Apocalipstick Life Is Bad After The Apocalypsethe Undead Just Made It Worse Jenna Should Be Having The Time Of Her Life At College Instead, Her One Desire Is Survival She Lives In A World Gone Insane After A Virus Kills Most Of The Population Being Alive After The Apocalypse Is Bad, But When The Undead Return, Hungry For Humans, Times Turn Darker For Jenna And A Small Group Of Survivors, The Goal Is To Reach The High Point Inn At The Inn, Jenna Develops Feelings For Caleb, Who, While Exotic And Intoxicating, Is Not Quite Human Will This New Utopia Last Imagine instead of waking up at 6 to head off to school, you are instead informed that a massive outbreak of the flu has spread throughout the world and people are vanishing swiftly The worst is yet to come, when the deceased return as stalkers without a conscience This is just the beginning of the strenuous journey Jenna has to face in the compelling novel, Apocalipstick The author, Lisa Acerbo, incorporates countless conflicts that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last sentence of the book This is nothing like your average vampire love story novel The main reason why this book is so successful is the fact that Acerbo is able to connect with the characters implemented in the story She is an experienced high school teacher who teaches a wide variety of English classes, ranging from journalism to topics in peace, protest, and tolerance Acerbo connects with high school students on a personal level and understands their emotions and everyday conflicts This allows her to successfully portray Jenna, a senior who just graduated high school when the apocalypse struck The author s message throughout the story is that although many obstacles may present themselves, you can t give up or lose focus on your goal Jenna faces many battles trying to head south with her pack of people In the beginning of the novel it is quickly illustrated that she is a determined leader Jenna looked for back up No one followed Jenna and Caleb stood alone He had obviously told the group to remain at a safe distance Acerbo 5 The group relies on and trusts Jenna to protect them from the menacing stalkers, along with the help of an other , who has unimaginable strength and speed Her fight against these stalkers is always reoccurring throughout the novel, and when a brawl gets almost unwinnable, she uses every last ounce of power left in her to survive another day Her biggest battle is not even against the stalkers She has to put up with George, a stingy and obese older man who wears a sleeveless t shirt creased with oil and dirt, with a shadow of a beard highlighting his blazing eyes and stern demeanor Acerbo 84 He criticizes her because of her gender and tries to sexually assault her With great determination Jenna pulls through her troubles and represents an important symbol no matter what the obstacle is you should never give up Acerbo puts in a twist right when you least expect it, which is why it s impossible to put the book down When it seems like Jenna and Caleb are destined to be together Jenna unexpectedly starts falling for Quentin, which can be inferred when, the smile he gave Jenna before leaving, made the rest of her day warm and fuzzy, even if it was spent cleaning the toilets Acerbo 76 And later on when Jenna s pack welcomes a few newcomers with open arms, the new people don t feel so kind about her We ve got the bitch where we want her, now No escape from the dump we re gonna drop her at Acerbo 158 Apocalipstick is a thrilling novel for many reasons Acerbo incorporates a meaningful theme of never giving up with many unpredictable events that will send shivers down your spine She also balances romance and violence brilliantly which makes it an easy read for both sexes You ll be craving a sequel to this book just as much as these stalkers crave human flesh. I choose this book on a whim, horror novels not usually my genre of choice, but I love post apocalyptic books and movies, so I wanted to give it a try and all I can say is this book is AWESOME I loved the premise, I loved the characters, I loved the story I just loved it I can t sing it s praises enough With some of the traditional components typical of the zombie apocalypse, there are also unique ideas and actions that keeps this book interesting and unique.There is a super strong core of characters in the book, who work well together as a team both in terms of story line as well as actual teamwork The main character, Jenna, is an awkward outsider, surviving in a group where playing well with others means the difference between life and death Yet, we see peeks of a gentler and kinder Jenna, the one that was present prior to the outbreak We are able to follow the characters in their attempt to attain the promised land, with plenty of action and devastation along the way Jenna, Caleb, and Quentin form an interesting love triangle, between the old and new ways of life, with Jenna in the middle I was very pleased with the way that it resolved, and really look forward to reading the next book in the series I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a book a bit different than the normal urban fantasy post apocalypse novel It is a unique and enjoyable read.Two Hearts for hotness Check outreviews at sslyblog.wordpress.com 4.3 5Ah Another Zombie book It is always interesting to see what fresh angles an author can write the zombie apocalypse from With so much Zombie fiction out there, it s nice to come across something that has unique qualities This book follows the journey of Jenna, an apocalypse survivor It basically starts off about two to three years after the shit hits the fan and around 80 percent of the United States population dies out due to a mysterious illness Only, a lot of them do not remain dead, but instead return as Stalkers a.k.a ZOMBIES Oh Noes Jenna was picked up by a rag tag group of survivors about a year or so before and the story picks up with her continuing journey with the group However, the book is told from a third person point of view, allowing us a marginal peek inside the other characters heads as well Jenna was a character that was written with a lot of truth to her She is weak, make mistakes, and becomes despondent and bored, bordering on depressed She is withdrawn from her group and reluctant to really get to know a lot of them Although she does improve marginally throughout the novel WOO for character growth Her situation rang true to me, because not every character can be the hero persona who kicks major zombie ass and never tires and just totally DOMINATES when it comes to survival They never get tired or pass out from sheer exhaustion They are always strong and can do it themselves, damn it Don t get me wrong I ADORE these characters hehe Bad ass characters are the bomb I am just saying it is nice to read about the Zombie overtaking with such stark and frankly, depressing honesty There is no hot running water People stink The days do consist of mostly staring off of roofs, watching for danger, trying to sleep even though you are terrified, and being completely bored out of your mind People die People suck Nothing is sunshine and unicorns and rainbows..Speaking of sunshine I loved the Others aspect that was woven into the story With humans too weak to survive the undead on their own, groups of people are changed by the virus Instead of becoming Zombies or remaining humans, they are a sort of hybrid of the two Caleb just happens to be an other They are so fascinating, because they remind me of a different paranormal creature I am not going to tell you which one, but just know, it s cool He has a protective personality as well and I enjoyed him as a character He had an adorable smirk and joked around occasionally, which are never bad things in my opinion He always knew when Jenna was in a dark place and tried to help The romance was cute I liked the progression of the relationship from Jenna being uncomfortable around him, even though she had technically been in the same group with him for a while, to what they do eventually become There was zombies and other obstacles along the way, but I am content with the way the story ended Oh WARNING There is a smidgen of a love triangle, which I am opposed to, but it was not crazy or incredibly infuriating or anything, so I am good Besides, he was a bit of a dork, too Okay, I lied There s a huge love triangle lol But I didn t mind it in this book for some reason In general, they frustrate me, but yeah. All in all A fascinating, darker take on life after the Zombie apocalypse that, while not completely slap you in the face original, can definitely hold its own against the other versions out there I really enjoyed the elements that set it apart There was definitely a paranormal feel and I loved it I read it in one sitting And Would recommend it to fans of apocalypse novels, paranormal elements, and zombies Oh Oh Also, gore factor Woooo Let me just tell you, my mom would not be able to read it preview mucus sinew brains blood Actually, the descriptions were quite graphic t was soo gross There were a few typos that I found about 6 or so There was definitely a strong ending that led me to believe there will be an additional novel, which I will definitely read. Jenna is a survivor of an apocalypse that starts out as a virus, killing most of the world and producing flesh eating zombies Instead of getting ready for life after high school, she has to fight to stay alive She joins up with a band of fellow survivors, who watch out for each other and share whatever supplies they find, on their way to settling in a safe place She will also have to choose between two boys one human and one not.Caleb, an Other, is a fellow survivor and crew member Others are a result of the virus They are not zombies, but they have improved strength, regeneration and senses They also develop a new diet and sensitivity to sunlight Caleb and a few Others offer their help to fellow band members, trading their skills for protection during the day When Jenna joins the group, he is captivated by her toughness and beauty, wanting to get closer.Humanity is nearly wiped out after being struck with a virus, which causes the dead to rise as zombies and creates the Others After many close calls, the band of survivors makes it to a mountain retreat where they can start anew But freedom from zombies is not freedom from all danger, which will visit them again During this, Jenna will have to choose to continue to mourn for what is lost or look to the future and, despite the apocalypse, see that love and hope are still possible.This story is a terrific and smooth read It has the perfect balance of action and suspense, vivid characters and robust descriptions The romance between Jenna, Caleb and Quentin is well done and is blessedly free of a lot of angst that some love triangles have The end suggests another book, which would be good, since this is a fascinating post apocalyptic world containing great characters that have a lot of potential I would certainly suggest this story to someone who loves paranormal romance, with action and suspense, along with zombies.Official Review Coffee Time Romance More Book Info Kindle Edition, 206 pagesPublished August 1st 2013 by Eternal PressASIN B00EDYQUSAedition language EnglishSource Kindle version borrowed from Public Library Book Buy LinksBN BOOK SYNOPSIS Life is bad after the apocalypse the undead just made it worse.Jenna should be having the time of her life at college Instead, her one desire is survival She lives in a world gone insane after a virus kills most of the population Being alive after the apocalypse is bad, but when the undead return, hungry for humans, times turn darker For Jenna and a small group of survivors, the goal is to reach the High Point Inn At the inn, Jenna develops feelings for Caleb, who, while exotic and intoxicating, is not quite human Will this new utopia last My Thoughts As an impulse read this turned out to be a good idea, enjoyed the concept of how the group made it to High Point Inn in Virginia after going through pretty much the equivalent of some of the worst experiences that would have reduced less strong individuals to a gibbering mess of humanity.As the author clearly intended this to be a mixture of normal zombie lore with a few unique spins of her own have to say was impressed with how she pulled it off, especially when things became fairly routine near the last and then she shook up the group with a threat they never imagined.As a few others have noted there is a dratted cliffhanger but it fires my imagination envisioning what is to come in book number 2Kindle version borrowed from Public Library Jenna is one of the human survivors after a virus changed the world Now stalkers roam the world looking for humans to eat and some humans have become something else Something other As Jenna travels with other survivors and others to High Point Inn they suffer loss and bond together as a group At the Inn Jenna finds she has feelings for Caleb even if he is an other and not quite human She has a hard time letting go of the past and not everyone who survived is good Her feelings have her confused and the stalkers aren t the only danger around.Yes another book with undead which I love however his one has a new twist to it If you don t like books with zombies you may still like this one They aren t the real main focus of the book There is something else called others and they are kind of like vampires but they aren t the usual type Jenna is a tough character who somehow always finds herself right in the middle of trouble She doesn t trust easy and with her past I can see why but she is a pretty good judge of character It s getting everyone to listen to her that is the problem She likes Caleb but is torn and mostly just wants things to go back to the way it was before the virus She has to learn that won t happen and that she has a great guy right in front of her Caleb is so awesome He is always protecting Jenna and always there for her This book has plenty of action and keeps you guessing what will happen next As it seems some have different ideas on how the survivors should act This leads to Jenna being right in danger again but she never seems to give up I have to say I have to know what happens next and can t wait for the next book The author has done an amazing job with this book. I received a copy of this book through Goodreads in exchange for an honest review.I think this book has a really unique premise The idea of others vampires teaming up with humans to fight stalkers zombies is really cool And let s face it, this is a pretty kick ass title.Unfortunately, for me, this basically turned out to be Twlight during the zombie apocalypse The main character, Jenna, is pretty much a slightlylikeable version of Bella Swan Throughout the book Jenna is regarded as a fierce fighter, tough, and strong, but in almost ever fight scene whether against a human, an other, or a stalker someone comes in and saves Jenna I think she herself killed only one stalker in the text The narrator references Jenna s previous kills, but the reader doesn t actually witness them Also, other characters literally carry Jenna around all the time I don t think you could ask for a weaker female lead.Caleb is just as moody and creepy as Edward Cullen, creating another eye rolling teen romance in the same vein as Twilight, just withsex.Despite the major character flaws, the language was amazing The diction used is outstanding and I have never read better gruesome descriptions of the decomposition of zombies Acerbo clearly has a talent with words Her descriptions are truly inspiring But for me, the character development just wasn t there, making it difficult to really get into the book Plot wise there is enough twists and turns to keep the book relatively interesting, but I just could not get passed the awful characters. To say I had low expectations for Apocalipstick by Lisa Acerbo would be an understatement But it s October and I devote October to horror reads and movies only, especially Zombie horror, and this book had been sitting in my R.E.A.D.S Overdrive reading list for almost a year, so I decided it was time to tackle it My confidence in this book was not bolstered when I realized that not only did a super virus kill most of humanity and cause the dead to rise up to consume the living, but some people who got the virus did not die, but were instead turned into vampires That s right I had unknowingly picked up a teenage vampire novel I have to admit that at the realization, I retreated to the corner of my closet where I sat huddled and rocking repeating over and over NoTwilight It was some kind of PTSD flashback But I had already started the book and I figured I would just slog through it I relished the fact that I had not written a truly scathing book review in several months and I was already starting to feel at tinge of glee in what I was going to write.Imagine my surprise when I found myself actually enjoying the book The author Lisa Acerbo writes quite well and I found myself drawn to the characters and the story line even before she took those stabs at Twilight in chapter 14 I loved the interplay between the characters in the novel, not just our heroine Jenna and her love interest Caleb, but the entire group dynamic of the survivors These interplays could have sustained the entire novel As in most of the zombie genre, it is the interplay of the survivors that make or break the novel.I felt the book took a dramatic downturn when the new survivors, Tundra and her group, were introduced To me the author did not delve deep enough into the characters of these new survivors and this part of the plot felt very rushed Tundra was introduced in chapter 16 and by chapter 17 things are getting menacing about the survivor base That was a shame because I found the ideas behind Tundra s actions quite intriguing and wantedexplanation to it I rarely say this, but this novel would have benefited by 100pages to build up the threat posed by Tundra and her group.All and all, I m going to say this book shocked me by how good it really was I hope this bodes well for my other October reads 4 of 5 stars. Amazing book I couldn t put it down for a second I totally love zombie stories they catch your interest and there is never a dull moment Lisa Acerbo accentuates that in this incredible tale full of not only action but love and intrigue as well While the undead are everywhere and danger lurks around every corner what girl would be caught in this Apocalypse without her Apocalipstick For a small town girl like Jenna like after the Apocalypse pretty much sucks She misses her family, friends and the simple pleasures that life had to offer like going to the mall or hanging out with friends Life since the undead have risen up has pretty much been one fight after the other with her as the main dish She has had to learn to be tough on the outside as even though fighting is a group effort Jenna knows she will always only have herself to count on.However everything changes when the group make for the High point Inn a place they hope will be a place of peace and safety Jenna starts to have feelings for Caleb, one of the groups others people who have enhanced abilities because of the virus Can this blissful peace really last or is it just the calm before the storm I loved the story to this the characters where amazing and the ending totally cliff hanger I can t wait to read the next book There were some really neat twists in this story and I really enjoyed how the characters played off of one another.Lisa Acerbo is a brilliant author and I can t wait to readof her work if you haven t read this yet I totally recommend it tbr it today

Lisa Acerbo loves to read, write, drink coffee and wine, and rescue foster dogs Her new book, Twelve Months of Awkward Moments, is due out August 2018 from Torrid Press She writes under the pen name Dakota Star The Sweet Life, published under her pen name by Limitless Press, is due out April 2018.

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