ArabellaTo Arabella Tallant, The Eldest Daughter Of A Penniless Country Clergyman, The Invitation To Stay With Her London Godmother Was Like The Key To Heaven, For In Addition To Living In The Glamorous City, Arabella Might Even Find A Suitable Husband There Armed With Beauty, Virtue And A Benevolent Godmother, The Impetuous But Impoverished Arabella Embarked On Her First London Season With Her Mother S Wish In Mind Snare A Rich Husband On Her Way To London Arabella S Carriage Breaks Down Outside The Hunting Lodge Of The Wealthy And Socially Prominent Robert Beaumaris, Fate Cast Her In His Path Arabella S Only Fault Is Impetuosity, And Her Pride Stung When She Overhears A Remark Of Her Path Of Arrogant Host, Who Accused Her Of Being Another Petty Female After His Wealth, The Proud, Headstrong Ingenue Made A Most Startling Claim She Was An Heiress A Pretense That Deeply Amuses The Jaded Beau To Counter Her White Lie, Beaumaris Launches Her Into High Society And Thereby Subjects Her To All Kinds Of Amorous Fortune Hunters In London And Other EmbarrassmentsSuddenly Arabella Found Herself The Talk Of The Ton And Pursued By Some Of The Most Eligible Young Men Of The Day But Only One Caught Arabella S Fancy Beaumaris, The Handsome And Dedicated Bachelor She Should Know Better Than To Allow Herself To Be Provoked By Nonpareil Beau But Would Her Deceitful Charade Destroy Her One Chance For True Love Beaumaris, However, Although A Most Artful Matrimonial Dodger, Badly Underestimated His Seemingly Naive Adversary When Compassionate Arabella Rescues Such Unfortunate Creatures As A Mistreated Chimney Sweep And A Mixed Breed Mongrel, She Foists Them Upon Beaumaris, Who Finds He Rather Enjoys The Role Of Rescuer And Is Soon Given The Opportunity To Prove His Worth In The Person Of Bertram Tallant, The Also Impetuous Young Brother Of Arabella I haven t read this in years and I absolutely loved it The Tallant family are a delight It was chapter three before Arabella left for London and I must confess I would have liked it to be a couple of I loved the family dynamic here and would have liked to have spent time with them It is definitely one of her witty books I laughed out loud than once The cant in this is brilliant and some of the names that Heyer comes up with are priceless Leaky Peg and Quartern Sue are inspired We have some wonderful fops and dandies in this book One thought though, if people did carry on this way in the Regency period then the arrogance and snobbery is breathtaking Even, in the beginning, Beaumaris is unbearable but the love of a good woman conquers all.A wonderful read that I d highly recommend. Arabella is one of the charming and funny Georgette Heyer books that I ve read, with a major plus in the form of one of my favorite Heyer book boyfriends, Mr Robert Beaumaris Arabella Tallant is a lovely, unspoiled girl, but certain to be hampered in the eyes of London society by the fact that she s a poor country vicar s daughter from Yorkshire Nevertheless, her optimistic mother prevails on Arabella s high society godmother to sponsor her in making her debut into society So despite Arabella s and her father s misgivings, off she goes, with strict instructions to find a rich husband so she can help bring out her younger sisters later On the road to London, there s an accident with Arabella s carriage, and she and her companion ask for shelter in a nearby hunting box owned by one of the leading lights of London society, Robert Beaumaris, a handsome and extremely wealthy man Arabella overhears the rather arrogant Beaumaris tell his friend that he s certain Arabella has pursued him from London and has made up the carriage accident as an excuse She s so incensed by this accusation that she immediately launches into a series of reckless lies, telling Beaumaris and his friend that she s a wealthy heiress who is unutterably weary of all the fuss people make over her Beaumaris realizes she s making this all up and is vastly amused, but his gullible friend believes the story, especially after Beaumaris tongue firmly in cheek confirms that of course he knows of the Tallant fortune A few days later Arabella is horrified, as she begins to go about in society, to find that word has spread and everyone in London society now believes she s an heiress To seal the deal, Beaumaris whimsically begins to pay her particular attention, just to make certain that her Season is a success As they get to know each other better their attraction grows, and Beaumaris, a confirmed bachelor, starts to reconsider his status But Arabella feels caught by the web her lie has created and doesn t know who she can trust, or who will still care about her when her poverty becomes known.Arabella is a sympathetic heroine, naive but also self aware, and determinedly resistant of the natural inclination to fall head over heels in love with Robert Beaumaris, convinced that he ll only hurt her in the end Robert finds Arabella refreshing as he gets to know her better, despite or accurately, because of her charitable impulses, which land him with a mongrel dog and worse It s great fun to watch these two try to come to an understanding in spite of the lie that is still pushing them apart.Minus a star for a subplot about Arabella s brother getting into some severe gambling trouble, which I thought was predictable and almost painfully embarrassing to read I skimmed that part on reread , and for Arabella s overdone silliness and naivete at the very end, combined with a dollop of paternalistic attitude from Beaumaris that I m sure read better back in 1949 when this book was first published But other than that, Heyer s wit shines in this book, and it s a delicious Regency romp. WOW, what an absolutely fantastic read Arabella was.This Heyer combines all that s best about regency romances, starting with a well crafted hero Cause let s face it ladies, we all like a swoon worthy book man And I m here to tell you that Robert Beaumaris has got it in spades He s charming but not overbearing He s slightly jaded but not an out an out rake , he s a bit world weary but not cynical , and most important of all, he s got a dry sense of humor, especially when it comes to his fashion sense in dandelion boutineers and conversations with canine mutts just read the book and you ll see what I mean about the last two He channels a little Mr Darcy, a little Captain Wentworth and, surprisingly enough to me, a little Rory Frost from my favorite book of all time, Trade Wind Not many readers are going to understand that last reference at all, because these two books have absolutely nothing in common in style, content or plotline However, one of the best moments in both these books comes when the jaded hero steps up and takes on a problem because he knows it will help the heroine yet cause countless difficulties for himself The best part about this plot device is that no one is surprised then the hero himself that he makes this offer It s as if he can t help himself, and it s at that moment he knows his heart is irrevocably lost to the heroine I.MELT.EVERY.TIME.The heroine Arabella is also a good character She s young and naive, but she s not overtly silly and helpless although Heyer overdoes it with all her blushing She cares for defenseless things, is willing to fight for what she believes in, and plays the older, worldly wise Beaumaris with a surprisingly deft hand in the game of love These two, you feel, will have a very good life together, because they bring out the better elements in each other s character In a word, they are believable.It goes without saying that this is a clean read, but it s not an easy one with all the cant speak and idioms Heyer uses It gives the novel a very authentic voice, but it s not always easy for modern readers to follow Heyer was a prodigious researcher, and I d be willing to bet there s not many people who have or had a better grasp of Regency England then she did It shows, and it makes for a rich and detailed read that goes beyond the romance.Until a future Heyer read challenges my vote, Arabella is now my favorite Heyer romance If another can top it, then I m excited to find it, since I faced the exquisite quandry of wanting to find out what happened at the end, and conversely never wanting it to end.Well done, Georgette Well done. This isn t the book cover I have the copy I read was by Mandarin Publishing in the 1990s Arabella looks nothing like I envisage her but this is my favourite Heyer cover ever so I m using this one.In spite of some stiff competition from Fridays Child Cotillion, this is my favourite Heyer Regency I am still a little in love with Robert Beaumaris Ulysses is my favourite minor GH character I love the way that Arabella has other motivations character in her life other than finding a rich husband the book does contain many insights into what life was like for the less fortunate in Regency times.Edit 2 7 18 This time this is the edition I read I still love this cover, even though Arabella is a brunette.This is still a 5 read for me, but it is no longer my favourite Heyer Regency In fact, it may have slipped out of my top 5 of Heyer s romances The main reason is the amount of time Arabella s tiresome brother Bertram receives I appreciate GH s realistic portrayal of view spoiler a naive young man living beyond his means hide spoiler

The Black Moth.In 1925 she married George Ronald Rougier, a mining engineer Rougier later became a barrister and he often provided basic plot outlines for her thrillers Beginning in 1932, Heyer released one romance novel and one thriller each year.Heyer was an intensely private person who remained a best selling author all her life without the aid of publicity She made no appearances, never gave an interview and only answered fan letters herself if they made an interesting historical point She wrote one novel using the pseudonym Stella Martin.Her Georgian and Regencies romances were inspired by

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