Arcadias Curse (Arcadia Series #2)

Arcadias Curse (Arcadia Series #2) Aaaaaah this book was so good Cady is a fantastically strong female lead, and I greatly admire her But, like all good characters, she is also flawed She has communication issues, but when you ve been through what she s been through, you can hardly blame her.The story picks up not long after the first book dropped off, and Cady is pretty miserable with her new empathy abilities She selflessly allows her boyfriend to behave recklessly since they both know she can heal any injuries he gives himself, despite the fact that healing him completely drains her I loved Bryan in the first book, but now I m not so sure He ll have to do some serious redeeming in book three However, I must say that Cady handles their complicated relationship extremely well in the end of the novel I was even a bit proud of her for being so strong and making sure she s taking care of herself before worrying about everyone else.Arcadia s Curse also introduces a few new characters, and I was pleasantly surprised that I instantly liked all of them I was used to the cast from Arcadia s Gift, but Bastian and Alejandra were brilliant, and I love the way these new friendships developed.The plot was also very well thought out It builds slowly, so you have time to really get to know the characters and care about what happens to them.Beautifully written, can t wait for the next one Arcadia Day was in no way prepared for the death of her twin sister in the first book of this series, Arcadia s Curse, nor was she prepared for empathic abilities to begin manifesting and generally ruining her day to day life The battle to control her new extra sense hasn t gotten any easier in book two Cady is struggling to get through one day at a time School is a nightmare as the raging emotions of hundreds of teens scramble her ability to think Hope comes in the form of an invitation to join a research group away from home that studies psychic phenomena Ready to try anything, Cady agrees to go, but the experience turns out to have a darker side than she was ever expecting.I really enjoyed the first book in this series, so I was excited to get a copy of book two Some of the great aspects from book one, like great characters that were easy to connect with and relate to definitely carried over into this book I found myself going on an emotional roller coaster ride with Cady as she struggled to make it through each day, but Ryan manages to give readers a connection with every character, no matter how small of a part they play.I was surprised by how much I sympathized with Cane Cady s sister s ex boyfriend who has developed strong feelings for Cady I really found myself liking him and applauding his protectiveness of Cady Bryan, who I loved in the first book got under my skin a little as intended when he began focusing too much on himself and not realizing how much Cady was being affected The new characters Cady meets in association with the research program will pull readers in from the moment they meet them Bastian, especially, will catch readers attention with his troubled heart and damaged soul I loved the relationship Cady and Bastian developed, bonding over their difficult experiences.The storyline itself was expertly developed The focus moved from Cady figuring out what was happening to her with the new abilities she was experiencing to learning how to live a normal life while experiencingemotions than one person was meant to feel and process The initial chapters deal with Cady trying to manage on her own, but she soon realizes it isn t working Knowing who to turn to isn t easy though Telling her best friend and her father about her abilities scares herthan she can admit, but when a friend she met online offers her a chance to leave home and really learn how to live as an empath without losing her mind, Cady doesn t see any other option.I suppose it should be fitting that a story about an empath should be absolutely drenched in emotion, but I was still surprised by how much this story got to me Cady personal struggle is enough on it s own to captivate readers She is a wonderfully deep and soulful character The emotional pull escalates, however, when Cady is drawn into and assignment for the company funding the research project and she finds herself locked up with the expectation to do as she is told Cady is given no choice in her role in the assignment and it broke my heart to watch her nearly crumble in the face of such a terrible experience Not many books make me cry, but this one did I simply could not stop reading, hoping someone would get there in time to rescue Cady before there was nothing left to rescue I don t have a single complaint about this book, and I would highly recommend it to just about any reader I can t wait for the next book I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I was super excited to get my hands on this book, as I read the first in this series and absolutely loved it Arcadia s Gift welcomed us into the life of Arcadia Cady Day, who loses her twin sister Lony in a horrific and tragic train accident As if the accident wasn t difficult enough, immediately afterwards she receives psychic gifts Arcadia s Curse picks up where the first left off, joining Cady and her cast of high school friends Cady is struggling with her gifts, and the empathy makes school nearly impossible for her to get through When an opportunity to be surrounded by others with similar gifts arises, Cady packs up and moves to an institute in Chicago There the story really heightens, as Cady finds herself in a situation that is downright horrifying The book as a whole is really terrific, but the second half is near impossible to put down I m really curious to see where the third book will take us Please don t miss this series I absolutely loved this book I enjoyed the first book in the series and this one is even better We see Cady embrace her empathic and healing gifts but also learnabout the dangerous side effects Thankfully she finds others like her and is able to go and explore her gifts in a safe environment Unfortunately things don t stay so safe and I would have never guessed the trouble Cady finds herself in by the end of the book Totally engrossing I can t wait for book 3 I read this and Arcadia s Gift in pretty much one straight sitting, so needless to say, I LOVE these books The second book was even better than the firstand I was completely riveted to the whole idea of the school where Cady ends up, and the new characters introduced, as well as some of the intrigue provided by her beingvisible for her special gifts as well as some of the conflict and confusion in her love life I finished book 2 even faster than book 1, and if the third book had been ready yet come on, Jesi lol I would have bought it on my kindle on the spot.In general, I m realizing there s a certain quality to books I really love, that s difficult to put into words I know part of it s voice, but it feels likethan that to me It slike a kind of presence inhabited by the books, that tip the fictional worlds into the quasi real for mewhere I believe in the characters in a whole different way level Unfortunately, this is a difficult thing to pass in a review or a sales blurb, for that matter , but it is the one thing that tips a book for me from a yeah, it was good review to HOLY CRAP I LOVED THIS I need to find some way to articulate that thing whatever it is, because to me, it s what I m constantly in search of as a reader and seemingly never find as often as I would like.Anyway,all of that being said, that thing is definitely in Jesi Lea Ryan s writing and books I LOVE this seriesshe s made a life long fan of me already. Last year, when I first started reviewing, I got to read a book titled Arcadia s Gift, by this same author I really enjoyed the book and was very excited to find out what happened next I mean, the story was original and well written A twin whose sister dies tragically, leaving her able to sense the emotions of those around her Pretty darn awesome Book two picked up after the first book Arcadia, or Cady, is happy well, sorta She s learning to block the feelings of those around her so she doesn t get overwhelmed, but it s taking a toll on her physically Oh, and her boyfriend has decided that he wants to do daredevil feats now that he knows she can heal him if something goes wrong That part really upset me Made me feel as if he was only using her When Cady decides to become part of a group of psychics, funded by the Bristol Group, she has to leave her loved ones behind and begin the next part of her journey There, she s surrounded by people just like her A dream walker, a telepath, and a telekinetic, just to name a few Things aren t perfect there, but when Cady goes on an unsanctioned assignment, things turn ugly The action and suspense picks up by 10 notches Cady is faced with a lot of hard decisions and the fact that she may not make it out alive The book is really good I was able to finish it rather quickly, and my family had to basically pry me away in order for me to put it down If you re a fan of mystery, intrigue, and some hot to trot guys, pick up this book You won t be disappointed Now I have to wait to see what happens next don t know how patient I can be LOL I don t really want to say too much about this one because you have to read the first one first It just makessense The second book picks up shortly after the first one ends, on Arcadia s 17th birthday She s basically learned how to deal with her gift and all that it includes a nice twist at the end of the first book that I don t want to ruin , but she s still experiencing horrible headaches In fact, just when she thinks she s getting it under control, she starts to exhibit some weird side effects of using them.She s also been studying upon psychic gifts Through her studies, she encountered a girl who can walk through dreams, Alejandra When Alejandra struts into Cady s dreams one night and tells her about a group that can help her learn to deal better, Cady is curious As much as she doesn t want to leave her home, family and Bryan, she heads off to Chicago to spend time at the University and learnabout her gifts Except now she s in a room full of strangers who don t know about her unique extra ability that comes with her empathy Worse, if they found out, they d probably want to use her for nefarious purposes Seriously, I don t want to spoil anything here Just know that Arcadia s Curse is written in the same brilliant style as Arcadia s Gift It s a fantastic continuation of the story Although it was a bit jarring to have Cady move from a familiar environment to an unfamiliar, that alone shows just how easy it is to connect with Jesi Lea Ryan s characters. Firstly I d like to thank the author for sending me this eBook to read and give an honest review I couldn t wait to start this because I had already read and loved the first book Arcadia s Gift, my review of this can be found on my blog.This book began on Cady s birthday and after a quick catch up of what had happened previously I swiftly fell back into the storyline The love triangle that had intrigued me so much last time was still present and continued to tease my romantic imagination.Cady s abilities took her to some dark yet exciting places, I just loved how she was still learning about herself and at the same time trying to continue a somewhat normal life When she met Alejandra, the other gifted girl, I assumed things would get easier for her but boy was I wrong The institute and the people involved in it absolutely fascinated me and in my opinion took the story to a whole new level I was excited by the action and curious about the new characters, particularly Bastian who appeared to have some pretty dark secrets just waiting to come out.Some of the events towards the end were difficult to read but I still loved every minute of it I was on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what would happen This was one of those books that I just couldn t put down and I finished it in less than a day, I m now eagerly awaiting the next book to see where I ll be taken next.This was an exciting, action packed read that thoroughly captured my imagination Seereviews on my blog was so excited when I got the chance to review Arcadia s Curse I really enjoyed the first book and was excited to see what was going to happen next for Arcadia This book starts off after the fist one left off Cady is still trying to get her empath gift under control Her grades are slipping and things with Bryan are kind of complicated Her ability to heal people leaves her with migraines and drains her of energy She can t take it any and wants to quit school She finds some peace when she sleeps and a new friend of hers visits her in her dreams Things for Cady are about to change drastically Her life will be forever different Relationships changed Will Cady ever get her gift under control Will her life ever be normal Cady gets the opportunity to go to a new school if you will A place where people with gifts like her learn how to control them and block out feelings It also does work with the government To help them catch bady guys while using their gifts In order to do this Cady has to tell her dad about her gift This doesn t go ever well at first but, he will come around We get some new characters in this one Dr Helbo that helps her with her gift, Alejandra who is a dream walker, and Bastian who can move things with his mind Cady decides to give this program a try Its a huge decision to make To leave everyone she cares about and be hours away Will this make a difference for Cady Or will it give Cadyproblems Now to the guys Cady is still with Bryan She has really strong feelings for him I really liked him in the fist book but, less in the second I really felt like he used Cady as an excuse to do dangerous thing because she could heal him Without thinking about how much it affected her physically Cane is still around and has feelings for Cady however Cady does not feel the same I think there is something going on with Cane I can t put my finger on it but, something isn t right I could be completely wrong though haha Bastian is a whole other story Cady claims numerous times there are no romantic feelings there but, I kind of wish there were I like Bastian I think he can relate so muchto Cady s situation then the other guys I loved this book This is what a sequel done right is suppose to be Amazing characters and great story line I was on the edge of my seat until the very end So many crazy things happen toward the end of the book Cady has changed and she now knowsabout her gifts and what she is truly capable of I am so excited to see where book 3 will take us Think High School Sucks Try Being An Empath Who Has To Experience Everyone Else S Suckage On Top Of Your Own Literally In The Months Since Her Family Life Imploded And Her Psychic Gifts Began To Arise, Cady Has Struggled To Figure Out How She Can Fit Into Her Normal Life Without Going Crazy From The Constant Presence Of Emotional Energy Her Grades Have Tanked Her Best Friend Is Afraid Of Her And She Begins To Have Doubts About Why Her Boyfriend, Bryan, Is Really Keeping Her Around But A Chance Meeting With Another Gifted Girl Online Opens Up A Whole New World Of Possibilities Unfortunately, This New World Comes At An Awful Price The Build Of The Story Is A Slow Burn, Like A Fuse Curling Through An Empty Storehouse ONLY To Find Out That The Fuse Is Attached To Ten Tons Of Fireworks Holy Climax, Batman Shannon Mayer, Author Of Priceless

USA Today Bestselling Author Jesi Lea Ryan grew up in the Mississippi River town of Dubuque, IA She holds bachelor degrees in creative writing and literature and a masters degree in business She considers herself a well rounded nerd who can spend hours on the internet researching things like British history, anthropology of ancient people, geography of random parts of the world, bad tattoos and

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