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Ansel Adams in ColorThe title says it all Ansel Adams in Color Who knew that America s premier black and white photographer performed his film magic in color too I certainly didn t Ansel Adams in Color is filled with Adams gorgeous, technicolor, photographs along with accompanying essays While Adams was ambivalent about working in color primarily due to the technical limitations at the time today s digital advancements allow the photos to shine These majestic photos were taken primarily in the 40 s 50 s and capture America s natural landscape at its zenith The photographs include breathtaking shots of the Grand Canyon Yosemite National Park Death Valley Hawaii Alaska, Wyoming and muchAnsel Adams in Color would be a welcome edition to the collection of any photographer or Adams admirer.Publisher Little, Brown and Company Rev d edition Oct 21, 2009 , 168 pages.Review Copy Provided Courtesy of Hachette Book Group. One of the best, most clear set of reasons and reflections I ve ever read Everything he writes is brilliant. Adams Began To Photograph In Colour In The Mid S He Did Significant Personal Or Creative Photography In Colour And His Distinctive Visualisation Of A Scene And Technical Mastery Is Immediately Evident In These Photographs Overall, He Made Nearly , Colour Images, But Only A Small Fraction Have Ever Been Published Adams Thought Seriously About Publishing His Colour Images But The Task Was Not Accomplished During His Lifetime The Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust With Advice And Counsel From John Szarkowski, Former Director Of Photography At New York S Museum Of Modern Art David Travis, Curator Of Photographs At The Art Institute Of Chicago And James Enyeart, Former Director Of The International Museum Of Photography At George Eastman House Asked The Distinguished Master Photographer Harry Callahan To Select The Best Of Adams Colour Work For Publication In This Book I always associated Ansel Adams with iconic black and white photographs In this book, I see him bring his considerable talents to color shots which are nothing short of amazing Thoroughly enjoyable and well worth the read. Original full review here an aspiring photographer, I have been a fan or Ansel Adams magnificent work for a very long time That being said, I was extremely surprised to learn of this beautiful collection of his color photography which I wasn t really aware that he had done It almost made be embarrassed that I didn t know yet I called myself a fan and appreciator.Ansel Adams in Color taught me the extent to which Ansel Adams practiced color photography The fact that he had over 3,000 color transparencies was a bit of a shock Ansel Adams iswell known for his black and white photography One of the reasons for this is because of his aggravation with the technical limitations of color photography The writing of this book was so informative and well done.I was not surprised, however, by the outstanding quality of his color photography His photos were absolutely breathtaking and captured a wide variety of locations including, but not limited to, Yosemite National Park, Yellowstone National Park, The Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Death Valley National Park, and Salt Pools of Utah And that is just to name a few.I m so proud to have this wonderful book as part of my collection and I would recommend it to any appreciator of photography. The photography in this book is wonderful, but the writing is very dry There are no subheadings so it s easy to lose your place even if you use a bookmark. I have always been a fan of Ansel Adams black white photography and was pleasantly surprised to find this book on his color photography I have the revised edition of the book which includes an additional 20 photographs What isinteresting to me than the photographs are the essays and excerpts from letters written by Adams that are included in this book These support the opening essay Quest for Color by James L Enyeart which discusses why Adams didn t like color photography and chose to focus on black white photography as an artist A lot of Adams dislike for color photography was the lack of control over the color printing process He did admire other photographers that worked in color It was just not his thing But he revisited it from time to time I think he would have experimented with the digital process that is available today In discussing his dissatisfaction with color, I learned a lotabout his black white process and have a greater appreciation of his work as a result I also learned a fun new swear word from one of his excerpted letters G DambnestSOBchen I can t emulate his photography but I can certainly use DambnestSOBchen. I m sure most everyone in America is familiar with Ansel Adams work, whether they recognize it as his or not His gorgeous black and white scenic photographs are simply breathtaking This book, however, contains a collection of his color images and I think they re beautiful, too The colors are vivid in some,subtle in others.This book includes an essay discussing Adams sometimes conflicting views on color photography and a selection of Adam s writings on the subject in the back These were fascinating and gave me a better perspective on photography in general and Adams in particular I also didn t realize that Adams was a pianist, either, which I found particularly interesting.This collection just adds to his body of work There is a reason he is known for his black and white pictures They are undeniably timeless and unforgettable The pictures in this book are not as striking, in my opinion, but they are still wonderful. This book was good for the most part It took awhile for me to get into it, but once it wasabout Ansel Adams and his pictures and letters he d wrote about his adventures and pictures to his friends and loved ones, it got better. Ansel Adams in color is just not right Still very good, but, IT S JUST NOT RIGHT

Though wilderness and the environment were his grand passions, photography was his calling, his metier, his raison d etre.

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