Erec et Enide, Cligès, Lancelot de la Charrete, Li Chevalier au Lion, Li contes del Graal

Erec et Enide, Cligès, Lancelot de la Charrete, Li Chevalier au Lion, Li contes del Graal Taking The Legends Surrounding King Arthur And Weaving In New Psychological Elements Of Personal Desire And Courtly Manner, Chr Tien De Troyes Fashioned A New Form Of Medieval Romance The Knight Of The Cart Is The First Telling Of The Adulterous Relationship Between Lancelot And Arthur S Queen Guinevere, And In The Knight With The Lion Yvain Neglects His Bride In His Quest For Greater Glory Erec And Enide Explores A Knight S Conflict Between Love And Honour, Clig S Exalts The Possibility Of Pure Love Outside Marriage, While The Haunting The Story Of The Grail Chronicles The Legendary Quest Rich In Symbolism, These Evocative Tales Combine Closely Observed Detail With Fantastic Adventure To Create A Compelling World That Profoundly Influenced Malory, And Are The Basis Of The Arthurian Legends We Know TodayAlternate Cover For This Edition

Chr tien de Troyes, commonly regarded as the father of Arthurian romance and a key figure in Western literature, composed in French in the latter part of the twelfth century Virtually nothing is known of his life Possibly a native of Troyes, he enjoyed patronage there from the Countess Marie of Champagne before dedicating his last romance to Count Philip of Flanders, perhaps about 1182 His poet

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  • Erec et Enide, Cligès, Lancelot de la Charrete, Li Chevalier au Lion, Li contes del Graal
  • Chrétien de Troyes
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    I really can t say enough in praise of this wonderful book Each poem is translated into prose in a lively and vivid style The dialogue is crisp and natural and the action non stop But Chretien s intentions go even deeper than merely telling cracking yarns Each are sensitive and intelligent explorations of human nature.Marital love is ever an important theme in Chretien In Erec and Enide, the hero neglects his knightly reputation in order to devote himself to his new bride, and in Yvain the hero does the opposite and neglects his bride for valour Both must set off on a series of adventures that culminate in them seeing the error of their ways and setting matters right Lancelot is an excellent story Nowhere does Chretien condemn the adulterous relationship between Lancelot and Guineverere, despite negative references elsewhere to the adulterous love between Tristan and Iseult In the introduction are suggested that the theme may have been proposed by Chretien s patroness Perhaps, then, Chretien was anxious not to offend the French Court At any rate, he didn t finish the romance and gave it to someone else to do this ending is included in this book In Perceval Chretien masterfully captures the naivet of the young hero He delivers the most mysterious, powerful and influential Arthurian story of all Here we see the holy grail, the bleeding lance and the castle of maidens, all of which have become essential ingredients in Arthurian lore It s unfinished state presented an irresistible challenge to later poets, some of whom tried to finish it off Others went back to the beginning and offered alternative versions The only story that sometimes gets a little static is Cliges, where the characters occasionally go off into protracted musings on the nature of love But once you ve got past these bits, which to be fair are intelligent insights, it s still a fine read All in all, I hugely recommend this book And if it doesn t want to make you start exploring Thomas Malory, Wolfram von Eschenbach, and the rest, you ve got no romance in your soul

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    Exams are finally over, time to return to books and Goodreads Will catch up on reviews as soon as I can.

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    Questo libro la raccolta di 5 romanzi medievali e leggendolo mi sono trovato proiettato indietro nel tempo, in un mondo affascinante e ben diverso dal nostro.L autore ci racconta storie intrise di lealt , eroismo, generosit e, soprattutto a, quell a cortese interpretato magnificamente dai cavalieri della corte di Re Art.Combattimenti furiosi, eroi invincibili, duelli appassionati e scenari grandiosi, con l a per una damigella o una regina a fare da motore alle avventure mirabolanti, dove si guarisce con unguenti miracolosi e ci si consegna spontaneamente, sulla parola, alla persona designata dal vincitore che ti ha graziato, anche se questa persona, dama o cavaliere, si trovi a centinaia di chilometri di distanza Nonostante gli anni passati i racconti sono del XII secolo e lo stile d epoca, ho sognato ad occhi aperti e mi sono persino arrabbiato per il comportamento della regina Ginevra

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    From William W Kibler s introduction the 1991 Penguin Classics edition of Chr tien de Troye s Arthurian Romances Certainly no translation can hope to capture all the subtlety and magic of Chr tien s art But one can hope to convey some measure of his humour, his irony and the breadth of his vision He was one of the great artists and creators of his day, and nearly every romancer after him had to come to terms with his legacy Some translated or frankly imitated today we might even say plagiarized his work others repeated or developed motifs, themes, structures and stylistic mannerisms introduced by him still others continued his stories in ever vast compilations Written in the latter half of the twelfth century, the works that compose Chr tien de Troye s Arthurian Romances Erec and Enide, Clig s, The Knight of the Cart, The Knight with the Lion, and The Story of the Grail are invaluable today for functioning as the basis of the Arthurian legends with which contemporary readers are now familiar Interestingly enough, as the legends have survived until today in the form of only a few manuscripts, the manuscript containing the earliest and best copies of Chr tien s romances, the Annonay Manuscript, was cut apart and used as filler for book bindings in the eighteenth century only fragments of Erec and Enide, Clig s, The Knight with the Lion, and The Story of the Grail belonging to the Annonay Manuscript have been recovered The Guiot Manuscript is the primary manuscript referred to in the English prose translations by William W Kibler and Carleton W Carroll contained within this edition of Chr tien s Arthurian Romances.Chr tien did not finish writing two of the legends, and although we cannot be exactly sure why this is today, we have our hunches the first of Chr tien s unfinished tales, The Knight of the Cart, was actually completed by the clerk Godefroy de Lagny with the approval of Chr tien and is suspected to have been abandoned by Chr tien due to the failure of the subject matter, the adulterous relationship between Lancelot and Queen Guinevere, to appeal to him the reasons for why this could have been are the subject of contentious debate among literary critics and scholars , while the second unfinished Arthurian legend, The Story of the Grail, is suspected to have been left incomplete due to Chr tien s death for on the continuations of the legend written by other authors, click here.With Chr tien s Arthurian Romances having been originally written in octosyllabic couplets in Old French, while losing the form and linguistic subtleties of Chr tien s original verse, Carroll s prose translation of Erec and Enide and Kibler s prose translations of the other four legends preserve the most salient thematic features of Chr tien s romances in their explorations of courtly love, adultery, chivalry, beauty, and Christianity during medieval times, with many an allusion to texts like the Bible and to characters in literature like Tristan, Isolde, Roland, and Ganelon by the erudite Chr tien as well as to Greek writers like Sophocles and Roman writers like Ovid and Virgil in Chr tien s literary manifestations of the Classical theme of translatio studii The contemporary reader will hopefully find these historical conceptions of love, masochistic in the way that they drive the protagonist of each legend to arduously great lengths in order to achieve a certain goal, fascinating despite their antiquity and obsolescence in addition, they should appreciate Chr tien s keen penchant for deftly interlacing the narratives of his Arthurian legends and his innovation in establishing unique motifs like the rash boon in these tales He was, as far as I am aware, a writer way ahead of his time.

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    I can t believe it s taken me so long to get round to reading this I ve had it on my reading list for ages before I knew it d be a set text and I m glad I finally got round to it It isn t a novel, as such, of course, but a set of somewhat connected stories, the last one of which is unfinished I m surprised by how great a part Gawain plays, even in the stories of the other knights, particularly in The Story of the Grail I don t think I ve really seen him get so much attention in the grail story, except as a failure, in other texts.In any case, I knew Erec and Enide from some other source, that preserved it almost entirely almost a translation, rather than a reinterpretation No surprises in this one, for me This edition has a good clear translation Of course, by modern logic, Erec s treatment of Enide makes no sense at all and is horribly cruel I think the modern version I read had him suspecting her of infidelity, and emphasising it as the reason for his treatment of her but we re not talking modern logic I hadn t read Clig s anywhere, though, although it was familiar from the similarities it had with Tristan and Isolde The behaviour of Fenice seems very much like a criticism of faithless Isolde it d have been interesting to read Chr tien s version of Tristan and Isolde , if it survived The Knight of the Cart has survived quite well in later interpretations, although it s been pruned and added to It was interesting to read this one, although funny that though Lancelot is praised here, he s not really present in the other texts He isn t the model of excellence that Malory makes him Gawain seems to have that role The Knight with the Lion is interesting I think bits of it survive I knew the story about the spring but a lot of his wandering, and how he met the lion, was unfamiliar to me The Story of the Grail follows the Welsh knight, Perceval I can t say I really enjoyed that much, with the contempt of the characters for the Welsh, and the way Perceval was pretty much characterised as a simpleton But a large part of the story follows Gawain, which I enjoyed a lot, and most of his adventures in this story were new to me.It s kinda fun reading this and reading about how silly the whole idea of chivalry that never really existed was Idealisation or not, I do love Arthuriana for its ridiculous excesses every maiden is the most beautiful in the world, beautiful than Helen of Troy, and every knight is the best and the most courtly in the land Medieval literature can get away with it I m afraid modern lit can t.

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    Arthurian romances is a particular favorite genre of mine to read Chretien de Troyes is or less the originator of some of the most famous episodes in the Arthurian mythos.In my junior year of high school, I took a class on Medieval literature and it was defiantly my favorite class in high school I had a great teacher who was passionate about the subject and a class willing to learn It was there that I first read Chretien de Troyes and his stories of chivalric romance We only read one of his poems, Yvain Later, I bought a copy of this book and read his other four romances Lancelot is the first story to introduce Camelot s greatest knight and the love affair between him and Guinevere Percival is the first ever story to feature the Holy Grail It is the most mystical and haunting that Chretien wrote Unfortunately, he died before he could finish it and we never find out if Percival obtains the Grail.Yvain is the best in the book In many ways it is the precursor of the modern novel Yvain is the story of a knight errant, who is rejected by his wife and performs a number of heroic deeds in order to regain her love it features some very memorable episodes, like Yvain fighting two demons in a haunted castle, the rescue of a maid burning at the stake, and Yvain s friendship with a lion I don t know by Hollywood hasn t adapted this book yet It is made for film Arthurian Romances is the fictional record of how a culture thought about how the upper classes should behave in court Courtly love was a conventionalized view of love between a knight and married woman he was supposed to love her from afar and perform deeds in her honor How often this happened in Medieval Europe is difficult to determine French poets, like Chretien, wrote poems like Lancelot and Yvain as how real knights should behave Reading these poems for me helps me get into the intellectual milieu of the 12th century.

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    It finally happened.I finally got around to reading Chretien de Troyes Arthurian romances.Everyone has been telling me how delightful Chretien is, and I ve always believed them I believe them even now.Read my detailed review now at

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    I decided that the first book on my challenge this year was going to be one that I have been working on for like three years It s been brutal, you guys, I hate it Chretien was such a misogynist At one point this guy complains that women are all afraid to give in to their passions, so you HAVE to rape them, because even when they really want it and they ALWAYS really want it they ll always kick and scream and say no, and then, when you go through all that trouble they don t even thank you for it I m not making this up, it s in the book It took me so long to read because I wanted to rip my eyes out after every story Cliges was the only story that I found interesting, and it has strong Romeo and Juilet overtones yeah, yeah, I know, RJ had overtones of Cliges, not the other way around, but you know what I mean IDK what to tell you It s very Knights of the Round Table everything we ve come to expect from these books, with all the bizzarity, misogyny, and heroism these kinds of books entail So it does what it says on the tin It s got the same depth and symbolism as other books of its time and genre so I should rate it higher I guess But I m not going to.Also, it ends in an ellipses, mid story The notes suggest Chretien may have died without finishing it, and there were four people who transcribed it who added endings on to the story, all of which were apparently pretty similar So that s a thing I m not sure why I keep reading these, they make me so unhappy I guess, for me they re like action movies I love this genre, and I want to love the stories being told, but they are never FOR me I m never the target audience, and they are always full of things that act as a slap across the face One of these days I m going to find my Mad Max Fury Road or Jupiter Ascending of King Arthur stories.But it s not this day.

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    Originally published on my blog here in March 1998.This Everyman volume contains the four romances Erec et Enide, Clig s, Yvain and Lancelot, translated into prose It s always interesting to read the early source material for the Arthur legends Although I had read both the Mabinogion and Malory s Morte d Arthur, these romances were new to me, though they are even earlier than the Welsh legends and I had known their importance for ages.One of the most interesting parts of these tales is the way that the attempts made by Chr tien to remove the grossly supernatural Celtic legends in his source material trips to the underworld, encounters with Celtic deities has led to the introduction of small inconsistencies and justifications which later turn into important parts of the legend.There are two difficulties in reading these stories The first is that they are written throughout in the present tense, which to a modern reader is rather clumsy and wearing The second is the translation, which is not into modern English, but into the sort of English which Ivanhoe made generations think the right way of writing medieval English I ve expanded on what I think of this in my review of Arthur Conan Doyle s Sir Nigel The stories themselves concern standard ideas from the Arthurian background Erec et Enide is about a knight who becomes sufficiently uxorious to neglect his knightly duties Clig s and Lancelot concern young men seeking to prove themselves as knights and Yvain is a balance to Erec et Enide, about a knight who neglects his wife for jousting.

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    The British may have started the whole Arthurian movement, but the French really took it to the next level French writers added a number of innovations to the legend we know and love today, including the character of Lancelot Chr tien introduced the character in Erec and Enide, then added the whole Guinevere love wrinkle in The Knight of the Cart Both of these poems are included in this collection, along with Clig s, Yvain, and Perceval Altogether this excellent collection contains all five of Chr tien s major poems These works were highly influential to the later development of the Arthurian legend, and Camelot buffs will really enjoy this volume C monit s first appearance of Lancelot in world literature If that piques your interest, you will like this book 4 stars, recommended.

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