An Unsafe Pair of Hands

An Unsafe Pair of Hands I Gave Up Sleep So That I Could Read To The Surprising And Satisfying Ending I Laughed Out Loud In Public In Response To The Quirky Plot Twists An Unsafe Pair Of Hands By Chris Dolley Is A Masterful Addition To The British Mystery Genre Barth Siemens Peter Shand Is The Safe Pair Of Hands A High Flying Police Administrator Seconded To A Quiet Rural CID Team To Gain The Operational Experience He Needs For Promotion On His Second Day He S Thrust Into A High Profile Murder Case A Woman S Body Is Discovered In An Old Stone Circle With Another Woman Buried Alive Beneath Her The Pressure On Shand Is Enormous The Media Is Clamoring For Answers, But Everything About The Case Is Baffling Then A Local Journalist Singles Out Shand As The Reason For The Lack Of Progress, And Goads Him At A Press Conference Shand Responds By Inventing A Lead, And Keeps On Lying To The Press, His Boss, His Team Telling Himself That He Ll Solve The Case Before Anyone Finds Out And Then Another Murder Occurs And Had There Been A Third Shand Begins To Doubt His Ability He S Desperate, Increasingly Unpredictable, Pursued By An Amorous Psychic, And Somehow Gaining A Reputation For Arresting Livestock Which Will Break First The Case, Or Shand Chris Dolley Is A New York Times Bestselling Author REVIEWS This Mystery Is So Much Fun The Humor Is Delightful And The Plot Is Complex Enough To Keep You Turning Pages To The End This Is By Far One Of The Best Summer Reads Of Jensview One Of The Best I Ve Read In Years Laura Belgrave I Loved This Book Bookworm This Is A Very Good Read You Will Want To Be Sure To Have A Day Off Or A Quiet Weekend Ahead Of You, Because This Book Is Very Hard To Put Down Once You Get Started Reading It Kathleen Kempa I Literally Struggled To Put The Book Down, Only Doing So Hours After I Should Have Been Asleep Aeries

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    British author Chris Dolley s novel, what I would describe as a police procedural, is one of the best I ve read in years Not only does he launch his story with a wonderfully imaginative and unexpected murder twist, but he s created a main character who would seem almost the least fitting to solve the crime It isn t that the protagonist, Detective Chief Inspector Peter Shand, doesn t have experience It s just that his experience until now has been as an administrator For him, the pressure is on Toward the very end, I wondered about one particular character who, in my mind, MIGHT have been a suspect Turned out I was right, but I m not about to tell anyone that and spoil the journey Just know this It s guaranteed that if you read the first chapter alone, you will NOT easily put this book down.

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    I positively howled with laughter when Shand was telling Wiggins about Satan The whole book possessed a superb flavour of whimsy but I couldn t contain myself by this point, even though I d been chuckling and chortling at bits before, that was the breaking point when I literally put the book down and found myself roaring A book hasn t done that to me for some considerable time Shand is just top notch, and I can honestly say that this is such a different milieu to either Shift or Resonance that I can t wait to read the rest of Dolley s work to see just what I ve been missing out on.

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    Peter Shand has a reputation as a careful, competent, and informed detective a safe pair of hands In order to fast track his career, he has accepted a safe, one year post as a DCI in the quietest, most crime free corner of the country But his first case is anything but quiet And DCI Shand is shocked at the risky actions that he will entertain to solve the case and save his career I gave up sleep so that I could read to the surprising and satisfying ending I laughed out loud in public in response to the quirky plot twists An Unsafe Pair of Hands by Chris Dolley is a masterful addition to the British mystery genre I look forward to reading by this author.

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    This book was a pleasant surprise for a 2 bargain that I brought through BookBub The detective s comical brushes with press disasters were actually very credible I look forward to read from him

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    murder mystery, police proceduralContemporary novel which takes place in a small village three hours outside of London The chief investigator Peter Shand recently arrived from a desk job in London for a years contract, which would look good on his resume, and hopefully put him on the fast track to promotion This was the plan, anyway Then murders, missing persons, feuds between locals and newcomers, psychics, and tabloid journalists kept getting in his way.This has lots of leads, many of them false, interesting characters, and so much wit Peter has an inner dialogue that is hilarious I found it a little slow in the beginning, and was left wanting to know about Peter and his problematic marraige I would certainly read a followup book.

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    I enjoyed this book I like the characters I found them engaging The plot line was interesting and a bit different The only thing that let it down for me was that the author didn t quite pull of the supernatural elements he had tried to add What I mean is although the characters were led to believe dark force were at work what with the stone circles etc I felt the author need to work a bit hard at writing a tighter plot line.

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    A real puzzler Great mystery This one will stump the most astute puzzle solver I recommend this book very highly A must read

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    Interesting plot and characters Protagonist potentially likeable but needs to lose at least half of his irritating traits Pace often painfully slow.

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    Very good plot with some lovely touches including the psychic medium A few laughs along the way I felt that the policeman with the tortured personal relationship was derivative and unnecessary.

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    DCI Peter Shand was transferred from his area of expertise as a desk pilot at London headquarters where he had been capably administrating and training personnel for fifteen years His boss assured him that it was essential to garner some field experience for promotion eligibility and promised that he would find him a billet in the most crime free corner of the country saying one year as a DCI in the sticks and you ll be back on the fast track Chief constable within ten years Now, his second day on the new job and he is dispatched to investigate his very first homicide It is a doozie Field work is much different from the relaxed atmosphere typical of the training environment where he excelled On the case, public outcry, hounding newsmen, political considerations added pressure he had never had to deal with in the past Shand found himself riddled with self doubt and fear of failure, something that he hadn t experienced since his rookie days He finds himself jumping between leads and forming progressively unlikely suppositions Every new lead has him changing priorities and straining the confidence of his team Shand struggled through his self doubts and conflicting leads, trusting his team to separate the wheat from the chaff This is a compelling mystery that will keep the reader guessing along with DCI Shand I rushed through it in one fast read becoming just as confused as Shand Thankfully, the story resolved in a satisfactory conclusion The twists along the way and deliberate confounding of clues contributed to the enjoyment of this story I recommend it as an entry into the procedural aspect of English criminal investigation The description of Village Life with gardens, manors, hedges, pubs and the characters that populated the story was well worth the visit Treat yourselves to a trip away from home

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