Awesome Snake Science!

Awesome Snake Science! From Cobras And Copperheads To Pythons And Boas, All Types Of Snakes Are Covered In This Book Of Science Experiments, Art Projects, And Games That Help Budding Herpetologists Gain A Greater Appreciation For These Slithering Reptiles Activities Include Making Foldable Fangs To Learn How Snakes Teeth And Jaws Work Together Simulating Cytotoxic Snake Venom While Making A Tasty Snack Using An Everyday Enzyme Found In Pineapple And Mimicking The Sound A Rattlesnake Makes Using A Rubber Band, A Paper Clip, And An Envelope Engaging, Simple, And Safe Experiments Teach Kids About The Biology Of Snakes, Such As How They Use Their Tongues And Nostrils To Detect Smells, How They Are Cold Blooded And Sensitive To Subtle Changes In Temperature, And How They Can Detect The Slightest Vibrations Or Tremors Kids Do Not Need A Snake For Any Of The Activities And Will Delight In All The Strange Snake Facts And Gross Out Projects Such As Snake Stink Where They Create Their Own Signature Stink And Test How Well It Repels Potential PredatorsDid You KnowSnakes Do Not Need To Be Coiled To Strike They Can Strike From Any Position, Even Underwater Cobras And Coachwhips Are Two Of The Few Snakes That Can Move In A Straight Line Forward While Keeping Their Upper Body Raised Off The GroundSnake Venom Can Actually Help Humans Too A Blood Pressure Medicine Was Developed From The Venom Of A Brazilian Pit Viper, And Over Other Treatments Have Been Created From Snake Venoms this book is Awesome My son age 7 is crazy about snakes This book contains lots of great experiments and demonstrations that explain why snake act and look the way they do Even my daughter age 6 and younger son age 3 enjoyed learning about snakes. Here s a book for the real reptile lover, or just the science nut Written very scientifically, but at an accessible level, it honors the serious nature lover And good news for parents no real snakes needed

With wanderlust and curiosity that knew few bounds, Cindy Blobaum worked and traveled around the United States and Australia before settling down in Iowa Her jobs have included positions as a seasonal zoo keeper, quality control technician at a potato chip factory, carnival barker, waitress, and ice skating guard.Her professional life is as a naturalist aka field trip lady , educator, and mom T

➥ [Epub] ➟ Awesome Snake Science!  By Cindy Blobaum ➯ –
  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • Awesome Snake Science!
  • Cindy Blobaum
  • English
  • 05 January 2019
  • 9781569768075

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