Angel of Darkness

Angel of Darkness The Days Of Your Innocence Are Long GoneShe Didn T Get Very Far Before A Powerful Hand Closed Over One Slim Shoulder And Yanked Her Back He Spun Her Round With Frightening StrengthLook At Me He Demanded With Inborn Arrogance, Glittering Dark Eyes Scanning Her Pale, Distraught Face Your Freedom Is Gone And Not Only For Now, Cara It S Gone For As For As Long As I Want I Will Keep You And I Will Clothe You And You Will Not Make A Single Move That You Haven T Cleared With Me First Your Are Mine And You Had Better Adjusting To That Idea Fast I Am Not The Most Patient Of Men

See this thread for information. Lynne Graham was born on July 30, 1956 of Irish Scottish parentage She has livedin Northern Ireland all her life She grew up in a seaside village with herbrother She learnt to read at the age of 3, and haven t stopped since then.Lynne first met her husband when she was 14 At 15, she wrote her firstbook, but it was rejected everywhere Lynne married after she completed adegree at Edinburgh University She started writing again when she was athome with her first child It took several attempts before she sold herfirst book in 1987 and the delight of seeing that first book for sale in thelocal newsagents has never been forgotten Now, there are over 10 million ofher books in print worldwide.Lynne always wanted a large family and has five children Her eldest and heronly natural child is 19 and currently at university Her other fourchildren, who are every bit as dear to her heart, are adopted She has two9 year olds adopted from Sri Lanka and a 5 and a 3 year old adopted fromGuatemala In Lynne s home, there is a rich and diverse cultural mix, whichadds a whole extra dimension of interest and discovery to family life Thefamily lives in a country house surrounded by a woodland garden, which iswonderfully private The family has two pets Thomas, a very large andaffectionate black cat, bosses the dog and hunts rabbits The dog is Daisy,an adorable but not very bright white West Highland terrier, who loves beingchased by the cat At night, dog and cat sleep together in front of thekitchen stove Lynne loves gardening, cooking, collects everything from oldtoys to rock specimens and is crazy about every aspect of Christmas.

[Read] ➪ Angel of Darkness  By Lynne Graham –
  • Paperback
  • 218 pages
  • Angel of Darkness
  • Lynne Graham
  • English
  • 05 June 2018
  • 9780263841046

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    It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion Things seemed promising at first The book started out very well, so much so that I was hooked right off the bat But then at some point, I got a feeling that the story was going to go south Even so, I just couldn t help but continue reading in the hope that things would get better rather than worse Unfortunately, that didn t happen The book ended up being disappointing than entertaining eventually.The hero was the heroine s step brother He secretly loved and wanted her for a long time, but because of some misunderstanding, they parted ways and never looked back Anyway, their paths crossed again when their parents decided to get back together And this is where the drama began I don t get why they just couldn t be honest and upfront about their feelings for each other, instead of trying to confuse one another or create doubts by pretending not to care It was such a shame that all their years wasted by absurd miscommunication and a lack of clarity Duh Drama, drama, drama The plot lacked in originality and was predictable in ways than one The story was full of misunderstandings and lies Two main characters bugged me quite a lot throughout the entire story The heroine is a kind of woman I dislike indecisive, weak, hard headed, and irrational The hero was a jerk He had always assumed the worst of her When she told him the truth, he thought she lied to him When she told him she was almost raped, he laughed in her face and told her that she was such a bad liar Perhaps a whack, or maybe two, in the head would help this man see things straight and get some compassion and kindness into him Nevertheless, I have to say that it wasn t a totally bad read per se It s just that I wasn t convinced at all I somehow liked the couple s parents a lot Their characters were pretty true to life, and to be honest, they were the reason I added one star to my rating.This book certainly didn t live up to my expectations Subpar overall.

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    Re Angel of Darkness Lynne Graham s January 1995 HP Plus is full on old skool misogynistic, nematode slime slurper H pitted against a martyr, doormat h with the ultimate sewer sucking relatives, including a tarty tramp, gold digger mother all too eager to pimp her daughter out LG proves she can hang with the best of the old skool angstfest HP writers on her seventh HP outing, but be warned this is an OTT Trainwreck with an Avalanche wrapped up in a Typhoon of Angsty Drama and serious Captain Consults may be needed to get through it.The book opens with the h s mother telling her that she is remarrying the h s stepfather The h s own father died while supposedly working overseas and the mother remarried with what seemed like indecent haste to an Italian businessman four months later Since the h s mother had dumped the h and her brother on an older aunt for the duration, the h was unprepared for the lifestyle change and fiercely resented being abandoned again to the ministrations of her 21 yr old stepbrother at 13.The h s skank of a mother, who also cries at the drop of a hat and is a completely ineffectual twit except when she is moralizing, then takes off on an extended honeymoon with the new stepfather for a year.The H, who is the stepbrother, wastes no time in berating the h s mother as a gold digging tart As time goes on, the H and h are always brangling and the h soon suspects that the new stepfather is also cheating on her mother Like all LG h s, the h is devoted to her mother, even tho the woman is a completely useless parent unless there is pimping out to do When the h turns 18, she has a party with her friends The H has been exhibiting some very possessive and alarming behavior towards her since she blossomed into a beauty at 16 When the H comes upon the h literally being attacked and almost raped at her own party, he instantly accuses her of being a tart like her mother and refuses to accept any other explanation.Later that night, the h goes to try and explain to the H what happened, she goes into his room and he starts kissing her The h s Treacherous Body Syndrome explodes and then the H s father walks in on them He kicks the H out and the h s mother assumes the h was throwing herself at the H and got rejected and makes the h feel bad for destroying the H s and his father s relationship.The h gets a modeling career going and four months later, the h s mother divorces the stepfather The h supports her mother financially and five years go by The h gets set up by a married guy who uses her to create a scandal and hide his real adulterous relationships There is a huge to do over things and the h gets dropped from a big ad campaign and will have to sell her flat The mother announces that she is remarrying the stepfather and the h isn t too thrilled by the news, but she pretty much tells the mother she can do what she wants This brings her into proximity of the H again and while the h tries to ignore the nematode slime swiller, he is determined to get her into his bed.He threatens her and coerces her into a trip to Italy under the guise of a modelling job The h doesn t realize the H is behind the trip until she ends up at the H s villa There is tons of tart shaming, interspersed with the H trying to pay her off like a tarty tramp with emeralds and telling her she is too low class to marry, but she will make a great whore The H also laughs like it is the best joke ever when the H s tart shaming brings up the h s attack at 18 and she sincerely tries to tell the H what happened The h is trying to figure out how to leave, as the H has taken the h s passport, so the h tries to escape in the H s car He has her arrested for auto theft The H has her thrown in jail and after he finally drops the charges and gets her released, the big lurve club experience occurs Since the H refuses to acknowledge that the h was a virgin and continues to treat her like a high priced call girl, the h decides to quit beating her head against a brick wall She uses the H s tramp tart opinion of her to make quite sure that the H knows he was an average lurve club experience and she was chalking him up as a pump and dump, she isn t interested in another big event.The H is livid and to reinforce the picture, the h gets one of her male friends to pretend to be her live in boyfriend when the H forces the h to attend a dinner with their parents after they get back to London It was utterly disgusting that the H was quite willing to force the h to play happy families with their parents, while he continued to try and get her to be his personal call girl The H bought the h s apartment as a tart incentive to get back into her bed and the h makes sure he knows she is moving out and tells the H to stuff it.The h goes to New York for modeling jobs and then finds out she is preggers The parent s wedding is next, with the h s disgusting hypocrite of a useless sewer slurper mother going on about how the H will have to marry her after it becomes known that the H is the father The only decent thing the mother does in this book is give the h the cottage that the h paid for to begin with, so I am not counting it The stepfather is all ready to play shotgun marriage with the H and h, but then the H is making out with a socially suitable woman in the conservatory and the stepfather backs off There was a picture of the h and H together in Italy and the H s father knew the H was lusting after the h, so it wasn t hard to make the baby connection, tho the h insists the H isn t the father The h then completes the conversion to utter TSTL martyr and realizes that she is in love with the H as she goes back to her cottage to have a huge mopey moment Later that night, the H shows up in a towering rage He calls her nasty names and tells her he would rather she was dead than be pregnant with another man s child.He goes on and on about he is obsessed with her and she is another tramp tart like his mother, conveniently forgetting the lady buffet sampling he likes to parade around Since he swore in Italy that he would never marry the h, he decides to elaborate on that by telling the h that he will marry a socially correct and appropriate woman and then take a mistress on the side The H is so angry he manhandles the h around and she ends up passing out from illness and exhaustion When the H calls a doctor and he confirms the h really is pregnant, the H demands once again to know who the father is and the h refuses to tell him The H storms off and the h can finally get some peace and have private mopey moments.The h manages to get a job with her BFF s who open up a modeling agency and are getting married The male half of the duo is the guy the h used to get the H to leave her alone, five months later they run into the H while they are all out having a pre wedding night out and it looks like the woman the H is with is his new fiance We find out that someone has been sending the h hamper of food from Harrod s every week and the h believes it is her stepfather.The next day the h collapses from appendicitis right after her BFF s get married She goes to hospital and the h s mother has hysterics about this all being the H s fault The h is fine and the baby is okay too, but the H now knows he is the baby s father There is a TON of hypocritical family pressure for the h to marry the H, he whines about the h lying to him, but the h calls him on his own behavior and the H has to whine some The sewer swiller skank mother is all too eager to pimp the h out and berate her when she walks in on the H fondling and kissing the h The H figures out that the h was using her BFF as a shield and he tells the h they will marry for six months and then get a divorce The H gets all hurt when the h freely admits she lied to him and really did not care what he thought, since he never had anything nice to think about her anyways and she isn t stupid, so he can take his wedding proposal and lump it The H then lays all the blame on her for his behavior and finally admits that he figured out she was a unicorn groomer He claims he is trying to apologize, but really it was another sorry attempt to excuse his own behavior The H says he has changed, but really who cares at this point He is so sick and obsessed with a 16 year old that he deliberately set out to put her on ice for two years until he got around to seducing her Then when she really needs help, he tells her she is a tart After an insane amount of pressure on the h to marry the H, with the rest of the family convinced that it is all the h s fault for not wanting a cheating, disgusting, obsessed slime swiller, the h and H marry The h taunts him about having to settle for a wife from the low income area, instead of the pedigree he was shopping for and the H tells her she is insecure and wanders off.The H leaves on business and the h goes into labour, she has the baby in record time and the H gets all hurt and bent out of shape again because the h did not call him The h feels rejected when the H isn t even interested in her, only the baby and has another mopey moment.Seven weeks go by and the h and H are distant and then the h wants an annulment cause the marriage hasn t been consummated In another forced seduction that leads to Treacherous Body Syndrome on the h s part, the H makes all kinds of nasty threats about using her for sex if she tries for a divorce.The h is stuck, the H is even of an coprophagic slime swiller and LG needs to wrap this up So she has the big scandal of the h s past published in the front page of the paper The big scandal is that the h s father wasn t working overseas when he died, he was a thief and kept getting sent back to prison The h s mother was actively involved in an affair with the stepfather for years, because she was too weak, stupid, or plain disgusting to get a divorce from the h s father The h s mother also continually lied to the h for even years because she was ashamed or something and got the father to write fake foreign travel letters to the h.The h is feeling even humiliated as the mother only wonders how this is all going to affect her, then the H shows up as the h is burning her father s letters The H claims he is there to support the h He figured out the whole father in prison thing long ago, he also sent the food hampers, and supposedly he never slept with anyone else since sleeping with the h Thankfully, mutual love is finally declared for the so called HEA and I can quit trying to choke down the kool aid.This book is intense and dramatic and a total trainwreck Unfortunately LG hadn t quite got the current formula of badly behaving H for the first half of the book and then H redemption in the second half quite perfected here.She simply spends too much time on the H s bad behavior and the h s reactions to it to really make a believable HEA declaration by the end There is some explanations for the H s behavior, but he is so obviously using that as a way to make the h responsible for all the drama that it doesn t wash LG knows HPlandia Rule 1 very well, the h is always responsible for the bad behavior of the H, even if she is only breathing, but this H is so hideous in his attitude and his accusations that I only felt empathy for the h when she said she couldn t believe the H because she was waiting for him to turn on her again That was a valid observation in my POV, every time the h tried to explain or get the H to see her side of things, he went off on another rampage He freely admits he is obsessed, but it is a serial killer, objectification kind of possessiveness and not a man desperately in love and fighting it This H is going to kill this h and then he is going to kill himself because every reaction and action he takes is a major abuser domestic violence red flag and he cannot control himself and only regrets it well after the fact This one was just not my cuppa and the H s behavior and probable future behavior was not what I wanted to see at this point in the HPlandia universe evolution I give big kudos to LG for doing the old skool very well, but this is not an HP outing that I want to revisit and I really did not believe that this was ever going to end in a good place.

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    Wow This was a fantastic book Intense, passionate, well written I found both characters complex and compelling Their bond was so emotionally powerful, I couldn t stop reading about it And the payoff makes it all worthwhile.Kelda holds her own against Angelo She is not a pushover by any means She was tough Yes, she allowed Angelo to think the worst of her, but in a way, I liked it, because it was brave and ballsy of her I really dislike when the heroine in these books is so willing to be walked on just because they are sexually attracted in love with the hero Even though Kelda is very susceptible to him, she still has a toughness about it, despite that She was unwilling to be used or manipulated by this man, merely because she had loved him for so many years I could feel the turmoil and pain that Kelda suffers, and understand her uncertainty and fears Angelo starts out a guy I wanted to hit with a frying pan, hard But even then, I was like, There s something to this guy I loved how LG took me on this journey of discovery with Angelo I think out of many HP heroes I ve read, Angelo suffered a lot for his love of Kelda, and I felt for him and I was glad he won Kelda s heart He earned it When he opens up to her, I definitely fell in love with him, so I can see why Kelda did before that.This was a book that I dived into head first, and I never came out until I was done reading This is going to be a favorite by Lynne Graham, because she delivered so much in this short read In that 1.5 hours, I was utterly engaged emotionally, feeling the pangs in my heart as I suffered along with Angelo and Kelda I also cheered and felt their joy in realizing how deeply they loved and were loved by one another.Thumbs way up

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    Darkness is the operative word in this title LG provides no comedy or cute pets or adorable children to lighten the mood of this obsessed stepbrother stepsister outing The story opens with the H s father and the h s mother contemplating remarriage The h is totally against it since she thought the H s father cheated on her mother during their marriage plus she wants nothing to do with the stepbrother whom her mother left her with when she went on a year long honeymoon Supermodel heroine is also reeling from being falsely accused as the other woman in a marriage dispute that led to the man s suicide And here s the barebones plot The H kidnaps the heroine to make sure she doesn t interfere with their parents marriage and to make her his mistress Once he had wanted to marry her, but now that she is soiled, he ll just keep her on the side He doesn t notice that she was a virgin and she doesn t tell him.The heroine lies and lies and then lies some about If she has a boyfriend and her past sex lifeThe identity of the father of her babyHow she feels about the HThe hero is insane with jealousy and actually says he d rather see her dead than pregnant with another man s child He almost gets his wish when the h has appendicitis during her pregnancy and must have emergency surgery It s only then that he wakes up to how defensive the heroine is and how much she lies to protect herself.He forces a marriage and doesn t touch her, so heroine feels rejected Heroine has the baby in two hours so hero wasn t there for the birth and he feels rejected Only a newspaper headline about the heroine s father brings them back together and talking a few months after the birth of their child.I m not even including the backstory of a near rape for the heroine, the H s estrangement with his father because of the h, the fact that the h s mother was married while dating the H s father, and the lies the h s mother told her over many, many years I guess dysfunctional people need love, too Lots of drama, lots of angst, lots of lies that need to be straightened out Hero was too jealous and cruel for me Heroine was too craven and dishonest for me to like her I guess they re a matched set Not a typical Lynne Graham but it is interesting and it kept me reading.

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    I feel like the author was having a really bad acid trip when she dreamed up this horror show

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    Too much screaming and bickering for me There were elements that drew me in I love the captive heroine trope and the step brother thing had a sort of forbidden kinky appeal But the heroine was a screaming harpy Some may see her as strong, but I saw her as childish, impulsive, self centered, and dishonest YMMV, I m sure Yes the Hero was at times atrocious, appallingly so The sexist nasty remarks were just despicable and abusive Still, I prefer a heroine who maintains a certain amount of dignity I think cutting someone dead in a ladylike dignified matter is so much classier and makes the other person look SO much worse Instead, this heroine was childish and screamed, lied and played into the hero s worst beliefs Lots of exclamation points in her speech I so don t get how you save your pride by pretending to be promiscuous and callous shallow I ve read several books like that lately and I just don t get it I can understand not begging some close minded ass to believe you, but why would you lower yourself to pretending to be someone you aren t I think it comes down to me not being able to relate to the h at all I m a very reserved person and hate to lose my temper and get out of control I feel so much better about myself if I can calmly and concisely tell you why you are the scum of the earth without raising my voice or cursing Trust me, it s MUCH effective and makes the other person feel about 2 inches tall evil grin.

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    3.5 starsLooks like I m in the minority on this one but I enjoyed this one because of the drama, angst and the push pull The misunderstandings and the protective shells of both the H h worked for me I was able to see through it all to the characters I knew the H was just posturing and the h trying to protect herself and project While it took a while for them, it was sweet when it finally came together I might re read this one.

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    this was fantastic, a re read from sept 2013 october 2015 but, which still sets my heart beating faster amazing chemistry, high level of angst and a good reason for conflicts Angelo was totally smitten wid Kelda since like forever, which made it ridiculous dat she hid his paternity from him the heroine was bitchy and spoiled by her mother and her aunt, as observed by hero himself i liked dat she did not suffer from puppy love for him infact she hated him as a kid bcoz he interfered too much in her life he was over protective and possessive my favourite part was the first time they met she was only thirteen he was a young adult and she exclaimed my but you re pretty haha xd Angelo was absolutely embarrassed while Tomaso laughed

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    I love the old Lynne Graham s They always seem to keep me turning the pages This one was no exception.In the first few pages Kelda, the heroine, seemed pretty selfish but she did get better and also realized how selfish she was being so I was glad about that She got better as the story unfolded However, she did lie to Angelo about him not being the father of her baby It did bother me quite a bit mostly because I could see just from the way the story was written that Angelo was devestated the child was not his Edited to add He is the father of her baby Read that over again and realized it didn t look right.Lynne Graham did a great job of showing Angelo s feelings for Kelda This wasn t one of those stories where the hero was cruel to the heroine thru the whole book and then said it was because he was in love with her At times he was kind, charming, and sarcastically funny though not truly in a mean way , though a bit cruel As a reader I could tell he loved Kelda thru his reactions to things she did and how he treated her This is an older HP so of course, we didn t really get a POV from Angelo Although, it really didn t bother me in this book because as I said, Graham did a good job showing his feelings to the reader.A couple of things bothered me I didn t really like the name Kelda Plus her brother s name was just Tim Really An unusual name for the daughter but the brother gets Tim A small thing but still Plus, as I said Kelda was a bit selfish in this book but not so bad you hated her as a heroine Overall this was a good read from Lynne Graham There were many I hate you s in this story but it really didn t bother me.

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    Oh my god this book was a mess I had a very hard time connecting with the characters in this one Both characters were too one dimensional All the annoying bitchy heroine was saying was Shut up and I hate you and the hero for some reason was just creepy to me One of the worst books I ever read

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