An Actors Life - A Short Story

An Actors Life - A Short Story Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found HereIt Is Oscar Night And Hollywood Holds Its Breath To See If Sir Michael Brookes Not Only Wins The Best Actor But Also The Best Supporting Actor Award, Which Would Take His Tally Of Academy Award Wins To An Unprecedented Sixanwhile His Biggest Fan And Fellow Actor Terry Sparkes Watches The Ceremony Alone In His Dingy London Flat Unaware That This Evening Will Change His Life Foreverbut Have Terry S And Sir Michael S Paths Crossed Before A Short Story Of Approximately , Words

Winner of the 2013 and 2014 Reader s Favorite International Book Award and Gold Medalist.Award Winning Writer, Duncan Whitehead, was born in England and is the author of the best selling and award winning GORDONSTON LADIES DOG WALKING CLUB Trilogy The series, inspired by the quirky characters and eeriness in the real life Savannah neighborhood in which he once lived is a humorous mystery, which b

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  • An Actors Life - A Short Story
  • Duncan Whitehead
  • English
  • 15 February 2017

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    This is the story of Terry Sparkes A failed actor, he is reduced to catching glimpses of his hero, Sir Michael Brookes on TV Tonight he is watching him at the Oscars, hoping he will win the double of best supporting actor, and best actorRight off the bat I will admit I find short stories really hard to review, its so difficult to give a quick synopsis without giving away the entire story That being said, on with the review This was a lovely quirky little tale It made a passing nod to Duncan s full length novel, The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club , which I have also read and enjoyed This story had the same offbeat, slightly flawed characters, and the same vein of dark humour running through it I would recommend this as an excellent introduction to Duncan s work A nice, light easy read over a cup of coffee.

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    This short story is or less about everyone s life on this planet, as it reviews some common existential problems of a modern day person, who wants to achieve something big, to become somebody and enjoy the cheers of others Apparently, the protagonist, has got a certain talent, but somehow does not quite manage to develop his full potential or possibly he is never in the right time, in the right place, and never makes the right choices Whether the latter is accidental, we should judge for ourselves somehow The reasons behind this sad storyline are presented in a rather humorous and amusing way.The plot is very natural, though with sufficient unexpected twists and surprises, together with a pinch of black irony The style is really superb and enjoyable Characters are quite realistic and oftentimes, allegedly, refer to real life celebrities and events, without actually incurring any insult or overdone parody.In essence, the moral of this narrative is nicely interwoven into the plot, so that the reader could arrive at it without any additional push The author definitely implies some interconnectedness between humans, their talents, relationships, value systems and sacrifices on the way to success The key word here is perhaps success, but at what cost Are we prepared to bear the cost indeed Whatever the cost On the other hand, what are our priorities family, career, friendship, success, fame Could we always find the right balance between all those goals In a way, it is a soul searching exercise, both from a Shakespearean perspective and a 21st century viewpoint Nevertheless, one thing is for sure, whoever is not afraid of being sincere with themselves and wants to be a better person or successful professional in the long run, should read this great literary work.

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    How many of us have crossed paths with the rich and famous I can honestly say I have been fortunate enough to cross paths with several rich and very famous people I can also honestly say I have God to thank for granting me my wishes and blessing me so many ways.In this short story Terry Sparkes is quite the actor I also think the author, Duncan Whitehead is quite a talented writer in that he was witty enough to mention his other novel The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club in this one In an Actor s Life A Short Story the main character is an amateur, but he is smart enough to follow a successful actor in Hollywood Not only is Sir Michael Brooks a renown actor he is also the richest Little does Terry know his life is about to change forever Riches and Fame How many of us wish for this, but so often never reach our goal maybe it s because we quit trying and just give up on our dreams I believe it is the irony to a lot of people in a lot of situations But that doesn t mean we cannot be happy with what we achieve in our lifetime.I hope this author wins an Oscar for his performance He has my vote and so does this short story that is witty and very well crafted.Jeannie Walker Award Winning Author Fighting the Devil A True Story of Consuming Passion, Deadly Poison, and MurderFighting the Devil A True Story of Consuming Passion, Deadly Poison, and Murder

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    I loved this This was one of those stories where you should be able to kind of see what is coming at the end, but somehow you don t until you actually get there As one can expect from this author, the characters are quirky and the story is well written and intelligent.You can t help but feel a bit sorry for the main character until he commits the ultimate social no no to another actor and it backfires in his face He is one of those characters that you know you shouldn t like, but you just can t help it.This ties into the book by the same author brilliantly If you have not read Mr Whitehead s work yet, you might want to give this a try I loved it, and I love the Gordonston ladies dog walking club as well This is short, entertaining and will make you laugh I recommend it.

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    This is a tight little story with a terrific twist at the end that s worthy of an episode from The Twilight Zone It tells of a moderately successful actor who recalls his whole career while preparing to watch the Oscars on TV The author writes very well, including seamless teasers for his novel, The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club In this story, that book has already been made into an Oscar caliber film It s a clever device by a writer worth paying attention to And since this short story is free, it s a nice way to sample this author s estimable goods before you plunk down cash for his longer work Well done, Duncan Highly recommended.

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    The American Oscars are on TV and the unknown English actor is hoping a rather famous English actor will garner an award There s a nice touch of name dropping and name twisted in this short, neat tale, together with an all too plausible storyline of drama and soap.Oscar glamor contrasts brightly with an old has been watching pay per view in the small hours of an English morning, a contrast that carries through to plausible hopes and lost dreams, and then to the story of that failed actor s life But success and failure are closer together than they seem The old man, for all his losses, has achieved most of his dreams, and just one remains.There s a sting in this tale that makes it well worth the read And references to the author s longer novel fictionally turned into a movie blend perfectly into the mix of real and imagined Oscar delights A short tale filled with contrasts, sad and funny, sweet and sour, all perfectly combined.Disclosure I ve not read the novel, but I certainly enjoyed this free short story.

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    Written with the same style and offbeat darker sense of humor, Whitehead has crafted a short story of intersecting lives two actors, one famous one not so While Terry Sparkes is anxiously awaiting his own private Oscar viewing, the fickle hand of fate is highlighted in the contrast of the two careers Duncan Whitehead has managed to cleverly integrate his full length mystery, The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club in the Oscar story, and utilizes his humor and skill to craft a story that is the perfect accompaniment to savor with a cup of tea A quick and clever short story that gives a nice feel for the author s style, and should encourage you to read of his quirky characterizations that can be found in his novel I received an eBook copy from the author for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions were my own responsibility.

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    This short story is cleverly tied to the author s novel The Gordonston ladies dog walking club The focus is towards Oscar night and one of the nominees for best actor in his role as one of the characters in a film adapted from the phenomenally successful novel you guessed it, The Gordonston ladies dog walking club The story is carried by Terry Sparkes, a has been actor who admires and envies the nominated Sir Michael Brookes Unbeknownst to him he s the person instrumental in Brookes becoming the top actor he is today.The story is terrifically told with the crescendo towards the denouement steadily building.Well worth reading and not dependent on having read the novel, although it may well spur you to do so.

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    Although this short story isn t an edge of your seat mystery or crime drama, I really enjoyed the irony.The cleverly inserted references to the author s novel, are brilliant I now hope to read The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club very soon.With my being an author who has written and published a short story, I know just how hard it is to write one.I highly recommend this dark little tale.Rebecca Scarberry Scarberryfields on Twitter

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    normal story where u can see the ending much earlier.

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