Angel-Seeker Elizabeth Was Born To Wealth, But Circumstances Forced Her To Live As A Servant In Her Cousin S Household Determined To Change Her Life For The Better, She Makes The Journey To The Town Of Cedar Hills, Hoping That An Angel Will Take Notice Of Her, And Take Her As His OwnRebekah Is A Daughter Of The Jansai Tribe, Raised To Hate The Angels And To Marry Whichever Man Her Father Chooses For Her But In Her Heart, She Longs For A Different Life And When She Finds An Injured Angel Near Her Village, She Defies Her Upbringing To Care For HimIn Time, These Two Women, Whose Paths Will Cross, Will Both Find What They Desire, In Surprising And Dangerous Ways

I ve been writing stories and poems since I was eight years old My first poem was about Halloween What is tonight What is tonight Try to guess and you ll guess right Perhaps this inauspicious beginning explains why it took me till I was in my thirties to sell a novel It occurred to me early on that it might take some time and a lot of tries before I was able to publish any of my creative w

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    This is a somewhat disjointed romantic fantasy set after the events of Archangel.There are two main plots Each has interesting moments, but they re barely connected That makes the jump back in time that Shinn often does when shifting between perspectives seem even jarring than it usually is in this series.One story is about a formerly wealthy young woman who wants to reclaim her earlier lifestyle by trying to bear an angel s child The other is about an isolated Jansai whose chance encounter with an angel helps her realize how dissatisfied she is with her oppressive culture.This book deals with the Jansai than any of the previous ones, and I was looking forward to learning about their secretive lives I hoped that they would end up being somewhat different from the way the other cultures view them, just as the angels and Edori aren t well understood by those who have had little contact with them.Unfortunately there is no nuance to their portrayal, Shinn is determined to have them remain flat villains All adult Jansai men are varying degrees of bad, and none have a problem with unthinkable brutality One teenager shows compassion, but does so in a cowardly way that wouldn t have really helped without a stroke of luck I hoped that the women would at least show some subtle forms of power and control in their own homes, but they re rigid, complacent, and casually abusive One older woman was sympathetic, and several tried to finally take action at the end But of course their attempts had to fail so that the helpless girl could be dramatically rescued.A lot of my problems with the presentation of the Jansai could have been redeemed if they hadn t all been evil, weak, or ineffective Even the heroine wasn t very admirable She faced danger one that she showed no signs of understanding for love, but could not be motivated to really do anything for herself.I kept hoping for the characters to come across a large scale underground culture of subversive women, or a small mixed gender group that smuggled wayward girls to safety But instead, angels had to save the girl and scold the backwards culture Everything came out okay thanks to a touch of luck and a strong willed woman who was traveling with Edori but not one of them.Again.

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    Five years ago I discovered the most awesome of awesome Sharon Shinn I d been walking past Archangel in the bookstore for ages at that point and passing it up every single time because of the cover Will I ever mend my cover snobbery ways I remember it was a recommendation by a very trusted Readerville friend that finally pushed me over the edge into buying a copy and giving it a shot I didn t get past the first page no, the first line before falling irrevocably in love The angel Gabriel went to the oracle on Mount Sinai, looking for a wife.The world such a world she creates in that book And, as I ve told you many a time, she is no slouch in the character department either Rachel and Gabriel are as beloved to me as any characters I ve ever read They re so real to me they transcend the barrier of between book and reader At the time I had no idea it was actually the first book in a series the Samaria series Upon finding out, I immediately dashed to the bookstore and purchased books two and three and glommed my way through them as well, barely pausing to catch my breath despite the fact that hundreds of years passed in Samaria between each book Then a fourth book a prequel of sorts was published and I had the pleasure of finding out what the world was like a couple of hundred years before Gabriel and Rachel walked it And then I heard tell of a fifth book coming out And when I heard when it took place and who the main character was, I knew it would rock my world ANGEL SEEKER follows a dear friend of Rachel s an angel by the name of Obadiah who, for various reasons, was left a bit at loose ends at the close of Archangel This fifth book was to be his story and, believe me, it is impossible not to love Obadiah And his story lived up to every expectation I had Published last of the lot, it often feels to me like some readers never quite make it to this installment and that is such a shame because it is top notch stuff and my second favorite after Archangel Obadiah is spoiling for a fight He s restless at the Eyrie, which has always been his home He doesn t fit in at Cedar Hills, despite his loving friends who only want the best for him And to top it all off, he s still carrying a pretty strong torch for a woman he can never have Then the Archangel sends calls him into his office and sends him on a mission to the last place Obadiah wants to go Breven The home of the Jansai merchants, Breven is a bit of a lion s den when it comes to angels But Obadiah has always had a way with people Blessed with a light heart and a clever tongue, he is literally the kind who finds music wherever he goes And since the alternative is throwing himself off a cliff from despair and boredom, he agrees to the Archangel s demand And for awhile things go fine But on his way back to Cedar Hills something goes badly wrong and he is stranded in the desert, where a young Jansai woman named Rebekah finds him Despite the rather large taboo against talking to men outside her family, let alone brazen angels, Rebekah nurses Obadiah back to health and a connection is formed that will spell both the heights of happiness and the depths of danger for the young woman and the angel Interwoven with their story is the tale of a poor young woman named Elizabeth who makes her way to Cedar Hills in search of an angel to father her a child and thus secure her lasting comfort and safety Angel children are rare and much prized and Elizabeth is nothing if not practical and determined And so she leaves the obscure farm she lives on for the big city and the elusive freedom that just may await her there These two stories interweave in unexpected and very complimentary ways and as is always the case with a Shinn book I m surprised that I am perfectly content to love the ones I m with, if you will I look forward to each alternating chapter, to finding out what s going on with the Rebekah and Obadiah and then Elizabeth and her struggles to find the life she s so certain she wants What constantly amazes me about Sharon Shinn is that she consistently crafts equally strong female and male characters They call out to me in spades as they are so finely matched in strength of character and determination I worried so much over how Obadiah would fare out on his own, without the friends he loved But then he met Rebekah and all the little pieces fell into place Nothing was easy, but when they were together it felt right and not like it was manufactured just to finish out a side character s story arc satisfactorily for longtime readers What a blessed relief that is Their relationship develops in an incredibly sweet manner, unfolding slowly against the backdrop of discrimination and fear that surrounds their two peoples who have been at each other s throats since time immemorial Because of the nature of their interactions, everything is played out in little snatches of time, brief moments in which they are able to be together There is quite a lot of tension, but none of the resentment and barely suppressed anger that characterized Rachel and Gabriel s tumultuous relationship These two are different and very much their own characters Often in books like this, one storyline out shadows the other, but seemingly terminally single minded and heartless Elizabeth completely grew on me She grew and became both harder and smarter and gentler, which is, of course, a combination impossible for me to resist Last but not least, there are just the right amount of glimpses of old favorite characters sprinkled here and there to put a smile on my lips and remind me why each book in this series is a delight and why I will be reading them over and over again all throughout the years of my life Highly recommended for fans of romantic fantasy and strong world building Reading Order chronologically Angelica, Archangel, Angel Seeker, Jovah s Angel, and The Alleluia Files in order of publication Archangel, Jovah s Angel, The Alleluia Files, Angelica, and Angel Seeker

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    This novel was written much later but follows on about 2 years after the events of Archangel even though this is technically the fifth book, it works superbly as a stand alone novel, and reads as if it were 2.The angels and people of Samaria are picking up the pieces after the god destroyed Mount Galo when the Gloria was not sung and Gabriel destroyed Windy Point where Raphael had ruled from A new hold for the southern province of Jordana must be built to take its place Gabriel appoints his half brother Nathan to the post and a new city rises at Cedar Hills.Where there are angels there are always angel seekers, mostly women who s ambition is to give birth to an angel baby and thus forever secure a place in the hold Angel babies are rare, and most mortal babies produced from these unions are abandoned Giving birth to one can kill a woman, mortal or angel.Elizabeth s wealthy parents are dead and she is forced to work in the kitchen at her cousin s farm Her dream is to be someone of consequence again, so it s only a matter of time before she gets up the courage to leave the farm and go to Cedar Hills to seduce an angel Which is easily enough done, since the angels are quite promiscuous and, having lost fifty or angels because of Raphael, they have been encouraged to repopulate.The angel Obadiah, a friend of Rachel and Gabriel, has also relocated to Cedar Hills Gabriel wants Obadiah to use his charm with the new leader of the Jansai, the incredibly patriarchal travelling merchants and angel haters, angry now that the enslavement of the Edori has been outlawed On his way home from his first meeting with Urial, he is struck by a firey missile and crashes into the desert He manages to drag himself to the oasis, where he is later found by a young Jansai woman, Rebekah, sent to fetch water She tends for him until he is well enough to fly on He gives her one of his bracelets as a gift she lets him see her face Angel Seeker follows Elizabeth as she learns to be a healer and discovers how misguided she has been, and Obadiah and Rebekah as they embark on an illicit affair that has disastrous repercussions Jansai women are like the Taliban s women, completely covered up and kept inside windowless rooms where they sew and gossip and treat each other badly My heart was in my mouth watching Rebekah disguise herself as a boy and slip out of the house for secret meetings with Obadiah The ominous atmosphere to the Jansai city of Breven did not help.I especially liked Shinn s treatment of the Jansai and the Jansia women in particular When escape is offered to Rebekah she does not snatch at it she loves her family, her home, her life is all that she knows and even her approachng wedding is something she accepts as her duty It is only when she falls pregnant that she truly wakes But even though we are on the side of the angels in despising the Jansai, especially the men who are really horrible and basically mysoginistic, their beliefs are not dismissed lightly Again Shinn does not moralise or lecture She lets her characters feel their way through the minefield without judging them, making them seem very real and the hand of the author virtually invisible, like I m there on Samaria with them.I ve read a few fantasy books that feature winged people, but the matter of fact way they are dealt with here makes them so much plausible The awe is there, but also the acceptance And, the people of Samaria, all of them, including the angels, just seem so innocent and naive, while we are already thinking outside the land to what is really going on, and what the god really is.

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    Originally posted here.I love the world that Sharon Shinn created with her Samaria books I know there are a lot of series about angels out there but this one is really my favorite I m glad that Obadiah got his own story because he s a character that I really liked in Archangel He is sent by the Archangel Gabriel to go to Breven and deal with the Jansai The Jansai are merchants who have no love for angels, especially since Gabriel outlawed their main source of income the slavery of the Edori Obadiah is the perfect choice for this mission because of his charming personality He has a way with words and people can t help but like him Obadiah knew that the task wouldn t be easy but he never expected he d be suddenly injured in the middle of the desert with resources Thankfully, a young Jansai girl named Rebekah offers help even though it s forbidden for women of their race to even talk to men outside of their family, let alone an angel Interwoven with their story is Elizabeth s tale as she wishes to obtain a pampered life by being an angel seeker, a woman willing to have relations with an angel for a chance to become a mother to a precious angel baby.I couldn t figure out how Elizabeth s story intersects with Obadiah and Rebekah s and was even afraid that there was a love triangle in this book Have no fear, that doesn t happen in this book sorry if that piece of information is spoiler ish The narrative changes from Obadiah, Rebekah and Elizabeth s points of view so we understand better what the characters are going through Both Rebekah and Elizabeth encounter big changes in their lives throughout the books They both show how strong and resilient they are in the face of danger and unfamiliar situations I enjoyed reading both of their stories and I don t prefer one over the other Sweet Jovah singing, you can t help but root for both of these girls I thought the romance between Obadiah and Rebekah was very sweet, which is a good thing because they both deserve to be happy Elizabeth also achieves inner peace as she makes better choices in life I was thrilled by the glimpses of Gabriel, Rachel and even Nathan and Magdalena in this one because they re characters that I loved in Archangel All in all, a very satisfying installment in what has become one of my favorite series I highly recommend this book and the whole series to fans of romantic fantasy or fans of books about angels I hope I get to read Angelica soon, the only remaining Samaria book that I haven t read because I want to start on Sharon Shinn s Twelve Houses series Also, I think I d love to read a book set during the time when the settlers first came to Samaria I think Angel Seeker is a fitting Retro Friday choice this weekend because it is a love story at its core and we all know that Valentine s Day is coming up.

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    I chose to read this book after Archangel because the events in it are set right after those in Archangel despite this being the 5th book in the series.I loved Archangel The culture and the religion as well as the music, I found them all intriguing and was looking forward to .What I got instead was a huge dissapointment Because this sequel lacks music, it lacks depth and most of all, it seems to be even lacking common sense at times.The Jansai were the bad guys in the first book and as a culture they hadn t been described much They remain the bad guys in this sequel also but in an offensive not intriguiging way Mrs Shinn gives us here an entire people and an entire culture without any redeeming qualities whatsoever Her Jansai are rotten through and through, with all the men ranging between bad and horrible, and that s just unreasonable to me No matter the circumstances or the events, this is simply impossible Show me a single culture or a single people that doesn t have even a single good individual in its mist and I ll eat my damn boots And I won t even go near the religious aspect because as clear as day, the way the Jansai are written may be openly offensive to a certain religion in our days Don t get me wrong I have nothing against books on religion But when you put a real religion on page, shouldn t you at least try to add both the good and the bad at the same time What Mrs Shinn did with the Jansai it just doesn t do for me.The only reason I m rating this a 2 and not a 1 is Obadiah I liked him in the first book also and his love story is the only redeeming quality I found here.

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    This was the fifth and final book in Shinn s Samaria series It s not that it reached any definitive conclusion to the series, just that it was the last one written and that the author has said she has no plans to write of them.I enjoyed it It seemed to have a bit of a political message, but it was one I agree with.All of these Samaria books are interesting blends of SF, fantasy, and romance The SF bit is that we re living in a world that is specifically not Earth but a distant colony of Earth in some equally distant future The fantasy bit is that we re living in a world with angels living amongst the mortals of the world, and there is no doubt about the reality of Jovah, their god They can sing prayers and get results, anything from manna falling from the heavens to lightning bolts blasting at the desired target And the romance well, in some ways I would say that they are all romance books merely set in an odd SF fantasy world.This book has two romances The first is between an ambitious girl and well, I won t say with whom She is determined to marry an angel and give birth to an angel child I won t say whether or not she succeeds, but I will say that her romance is about finding herself than whether or not she actually marries an angel I enjoyed this one quite a bit, mostly for her character arc.The second romance was between an angel and a young Jansai girl The Jansai are one of the many cultures populating the world of Samaria, and they seem to be remarkably similar to certain Earth cultures, particularly in how they treat their women They treat their women as cherished property, but they can also be quite vicious to their women if they step outside their defined roles And sexual promiscuity pretty much carries the death penalty, i.e stoning and exile to the lifeless desert.Anyway, this second romance dealt a lot with the politics around that kind of culture Many or most of the men seem to be quite happy to hand out these harsh punishments Some are disgusted by it but seem powerless to stop the overall harshness The women are mixed between those who support it simply because it s what they know, those who hate it but find can only fight it in tiny rebellions, and those who would flagrantly flaunt the law of their male masters.Shinn ultimately comes down hard on this culture, so there is some politics here, but like I said, I agree with her position As for the romance, I mostly found myself shouting at the young Jansai girl to get out while the getting is good, but I confess that seeing her reluctance to leave the only world she knew gave me some insight into how many women on Earth tolerate or even reinforce these cultures here on Earth So while parts of it made my skin crawl, it did expand my horizons.Now, that s all about how I liked the book for what it was However, I do have a little complaint about what the book wasn t, and that s no fault of the book What bugged me was where it fell in the Samarian timeline The first three books in this series proceeded along in chronological order Then the fourth book jumped to a time long before the first, and then this one was just after the first That would be all right except that the third book the furthest along in the timeline kind of ended on a cliffhanger There had been some major change in the world, and I was left wondering what was going to happen next After two books, I still don t know because nothing has been written in the time after the third book, and from the sounds of it, nothing will be.As such, the series feels unfinished to me I don t know if the publisher just gave up on it, or if the author herself doesn t know what comes next Either way, I m cranky that I never quite got a sense of resolution to this series.

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    This book takes place shortly after the events of Archangel, although I believe Sharon Shinn wrote it after she wrote books that take place later and I m really glad she came back to the time period to write it For one thing, it resolves well, partially the Nathan Magdalena storyline that she leaves hanging at the end of Archangel I mean, we still don t know what s so special about their baby, but it was satisfying to get a little of their story.But on to the major plot points characters I really appreciate getting the story of an angel seeker, since in the other books they re spoken of derogatorily and without much empathy or depth Elizabeth is not always likable but is ambitious and hardworking and ultimately generous, and I like her The problem is, although we get some small exploration of her motivations, I wish we had and I wish we got any of her friend Faith s motivations, since Faith s storyline gets way dramatic The other problem is, Elizabeth s story is good, but it pales and seems shallow in comparison to Rebekah s story Much as I like Elizabeth and am interested in her, I actually think the book might have been stronger if we had Faith s story instead of Elizabeth s, with Elizabeth as a side character.I think pairing the story of an angel seeker with the story of a Jansai woman was a brilliant juxtaposition, at least theoretically These are two groups of women who are very different from each other but similarly maligned and emotionally or physically desperate women people in Samaria just don t hear from, because they don t listen to them I m glad of the chance to listen.Rebekah s story is so strong, and Shinn gives us what feels like real understanding of what might tie a woman to her home even though she knows it s a prison, even as she s driven from it I wish we knew about the background of the Jansai and why they re so different from other Samarians and why they re so freaking evil but then, I guess fundamentalists exist in our world too, and are equally evil Still, the fact that there s one group of wanderers who cover their women in the name of their god, are consistently referred to as greedy, cheat if they can in trade, are kind of dirty, and raid and enslave the Edori well, it s a little sketch, in my opinion, even though the Edori are the only group of people in the series who s skin tone Shinn is precise about Shinn also does some exoticising of the Edori, who are wanderers who live many to a tent and are nonviolent and take the world as it comes and are laid back and have brown skin, although she does makes periodic efforts to get to know individual Edori and flesh them out That said, as I was beginning to approach earlier in the paragraph, I love the way she gives us the perspectives and coping mechanisms of several different Jansai women, some of whom have so internalized their oppression that they fully participate in the policing of other women some of whom live model Jansai lives but secretly know it s a prison Martha, who not only knows but is actively rebelling and Rebekah, whose awakening we track I don t totally buy the speed and sappiness with which she and Obadiah fall in love, but it s not so insta love y that it detracts from my enjoyment of the book.Well, that was a lot of criticism I just threw out in a paragraph meant to rave So yes, there are flaws in the story But I still loved it I loved Rebekah, mainly.There is one storyline in the book that shocked and devastated me, but it was treated so bizarrely lightly or, not lightly, but sort of quickly moved on from that I felt sort of like I bore the weight of it alone, and Shinn and her characters forgot to be there with me I don t know how I feel about that But the rest of the storylines resolved in a way that satisfied, and since I don t remember much about Jovah s Angel and The Alleluia Files I m eager to follow Samaria into the future The history and stories of this land she s created are utterly compelling.

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    In the foothills of the unexciting Jordana, Elizabeth is not your average farm cook She doesn t flirt, and she doesn t blush at the grinning glance of a dimwitted farmer She was born and raised for better things before her parents died She may have little money but her pride is still intact So it s only natural that Elizabeth initially rejected seedy field hand Bennie s offer for a ride with him to Cedar Hills She doesn t want to give him any false ideas but she d than almost anything love to better her situation, and Cedar Hills would be just the place As the newest angel hold, it s the most accessible and popular place for angel seekers, women seeking to bear an angel child Elizabeth s hoping to do just that find an angel, bear his angel child, and live amongst the angel elite forever.The Jansai woman Rebekah s aspirations couldn t be opposite She can t imagine leaving her sheltered life in Breven, with its history of Edori enslavement still fresh and where women do not bare their faces in public and are raised for arranged, blind marriages Even though her life monotonous and boring, she loves her family and wouldn t dare leave them or shirk her duties That is until she meets injured angel Obadiah and begins to live a double life Which life is right for Rebekah and how will she know Her and Elizabeth s paths will cross as they both become angel seekers in very different ways.I was admittedly hesitant to read this book or any others in the series after Sharon Shinn s incomparable first Samaria novel, Archangel Since the novels follow new protagonists with each book, I wasn t sure if Samaria would be the same without Gabriel and Rachel And since this is the only book set in their generation, we do get glimpses of both of them here, which I eagerly anticipated Two years later it seems like they re themselves than ever and in a good place I treasured their appearances What first excited me about Angel Seeker however was that Rachel s dear friend Obadiah was one of the main characters He was there when Rachel needed someone and his flirty, outgoing personality is very infectious I was thrilled to get to know him better and hopefully see him with his own happy ending What I didn t know was how much I d like Rebekah, who s impossibly sandwiched between all she s known and forbidden love I admired her and how delicately and complexly her conflicted character was handled I never once thought Rebekah was making the wrong decisions, when it would be easy for anyone accustomed to the modern freedoms to misunderstand them Elizabeth grew on me as well and I was always able to sympathize with her angel seeking You want so much for these women as well as Obadiah, who s endearing in his own search for happiness.Again, Sharon Shinn knows how to write She had me from the first page, her chapters and story flow so easily I m very capable of falling asleep late at night during very engaging books but Angel Seeker completely absorbed me It was exciting and suspenseful and I had to go on to see how these characters would fare Fans of romantic fantasy should eat this up To me it seemed even romantic than Archangel yet still having an underlying political plot and I loved it all Samaria s a place I need to visit and revisit Overall topnotch world building and great character development Shinn is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors and I look forward to all her Samaria books yet unread.

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    Of the Samaria books this one is most easily read as a standalone as the action and romance mostly isn t connected to the larger worldbuilding that is going on in this series.This tells the story of two very different women Elizabeth a young woman who dreams of nothing than finding an angel lover and carrying his angelic offspring And Rebekah a young Jansai woman, who has her life planned out for her by the males in her family and grudgingly accepts this Until she finds a wounded angel that isI will confess that although Elizabeth s journey to love and happiness is really well written, I just never clicked with her, even on rereads She s too shallow at first and her change seems to go too smoothly Still it s a nice story that shows that dreams don t always come true the way you want.I love Rebekah s story I know the Jansai are once again all painted as scum, with Rebekah s younger brother as the one exception Still I love the romance between her and Obediah I love how she is so attracted to the angel that she can t stay away from him, but still refuses to leave her confined, but certain life behind for him and an uncertain life of freedom It s this love story that makes me reread this book and grumblingly accept the black and white worldbuilding For fans of the series there are also cameos of characters from Archangel, and it gives a view of how people move on from events in that book as well.All in all a very enjoyable read that I m sure to revisit again in the future.

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    This one has to be my favorite of the series I do find it odd that, this the last book, is set just a few years after the first one If I had a complaint about this series that would be it The books are all over the place in time but not necessarily in book number order.Both of the woman in this story were extremely likeable, each for their own reasons, Rebekka, in her innocence and openness for life and Elizabeth, in her world weary view, wanting to just be safe and wanted in her life Each of these women had different goals, but found out that often in life what you hope for isn t always what is good for you.I did like learning of the angel seekers, but have to say that I really thought bad about them and can see where everyone else did too, they are little than whores with the end goal to have an angel baby You really have to wonder about women who feel that is their only goal or worth in life.I also felt sorry, for the first time, for the Jansai women They are nothing than property and are subject to the men in their lives whims Again we spent time with the Edori, who are by far my favorite group of people within this series.I am a little sad to see this series come to an end as the world is a fun place to spend time I also liked to see how much things in their world changed, whether for good or bad is up to you to decide.

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