Ann the Word : The Story of Ann Lee, Female Messiah, Mother of the Shakers

Ann the Word : The Story of Ann Lee, Female Messiah, Mother of the ShakersThe one star is definitely for the writing and not the subject matter I still want to knowabout Ann Lee, but I just cannot finish this book right now. Read this because I ve long held a fascination with Mother Ann and believe she would be a sensational topic for a historical novel The first part of the book, her early life in Manchester, was the best because it focused on Ann After she comes to America, the account degenerates into a recall of event after event involving the persecution of the Shakers Francis liberally calls the group a cult, and given their beliefs and actions, I think that s probably accurate Ann Lee presented herself as the female Messiah she believed that, like Jesus, she was imbued with the spirit of God to minister to her time I was also interested in how George Whitehead and other New Light Great Awakening figures influenced the group, even when they were the shaking quakers in England I wonder if this kind of evangelical religion came to America with the Shakers, or maybe they were one of many groups that practiced ecstatic worship This account does not deal with the Shakers after Ann Lee In fact, the author points out that Mother Ann was a milennialist she didn t believe the group would continue, but expected Christ s swift return Leaders after Mother Ann had to change and shape the group into the Shakers known for their work ethic and simple, beautiful furniture. Believed By Her Followers To Have Been The Second Incarnation Of Christ, Ann Lee May Be One Of The Most Extraordinary And Mysterious Women In The History Of Western Culture From Humble Origins In Manchester, England, She Became The Visionary Religious Leader Of The Shakers, A Small Religious Cult Characterized By Wild Shaking, Impassioned Singing, Speaking In Tongues, And A Belief That The End Of The World Was Near When She Died At Age Forty Eight, Having Brought Her Faithful To America In , She Left Behind A Religious Movement That Was To Have Thousands Of Followers Masterfully Conveying The Energy And Strangeness Of The Shakers In Their Radical Early Years, Ann The Word Is A Penetrating Look At A Pioneer Who, In Feminizing Christianity, Contributed To The Status Of Women In Her Own Time And Ever After Review forthcoming.Overall Review 3.5 Ugh where to begin I love the Shakers I wanted to love this book I hated this book I only read it because I m stubborn and want to read everything about the Shakers ever published I m only keeping it for the same reason There is too much smarm, too much self centeredness from the author, and not enough actual content In a lot of ways Ann comes off as unlikeable, even when the author is praising her and himself , in the same breath There are very few biographies about Ann Lee out there It s a shame that this is such a prominent one. This is a biography of Ann Lee, the woman who founded the quaking shakers,commonly known as the Shakers They had villages throughout New England in late 1700 s to the 1930 s There are still six or seven Shakers living up in Maine But anyways Ann Lee is pretty fascinating person, she decided she was the second coming of Christ while in a mental institution for one thing She also did a lot for womans rights The Shakers were one of the most sucessfull groups in early america, and produced alot of the seeds for planting, and the best furniture Really interesting.Ann Lee also follows the basic 5 Stages of a cult leader, which you can find in the book Prophetic Charisma, The Psychology of Revolutionary Religious Personalities by Len Oakes. Interesting and thorough biographical sketch of Ann Lee, founder of the Shakers Ironically, Ann the Word was actually illiterate The author shares lots of information and insight into her life and the conditions under which the first Shakers lived and worshipped. slow but readable A really interesting history of an 18th century poor illiterate woman who had the personality and charisma to inspire a movement in England and America The early history of the Shakers is pretty interesting as well In their beginnings, they would pretty clearly they be characterized as a cult today The faith settled down after this early period of disorganized meetings and became what we recognize today But Ann Lee pretty single handedly inspired an entire movement Quite an amazing accomplishment by a woman of such limited means and education Recommend to History nerds like me. This book appears to be meticulously researched but left me withquestions about how Ann and the Shakers gained converts and I would have likedexplanation of the climate in America at the time that made the conversions possible.

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➩ [Ebook] ➤ Ann the Word : The Story of Ann Lee, Female Messiah, Mother of the Shakers By Richard Francis ➵ –
  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Ann the Word : The Story of Ann Lee, Female Messiah, Mother of the Shakers
  • Richard Francis
  • English
  • 02 October 2019
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