the streets Check.i.The very last or only survivor of anything Check.j.Adopted by another species racial group And there are so many questions I ll just skip them and go straight to the result 36 Fanfiction authors, you might just want to start over Role players and original fiction authors, at this point your characters are likely to provoke eye rolling and exclaimations of yeah, right from your readers Well, at least from me Immediate workover is probably in order Haha Awesome I wonder if Cate Tierman knows about that test.Also I hated the writing First there are the random OMG , WTF , ha ha ha , whatever , I mean, I m telling it like it is, people yeah, that s directed to you, reader and you know , the book is weirdly written and suspiciously drafty There s a sentence at the beginning she says something like Maybe it was in the 70 s Or was it in the sixties Which one is it 1970 s and 1960 s or seventies and sixties Characterization Reyn is a joke, he s Dimitri Belikov s twin brother, only with even less personnality And believe me, I did not think this was possible Are we supposed to swoon The description are terrible.And I kept thinking that there was going to be a twist at the end because view spoiler really, Nell is the culprit Come the fuck on hide spoiler

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    Final rating 4.75 5 starsFinal rating for the whole series 4.75 5 starsThis was so cool I like it that this book is about immortal meeting immortal, and as it seems, falling in love with immortal, and making awkward situations with immortal, instead of immortal falling in love with human I have seen that story way too many times This is something new And i like it D I was getting tired of the overused paranormal human And there is actually very little of romance between the characters, which i also liked Oh and it is also mature ya , which is awesome 3 And i loved the writing, because i dont like this style where there is only one POV, and from female s perspective, but this was nice and very good D Being good is something that one must choose over and over again, every day, throughout the day, for the rest of one s life, Asher said A day is made of a thousand decisions, most small, some huge With each decision, you have the chance to work toward light or sink toward darkness ____________________________________________ Story ____________________________________________The story itself was interesting as well Its about immortals, their lives, and powers Magick powers xD why not magic..Anyway, as it seems, all immortals are born as Dark Ter v , and they can gradually become Light again T hti MC called Nastasya, Dark immortal, is trying to escape her group when their evil passed the limits she could bear And escaping, she found that she had done some things that she wasn t exactly proud of She then remembers an immortal called River who said that Nasty is welcome to come to her place In River s Edge, she learns how to appreciate life, nature, everything around her that by caring about herself, she will care about the others as well Nasty then tries to live her life in whole different way that she was used to But going Light doesn t mean staying Light forever, there will always be situations where she they could revert to Dark in matter of seconds None of us here just decided one day to embrace good, or light, and leave darkness behind forever, Asher said patiently It s not a decision you make once Being Ter v is how we re born, but not how we have to stay Being T hti can be achieved, but once it s achieved, it s easily lost again But story itself is kinda slow, without action, so there is no fights between the immortals or using their powers This is of the type with how immortals choose to live their looooong lives, although there is always way to die beheading Also, the part that was in the synopsis about someone trying to kill her, happens around 70% of the bookSo yeah.xDBut, the story hides something interesting, and that was interesting Some parts of it will probably be important in the next books though.____________________________________________ Characters ____________________________________________This is also one of the rare books where i actually support the heroine way to much, and i am basically in love with her Nastasya is ideal type of heroines i love and those are rare There are also a lot of characters, 13 in River s edge the 4 teachers River, Solis, Asher who was River s partner , and Anne, and students Daisuke, Reyn, Nell, Rachel, Charles, Brynne, Lorenz Jess And in her previous group Stratton, Innocencio, Cicely, Boz Katy Like i said, many characters D And the others Old MacIntyre, his daughter Meriwether, Dray short for Andrea aka goth girl and soooooooooo on xD Nastasya She is very interesting type, and i could just connect with her She is in other words, awesome She had some awkward situations and i found her cute as well She is not self centered or too confident She knows her limitations, and she knows to differ right from wrong I liked her and she never once betrayed my expectations.I like that she is being honest to herself and that she admits that she is in love with Reyn Some scenes between the two were very funny, like You re you re really not that good looking, I finally snapped His eyes opened slightly he had probably expected a comeback of somewhat higher quality Your nose is too pointy I was mortified to see my chest heave as I sucked in breath Your lips are too thin, you re too tall, and your hair is really brownish, not gold Your eyes are small and squinty Now he was looking at me as if he d never seen someone having a psychotic break before and found it fascinating.I flung down my dish towel, humiliated to be doing something so clich d Plus, I hissed, you re such an asshole And she still thinks he is hot xD Buuuuuuuuut.there were some things that still shocked me.Other than that, she has lived for 459 years, but being in bad company made her closed to others, shy, and not so revealing type Once she witnessed what her own best friend was capable off, including breaking the taxi driver s spine for amusement, shocked her to the core She run away soon after that, trying to understand why she followed her friends to party instead of helping poor man She felt guilt and she wanted redemption, she understood that she needed change.As for her life, previous one, i didn t quite expect anything, but i got something interesting.Especially the part with concerning someone Reyn was all doom and gloom and i do not want you here type He was way to withdrawn, quiet and guarded He also keeps his emotions under tight control But the revelation about him and his past was something quite interesting Where i was like His relationship with Nasty though, was something quite else It is not rushed, they didn t even interact so much between themselves Oh and how i laughed about the ways Nasty called him Viking, Viking god, Odin, and things like that Others I liked Dray, the gothic girl, and i liked River, the wise leader of all On the other hand, that Incy guy has much issues xD Or he is just obsessed with Nasty way to much As for Nell.i think the next img shows enough of what i think about her ____________________________________________ Overall ____________________________________________Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun book DWell, not much of a LOL type, but it was highly entertaining read.My body is ready for second one D____________________________________________ ____________________________________________ REVIEW S RELATED TO THIS BOOK Immortal Beloved Immortal Beloved, 1 Darkness Falls Immortal Beloved, 2 Eternally Yours Immortal Beloved, 3

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    Weirdly, unexpectedly, I was sort of amazed by this I d heard of Cate Tiernan but never read anything by her I d had friends that pushed this on me especially one who shall remain Allison nameless It has a grandiose, somewhat silly title that I can t help but like because it reminds me of Gary Oldman and Beethoven But somehow I still just wasn t expecting much from it Maybe it was the idea of an eternal club kid that just made me turn up my nose and say, Um, no But for all of the good I ve heard about Cate Tiernan, I went into this with my expectations low And the b itch proved me wrong.I friggin loved it.There were so many times it could have gone wrong even should have gone wrong So many pet peeves and really bad tropes that had the potential to just kill it dead And yet, Cate Tiernan not only made those pet peevish things work, she made me like them She made me say, yeah, ok I m with you 460 year old club kid Sure Protag who is powerful and special and gosh darn incredible without realizing it Okay.Melodrama, crazy instant attraction, and a healthy dose of angst Bring it.Viking alpha male almost rapeyness Why the eff not I don t understand it If you had mentioned even one of those things, I probably would have quirked an eyebrow and said Pass I would never have conceded to the possibility that I might end up liking any one of them But I did Like, a lot Cate Tiernan, you re a crafty one I understand why you write about witches, because clearly you are one.I have to say, I love when someone proves me wrong I love when someone takes something that I think is never going to work, and then makes it work In less skillful hands, so much of this could have been very bad In less skillful hands, this book could have ended by being tossed against a wall, and this review could have been a rant But I wasn t irritated I didn t hate everything I didn t hate anything I feel vaguely warm and fuzzy It s than a little unsettling.I could tell you all of the reasons that it worked, or all of the things I really liked, like how it was a great set up for the series and had interesting world building Or how I really liked Nas and wanted to know about her, and Reyn, and River and Incy, and all the rest I could tell you about how the flashbacks kept me intrigued and flowed well, rather than feeling abrupt and foreshadowy and pissing me off I could tell you about how it handles the concept of immortality better than just about any vampire immortal paranormal YA out there, or how it has this almost epic feel to it.I could tell you all of those things, but what would be the point All I really want to tell you is to pick this one up and give it a chance, and let you find those things out for yourself.Immortal Beloved was a strong start to a promising series really really really readable and engaging, and I definitely get the appeal of Cate Tiernan now I love when something thwarts my inner bitch and robs me of a good rant.I like you Cate Tiernan I ve got my eye on you Other shiny editions Did anyone else just hearTim Gunn in their head

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    Let me start off by saying that I loved Cate Tiernan s Sweep series I must have read them than a dozen times Okay, I loved them all except for the last book where the main character gets old Afraid of my mortality Who me No, of course not But anyway, point is, I like Cate Tiernan s writing I like her characterizations and, most of all, I like her plotting Suffice it to say that she s mostly brilliant in my opinion So when I found out that there was a new book coming out by her, I was excited Because, hello, awesome books will make for awesome reading Okay, potentially awesome I didn t get to read it until some months after it was released but before that I read some reviews and they were mostly of the mixed variety I was not really perturbed Reading is so subjective But I finally did read it and let me say this It was awesome.I love, love, love flawed characters I know they walk a thin line where they can easily become unlikeable but I felt Tiernan created Nastasya with just the right mix of spunk and irreverence What she has been through, what she has experienced and seen does justify her attitudes And she is irreverent, even caustic at times, very bratty but the reader senses early on that this attitude is a front she has nailed into place so that she is not vulnerable to the world and it s many ways of hurting her Is she annoying I certainly didn t think so Her voice is fresh and compelling and her unwilling acceptance of her own imperfections are paired with just the right amount of disgruntlement that you can t help but be won over.Tiernan has proved herself a master of weaving mythology through her narrative flawlessly As she did with the Sweep series, she does so again with Immortal Beloved The immortals are becoming a popular trope in both adult and YA paranormal novels and, like every other thing that is regurgitated endlessly, there is a potential for this theme to be overused However, I like how Tiernan does not gloss over the negative side of what it means to live forever She doesn t romanticize the whole issue either I won t go so far as to say that it was wholly realistic, it is a YA paranormal novel after all, but I will say that it was tinged with a lot realism than many books dealing with the same things Nastasya has been married, she has been a mother, a widow she has had multiple lifetimes and these things are bound to change a person s perceptions of the world I am not sure you can even call her a YA heroine However, she does retain a sharp wit, an understanding of her own self and that vulnerability that is so reminiscent of the teenage years.On to the love interest Reyn There is no, he is perfect, I want to knit him woolly scarves kind of vibe here There s attraction, of course Lots and lots of attraction The kind that will have you fanning yourself or choking back a laugh at one of Nastasya s wry remarks But the attraction is tempered by many other issues which are remain important despite being historical I like Reyn Nastasya likes well, I wouldn t say she likes him but she does uh like him Yes Anyway, he is an intriguing love interest.Other characters Nastasya s friends remain interesting though largely absent in the story I am sort of glad about that because they seem like people beings I wouldn t want to have contact with Obviously Nastasya is going to need to confront them, perhaps in the next book but until then, they remain psychotic Other characters at the rehab station that Nastasya ends up at are interesting They are shadowy though and ambiguous but since the story is told in first person, I am not too concerned about it Nastasya s voice is loud enough.Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this book I loved the idea of a rehab for immortal beings, being brought back to nature, trying to find value in time again when they have so much of it I like Nastasya s prickly composition and Reyn s dense stoic self The mythology is well constructed and the setting is detailed I think you should give this book a chance if you haven t done so already If nothing else, you ll enjoy a laugh or two or many I know I can t wait for the next one in the trilogy.

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    I absolutely love this book It surprised me because I ve read some of Cate Tiernan s Sweep series and, while I enjoyed those, they never in a million years would have led me to believe Teirnan was capable of the kind of writing I encountered in Immortal Beloved The characters are believable, beautifully flawed, and interesting The dialog is simple and realistic The romance alternates between sweet, confusing, terrifying, and heart wrenching At first glance it may appear that the protagonist is awfully immature for someone who s been around for over 400 years, but that s kind of the point Tiernan s making Nastasya IS immature And she s immature because she s spent 459 years avoiding her traumatizing past and refusing to grow up This book combines a little romance with the supernatural world of Immortals, but it s mostly about Nastasya s struggle to find herself, and that journey isn t an easy one for her I loved her as a character She s strong and funny, but there is an underlying fragility that keeps her from coming off as uber bitchy The love interest, Reyn, is not your typical supernatural YA hunk, either He s a villain who s reformed, sure, but he s not wallowing around in self pity or trying to come off as a bad ass While he seems genuinely contrite regarding his past behaviors, he knows he can neither justify them nor will them away No projections or illusions with Reyn and that makes for a thoroughly enjoyable character.There s a small bit of mystery interlaced as we travel with Nastasya through her memories and slowly uncover who she is and where she came from and the mysterious tie that she and Reyn share There s also rivalry in the form of a younger immortal who is vying for Reyn s attention Not to mention some rather unsavory friends of Nastasya s who are out looking for her when she doesn t want to be found I found this book altogether enjoyable and completely worthy of a second, third, and maybe fourth read The only complaint I have is that I have to wait until September for the next in the series.

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    I LOVE this story I LOVE it so much, I stopped reading it I will control myself and wait for the other two books in the trilogy to come out so that I won t sit around bemoaning the wait I am so into this story, so into the guy, that I just need to back off This is the type of teen book that easily satifies an adult reader These charactars are less immortal teenagers than immortal beings that happen to look like teens, but don t necessarily act like them The charactar s navigation of the timeless issues of loss, redemption and the difficulty of making moral choices daily is riveting The existential angst is what I find intriguing it adds depth to the tension, caused by the suspense of the overt mystery that carries the books events which any adult reader of paranormal fic will easily unravel And no vampires were used in the making of this book BTW IB reminds me a bit of Sarah Rees Brennan trilogy the Demon s Lexicon, Covenant two other books by an Irish writer that I wish I d waited for the trilogy to be completed before I started reading Ms Tiernan is a much better writer, or rather her experience and mastery of the form is evident in her prose.

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