At the Firefly Gate

At the Firefly GateAt the Firefly Gate takes place in London in the village Crickford St Thomas The main character Henry is eleven years old and he is not happy when they move His first night in his new house he sees a man standing at their garden gate, smoking a cigarette and with beautiful firefly s flying around him, and he seems to be looking straight at Henry The next day Pat their neighbor invited Henry and his parents next door to have tea Also living there is Grace, Pats daughter who is a little older than Henry and Dottie, Pats elderly aunt Henry and Dottie both feel this strong and strange connection with each other Like they ve known each other forever That night dreams about being in a mobile cafe, buying doughnuts and coffee, helped by a young pretty girl who liked him He was also with his best friend, Rusty Dobbs The dream was really confusing for him but it fades away and then he wakes up After a couple weeks Henry becomes familiar with his surroundings He is always invited to tea at Pats house and becomes really close to Dottie Henry makes some new friends like Simon One day Henry and Simon get lost on their way to the stream and come upon an old long abandoned airfield, which Simon realizes that its the one his great granddad was a pilot during World War Two He tells Henry a story how his great granddad and his entire crew went on mission over Germany and never came back The Past and Present continue to overlap in Henry s life, making new friends and adjusting life there Henry loved to listen to Simon s stories about his Granddad s name is Rusty Dobbs Dottie finally clarifies the identity of the man, explaining that he was also named Henry, a navigator in the RAF and best friends with Rusty Dobbs He was also her love of her life and he didn t return from a mission that saved Rusty s life The Author described Henry as a sweet, sensitive character, just an ordinary boy who suddenly had an strange experience Henry becomes determined to figure everything out Dottie seems to bring out the confidence in Henry that wasn t apparent before I thought the story started out slowly and boring and it was a bit confusing but at the end i enjoyed it She has written a very nice book about friendship between generations. Nice and straightforward story I d have liked a bit resolution about why Henry was seeing the things he did, but maybe I missed something. This book makes me want to be a primary school teacher just so I have the rapt attention of young people to read to.Newbery s prose has lovely moments The title alone is wondrous But sadly there s some minor parts which make me fall short of giving 5 stars Firstly, it s the little things like the boy sneaking into school sounded really exciting but was such a cop out I just told my mum I could go to school today , as if that could happen But the overall idea of a boy sneaking into school was lovely and funny.I also find it hard to believe that Rusty never knew who Dottie was when they live in a tiny village I also found the character of Grace to be quite one dimensional.Overall, this is a lovely book that could be used as a read aloud in primary school to discuss wartime, bullying, nature, moving schools and bereavement. Henry has moved to the countryside and is trying to adjust Dotty an old lady befriends him but Henry feels like he has seen her beforeThis was another good Linda Newbery book with the usual nostalgic mystery I loved the relationships between the characters and the way you found out what had happened.A good easy read probably for younger readers 3.5 stars. Henry Has Always Felt Like An Outsider And Things Are About To Get Worse When His Family Moves To The Countryside And The Prospect Of A New School Looms He Retreats And Into His Shell, Until He Meets Dottie, A Frail Old Lady, Who Has Tremendous Spirit He Feels As Though He Knows Her, As Though They Have Been Friends For Many Years And As She Tells Him About Her Wartime Romance With A Royal Air Force Navigator Also Named Henry, Our Henry Is Drawn Into That World In A Series Of Mysterious, Sometimes Frightening Events He Re Enacts Henry S Life And Learns That Despite Being Dreadfully Afraid, Henry Acted Heroically At The Cost Of His Own Life Only Our Henry Knows The True Story And It Shows Him A Way Through His Own Self Doubts And Misgivings Henry is a young boy that has just moved to the country side When he first moves there he thinks that everything will be bad and he wont make any friends Then, one night, he saw this man standing at the Firefly Gate smoking and just standing there as if he is waiting for someone He wants to figure out who that guy is and why he stands there every night, but when he looks at the man out his bedroom window, he has the feeling he is there He feels everything the man would feel The cold air, the smell of smoke, the fireflies flying around him He wants to find out who this man is, but every time he goes outside to look for him he disappears On top of that, Henry has weird dreams about him being older and meeting this beautiful young girl in a blue polka dot dress at the coffee shop as she handed him a coffee and a donut He also has dreams about being a pilot for the war After that, he meets Dottie, an old woman that is one of the neighbors She tells him that he reminds he of this other Henry They were in love and he was a pilot in the war She told him he left one day and never came back So she didn t hear from him ever since She also tells him that her and Henry met when he ordered a coffee and a donut at the coffee shop she worked at Henry is surprised because him dream was exactly that She also told him about her Henry waiting for her at the firefly gate Then he remembers the man Do Henry s dreams have anything to do with the stories Dottie is telling him But, how come him dreams are happening before she tells him the stories This is a great story and even though there is not a lot of action, it just makes you feel good This story is about love and destiny. At first glance this book looks like a social issue story A kid, name Henry moved to a new town, had to make new friends, tries to get people to like him, and tried not to get in trouble with bullies, especially Grace Social issue books are good to read and are very enjoyable, but this author, Linda Newbery, surprises the reader me by plotting the story with some mystery At the same time, it s a realistic book with a realistic plot As the story progresses, it leads me to think that Henry had another life before this He saw events of a pilot, also name Henry, from time to time I thought this was a ghost telling Henry messages or, like I mentioned, Henry had lived another life This was very similar to another story I read where a ghost tried to tell a bunch of kids a message, and they had to solve a mystery about a very evil guy The ending was depressing Grace s aunt, Dottie, obvious throughout the story that she was pilot Henry s girlfriend, died The present Henry didn t even get to say goodbye and tell her why the past Henry didn t come back to her The present Henry had his chance to fill in Dottie s gap but her death came a few days too early. The story of a young boy whose family has moved from London to the country He misses his friends and the bustle of London but begins to appreciate the quiet of the country However, he also discovers a very personal connection to some of the history relating to the World War flyers from Britain Turns out his new home has a history of being one of the old air bases used during the way and Henry, the protagonist, keeps seeing and dreaming things that are connected to some of his new friends and neighbors.Worth reading it s got an element of fantasy in it that s unexpected and much gentler than much of what s out there now on the market Requires some thinking on the part of the reader. This is a young adult novel that should appeal to all ages It is the story of a young boy, Henry, in modern day rural England, and the storyline also reaches back to World War II It is a beautiful story about personal experience during war and the writing has a delicateness that makes it moving A reader would not need a lot of history of WWII to appreciate Firefly Gate, and it might be a great choice if you are looking for variety for a young reader It was a very touching story with just a bit of supernatural and mystery. I honestly can t remember a single thing about this book except this I absolutely adored it when I was eight years old I read it in year 4 and, believe me, I was amazed Its an enchanting story about a young boy called Harry, and that is all I know But this is an official order read this book Its for 8 12 year olds roughly, but its a beautiful book anyone can really enjoy.

Linda Iris Newbery born 12 August 1952, in Romford, Essex is a British writer known best for young adult fiction where she entered the market, although she has broadened her range to encompass all ages She published her first novel Run with the Hare in 1988, while still working as an English teacher in a comprehensive school She became a full time writer in 2000.Linda is a regular tutor for th

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