Arthur C. Clarke: The Authorized Biography

Arthur C. Clarke: The Authorized Biography3 1 2 stars Interesting and detailed biography covering most of Clarke s life and the impact he had on science, telecommunications, and science fiction Anyone interested in Golden Age science fiction authors will find it insightful I enjoyed reading about Clarke s work with Stanley Kubrick on the 2001 movie, life in Sri Lanka Ceylon , the Clarke Asimov treaty, his television work including moon landings with Walter Cronkite , and numerous world travels This book only briefly touches on Clarke s sexuality and does not have mention of the accusations of pedophilia. Arthur C Clarke Has Been A Household Name Since , When The Film A Space Odyssey Rocketed Him To Popular Fame McAleer Explores Clarke S Personal Vision And Career As One Of The Th Century S Most Popular And Influential Writers And Reveals The Life Experiences And Creative Forces That Have Shaped The Man Behind The Legend Photographs An excellent work by Neil McAleer The biographer addresses thoroughly the many aspects of Sir ACC personality including his private life and the alleged pedophellia issue The few omissions I would have liked some reference to the Hammer of God and ACC colaborative works Richter 10 and Trigger do not affect the overal quality of the space age pioneer biography. Quite good, especially on the young Clark who was a very odd and interesting young man, almost otherworldly, who was nonetheless focused like a laser on his favorite topic planetary astronomy and rockets This is the Clark who came up with the idea of geosynchronous communications satellites which he lived to see, of course Much of interest Clark spent a great deal of his life living in Sri Lanka Clark was practically a professional scuba diver, and was coowner, and very active partner, of an underwater recovery business for quite a while Final couple of chapters are deadly dull They consist of literally one description after another of trips to give speeches and receive awards Clark s naive, unexamined, ultimately insipid one worldism, which was usually the subject of his speeches and non science fiction appearances, is presented at length and as writ from on high by McAleer, who otherwise show excellent taste in quote selection His disagreement with Heinlein over the Strategic Defense Initiative Heinlein was correct is presented as something completely out of the blue, but actually becomes an illustration of Clark s disengagement from reality and his surrender of what had been his stubbornly independent mind to the reigning internationalist zeitgeist of those days But these are distractions from an otherwise good job by McAleer I very much recommend the book for those interested in Clark and science fiction. The book could have been at least 60 pages shorter and 10 times readable for all the boring mentions of publishing dates, publishing houses, papers published, meetings with people that could have been footnote s, for those who want to know. Good summary of the lifetime achievements of science fiction s greatest optimist. Interesting biography Titan of sci fi and science writing Fascinating individual Enjoyed immensely. If I had to say anything bad about this book is that it is detailed to a fault It s extremely well researched and written in a way that puts you next to Clarke s life every step of the way It was really interesting to know about his infancy and young life, as well as his military career as a RADAR officer in World War II His prolific years in the 1950 s were very interesting to read about too Of course his association with Stanley Kubrick and the creation of 2001 is the best part of the book.I must admit that I grew a little tired of the descriptions of all the major events, seminars, meetings, etc that Clarke took part after he became an internationally renowed author and public figure The book gets really repetitive after the 1980 s Clarke had a very long life, and this is a really long book, perhaps too long But it s a great biography of this science fiction master. Biography of a greatest science fiction writer who ever lived.Even if it was bad I would give it five stars.But it s not.It is wonderful, full of fascinating detailes and anegdotes.McAleer did a brilliant job recreating a fascinating life of a brilliant man.Here we have Clarke s childhood,his childlike brilliance,his love of science and science fiction and rationality,his army days as a radar oficer,his passion for diving and the ocean,his work with a genius of equal rank,the one and only,Stanley Kubrick,and ,so much.It kept me awake long into the night and then even longer.Probably my favorite book this year.P.S.I don t understand why McAleer didn t write anything about Clarke s collaboration with Mike Mcquay RICHTER 10 and Michael Kube Mcdowell THE TRIGGER.While I haven t read THE TRIGGER,RICHTER 10 is a than solid work and deserves to be mentioned.Ignorig those writers is the only flaw in this otherwise flawless book.

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