Armageddon the Musical

Armageddon the MusicalAbsolutely, without a shadow of a doubt my favourite trilogy of all time Rankin has been often compared to Pratchet, but in my opinion he outshines him by far.This book has elements from reality and a vast imagination inside of Rankin s mind that will make you take a look into your very soul and examine it.Barry the sprout is an inspiration to us all. This is my first book by Robert Rankin and I came to it knowing almost nothing It is indeed written in a style reminiscent of Douglas Adams work absurdist SF with caustic one liners and waaaaaay too much shit happening all the time It s all about the fast paced, seemingly LSD and mushroom fueled story line, with weird characters doing odd things and a world built out of vulgarity and contradictions I am 100% into that kind of stuff, if it s done right I m aware that not many readers can sit through this kind of prose, because it is jumpy and fast paced, but give it a shot As with the best in the genre, you might find that there is some astute social, political and in general human commentary underneath it all. To The Top Selling Ranks Of Humorists Such As Douglas Adams And Terry Pratchett, Let Us Welcome Mr Rankin The TimesLondonFrom The Point Of View Of , You Re HistoryTheological Warfare, Elvis On An Epic Time Travel Journey The Presliad Buddhavision A Network Bigger Than God And Powerful, Too Nasty Nuclear Leftovers Naughty Sex Habits Dalai Dan The Rd Reincarnation Of The Lama Of That Ilk And Barry, The Talkative Time Sprout Even With All This Excitement, You Wouldn T Think A Backwater Planet Like Earth Makes Much Of A Splash In The Galactic PondBut The Soap Opera Called The Earthers Is Making Big Video Bucks In The Intergalactic Ratings Race And Alien TV Execs Know Exactly What The Old Earth Drama Needs To Make The Off World Audience Sit Up And Stare A Spectacular Armageddon Type Finale With A Cast Of Billions Including You There are people who would love Rankin s zany take on the apocalypse For me it s way too freewheeling and manic for me to enjoy it It s as if The Hitchhiker s Guide was rewritten by someone on speed, smooshing all sorts of ideas in an almost incomprehensible mish mosh We ve got Elvis, we ve got a talking sprout, a future incarnation of the Dalai Lama, Jesus and his twin sister Christine, television, and post nuclear mad max shenanigans I can t say that this book has no redeeming features, nor that there s not an audience for it I can only say that I thoroughly did not enjoy it. This is a strange mix of Good Omens The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch, The Truman Show and Redshirts And when I say strange I mean strange, but in a really good and fun way.People who can t laugh at Christianity or L Ron Hubbard should probably steer clear though. Rankin has been compared to Pratchett and Adams this is unfair Rankin is Rankin in the same way as Pratchett is Pratchett, they shouldn t be compared because although both are brilliant they are brilliant in quite astoundingly different ways All of Rankin s books have a different feel to them, and if you didn t know, you could swear that some were written by different authors but despite that there are always those rankin touches the Running Gag oh how we love the running gag not just running through chapters but running through every book Armageddon the musical is a start of a trilogy of books all concerned with yup, the end of the world The good guys include Rex Mundi King of the world, although only by name Elvis Aron or Aaron, no one is really sure Presley Barry the loqacious sprout, what better could you ask for The plot twists and weaves and is quite complex but it all makes sense and it all adds up to the really and tottaly unexpected trick ending no, don t skip forward, you ll spoil it I have heard it said that it s not as Rankin esque as The book of Ultimate Truths but that s one of Rankin s Strengths, There s always something new Buy this buy all his others too You ll be happy. Earth is being manipulated by aliens who are using it as a reality TV show Trouble is, ratings have now slumped for the post apocalyptic world were everything is controlled by 3 main religions, so they decide to send a time travelling sprout back to 1958 to contact Elvis Presley and alter the course of history The fact that this plot seems perfectly plausible is testament to Robert Rankin s excellent rating and alarming imagination Also has the usual running gags Ian Paisley etc and the customary glossing over of continuity errors that are his trade mark. hilarious its the future 2050 the characters of dalai lama, elvis priestly who the former thinks will kill him, is being brought back to earth to up the ratings of the soap opera the Earthers by the planet phnaargos, who feel that all that has been happening on earth is war , killings, blood violence sex and need to inject the viewing with something different but this goes awry thanks to the GOD wo is also side stepped by his sister.this si cosmic fun in all its galaxious humour This is the first Rankin book I read, back in the early 90 s, and I ve lost count of how many times I ve re read it since. As always Robert Rankins alternate universe is one full of surprises I am a fan of time sprouts and enjoyed the time travel in this story I particularly enjoyed Rankins comic take on a post apocolyptic Earth and his views on realty TV and the ideas of a master plan I found to be as agreeable as they were hilarious The unwitting hero Rex is a well written if put upon character and who doesnt love a bit of Elvis My favourite parts of the story did focus around some of the supporting cast of Cahracters and I literally LOL d during the parts of the story concerning Eric and Rambo Definitely worth a read and I will definitely be continuing with the adventures of Elvis and his time sprout in the remainder of the trilogy.

When Robert Rankin embarked upon his writing career in the late 1970s, his ambition was to create an entirely new literary genre, which he named Far Fetched Fiction He reasoned that by doing this he could avoid competing with any other living author in any known genre and would be given his own special section in WH Smith from Web Site Story Robert Rankin describes himself as a teller of tall

[PDF / Epub] ☆ Armageddon the Musical By Robert Rankin –
  • Paperback
  • 252 pages
  • Armageddon the Musical
  • Robert Rankin
  • English
  • 19 February 2018
  • 9780440503477

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