ArthurI read this book in high school I m sure I read it before the year I graduated, but since I can t remember the specific year, I ll just put 96 This book was fantastic when I read it in High School It was truly a different perspective to the story of King Arthur than in books that I originally read on Arthur It s interesting that in many depictions of Arthur, the version of Christianity that he is depicted of following differs from story to story, and in this version, Arthur s Christianity probably follows aGnostic version of Christianity, as a result of Merlin s Atlantean Mystic leanings All in all, this novel includes a lotCeltic ideas than other versions of King Arthur s story Great read. Then, upon waking one morning, it came into my mind that Morgian, Queen of Air and Darkness, was fear driven It is so simple Why did she act now after all these years Because something drove her to act and the something was fear Morgian was afraid.I m so glad I got around to re reading this book It s such a brilliant book about the Arthurian legend It shows Arthur becoming a great and strong king to rule over Britain but also focus on the other people that helped get him there, with a huge focus on the Merlin Arthur friendship.I think my favourite parts will always be the parts between Merlin and Morgian the way you can feel their old friendship still lingering just below the surface but it can never be the same way ever again because too much has happened.The one thing I don t really enjoy about Lawhead s writing is the way he drags on the battles and camping scenes, I understand their relevance but a lot of the time the small battles that mean nothing go on for pages and then aren t at all related to the task at hand and that bothers me a fair bit about his writing and seems to be a common element.I do love how descriptive he is with scenery and characters and how extremely evolved his characters are, they feel so real and are very relatedable which is sometimes hard to find with Arthurian literature. Rating 2 of fiveThe Publisher Says In a forgotten age of darkness a magnificent king arose to light the world.They called him unfit to rule a lowborn, callow boy, Uther s bastard But his coming had been foretold in the songs of the bard Taliesin He had learned the uses of power from his guide and protector, Merlin He was Arthur, Pendragon of the Island of the Mighty who would rise to legendary greatness in a Britain torn by violence, greed and war the Lord of Summer who would usher in a glorious reign of peace and prosperityand whose noble, trusting heart would be broken by treachery.My Review Battle, battle, battle foreshadowed Religious Event battle, battle Merlin and Morgian variant spelling in the source document, even though I hated it I m using it sparring oh hell, nothing much new.BORING BORING This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. I need to read this one again, but I remember Arthur and loving this book. In A Forgotten Age Of Darkness A Magnificent King Arose To Light The WorldThey Called Him Unfit To Rule A Lowborn, Callow Boy, Uther S Bastard But His Coming Had Been Foretold In The Songs Of The Bard Taliesin He Had Learned The Uses Of Power From His Guide And Protector, Merlin He Was Arthur, Pendragon Of The Island Of The Mighty Who Would Rise To Legendary Greatness In A Britain Torn By Violence, Greed And War The Lord Of Summer Who Would Usher In A Glorious Reign Of Peace And Prosperity And Whose Noble, Trusting Heart Would Be Broken By Treachery Lawhead s continues his Pendragon series with Arthur Like the first two books, I also enjoyed reading this book In this story, we see Arthur become the foretold high king ruler of the Isle of the Mighty We are taken through the arduous process Arthur must undertake to create the Kingdom of Summer Arthur and Myrddin must combat treasonous kings as well as multiple invasions of Britain by barbarians The battle sequences are epic and very well told I m glad Lawhead chose to use the first person account of the story once again, this time from a perspective of three characters I gave this book four stars because of two reasons The ending was a bit odd and appeared abrupt as if injected to meet a deadline Also, like the other books, there s a good deal of Christianity wrapped into the story, as there may have been in 4th and 5th century Britain However, I found it less intertwined andpreachy in this book. Just finished the 3rd in Stephen Lawheads Pendragon Cycle , Arthur While it took me longer to get through than the previous two books, it was no less entertaining Lawhead continues to weave wonder fiction around history and myth While the depth of character was maintained in this book, the storyline was not nearly as detailed as the earlier ones To portray Arthur as a master strategist, the story is filled with the history and detail of many battles The unfortunate thing is that the story between these battles often seemed forced nor as detailed as his prior books This is not necessarily a bad thing because it helped paint the picture that this time of Arthur s life was filled with the intensity of war The ending of the book was sudden, quick, and caught me totally unprepared A beautiful, epic treatment of the Arthurian legends, with several interesting twists that diverge from what I was expecting The Celtic or Old English interpretations of several names made each new character a mysterious revelation, and the multiple narrators made the story a fascinating shift of perspectives Yet through it all was a sense of nobility and heroism that I deeply appreciated Most surprising was the esteem in which the Christian faith has been upheld through the books so far As big a fan I am of Bernard Cornwell s historical warfare fiction including another spin on the Arthurian legend , his work is vehemently anti Christian or, at the very least, anti church so it was refreshing to read of Christianity as a light in the world instead of the ugly, corrupt caricatures found in Cornwell s stories I am anxious to get started on Pendragon Continuing on in the Pendragon series, Arthur is a great read I love this series and having a thing for Arthurian Legend, I have read a lot of these This is now my favorite Arthurian series I love the rich language, the writing reminds me of J.R Tolkien Lawhead is a great storyteller and his characters come alive This series is written with Arthur and Merlin as followers of Jehu Jesus and is full of honor and bravery Some of they typical Arthurian characters are missing and some have come in a new and different way I give it five stars No swearing and no sexual content I can recommend for ages 14 and up, though it is geared for adult reading. The archetypical Western Canon hero can be quite boring Having a stiff upper lip, square jaw, abjuring preemptive action and being achingly pious can result in a distinct lack of dramatic tension for the reader Lawhead s Arthur overcomes all of the above disadvantages andand coming across as a genuinely interesting and inspiring character Lawhead also adopts a multiple first person narrative to good effect in this book Highly recommended, but be sure to read the first two books in the sequence first.

was born in 1950, in Nebraska in the USA Most of his early life was spent in America where he earned a university degree in Fine Arts and attended theological college for two years His first professional writing was done at Campus Life magazine in Chicago, where he was an editor and staff writer During his five years at Campus Life he wrote hundreds of articles and several non fiction books.After a brief foray into the music business as president of his own record company he began full time freelance writing in 1981 He moved to England in order to research Celtic legend and history His first novel, In the Hall of the Dragon King, became the first in a series of three books The Dragon King Trilogy and was followed by the two volume Empyrion saga, Dream Thief and then the Pendragon Cycle, now in five volumes Taliesin, Merlin, Arthur, Pendragon, and Grail This was followed by the award winning Song of Albion series which consists of The Paradise War, The Silver Hand, and The Endless Knot.He has written nine children s books, many of them originally offered to his two sons, Drake and Ross He is married to

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