Baby, It's You

Baby, It's YouA let down for me Very predictable. OMGJane Graves does it EVERY TIME.BABY IT S YOU is a MUST READ for 2014Hellfor any year, but I HIGHLY recommend you pre order this one.Full review coming around release day, but I just finished the book and I am still smiling, I LOVED it that much Marc CorderoOH MOMMAand Kari, the heroine was simply perfect for him.Just the right amount of emotion and steam to keep me turning page after page, and have me tearing upsniffDefinitely a Top Tasty ReadGRAB THIS ONE For me, Baby It s You represents the what you want is not always what you need theme, and Ms Graves has done a very good job in twisting my emotion and my thoughts about it There were times that I wondered if the decision was the right one, and whether or not I should be upset with the outcome However, after all was said and done, I realized that this story had a very good depth of facing tough choices in life and well, it just spoke to me greatly.The characterization is wonderful here I really adored Kari Duly noted that Kari starts the story as the daughter of someone wealthy, who has never really done anything on her own daddy pays for everything, even opening her bank account and easily quits when things get tough like running away from her own wedding, rather than tell confronting her dad However, I saw how Kari slowly but steadily took her steps of independence While she still gets help in doing so and there s one moment when Kari almost quit again after a grueling first day being a waitress at a local diner but Kari is then able to work through the pain and actually learn to enjoy the job Oh, Kari still makes mistakes, but she finds out how good she is with kids, she realizes that she can entertain people, and she ends up getting her tips worth For someone who never really worked a day in her life, I thought that was quite admirable.Meanwhile, Marc is one of those heroes whose actions definitely speak louder than his words Being the oldest of three who have learned to take responsibility in life since a teenager, Marc thinks that it s time for him to get his freedom People have been relying on him for eighteen years He basically takes care of that vineyard on his own too, since his younger brother and sister are not really into it.Just when freedom seems to be waiting around the corner, life throws challenges again into Marc s way Marc s brother doesn t seem to know the best way to take care of the vineyard Marc s sister is suffering from heartache after losing her husband and her beloved dog Then, his daughter doesn t seem to be happy in university and wishes that Marc was there to be a safety net The whole twist with Kari I can t really say without spoiling anything, but the twist was definitely the point where I was having conflicting emotions the most.You see, I couldn t help but think that Marc DESERVED the freedom after everything he was going through So I wondered if that was fair for Marc But then, I started to think that THIS was what the story wanted to say to us sometimes you need to alter your dreams when life challenges you And yes, like I said in the beginning of this review what you want is not always what you need.Because Marc finally realizes that freedom isn t exactly what is best for him Being with his family and the community who cares about him is Even if it seems that Marc is back to where it all started, he isn t really This time, his siblings have grown up, his brother is a millionaire who can help financially, and his daughter also knows what she wants from life Then there s Kari a woman who loves him and will stay with him, who understands Marc s love for his vineyard and is willing to fight to save it when nature is threatening it And Marc himself is not exactly a seventeen year old boy any.So, in the end, Baby It s You is a great story of self discovery, for both Kari and Marc and myself too in a way I enjoyed it immensely I hope Ms Graves continues this series with either one of Marc s siblings their moments in this book make me want to read their stories of reaching happily ever after too.A Guest Review for The Blogger Girls SPOILERSI was lucky enough to receive an advanced copy of this book I absolutely loved it The characters Marc and Kari were wonderful I enjoyed the setting in a vineyard and the supporting cast as well There was just enough angst and drama to suck me right into their world I loved the strength that both characters seemed to exude but I was happy by the subtle changes that Kari was able to make in Marc and the strength that Kari was able to finally grasp through this journey into a small town in Texas Marc had so much responsibility thrust upon him his whole life He took the role of father at a very young age not only to his own child but his siblings as well I felt he had every right to want to do something for himself in life I was scared for Kari when I realized she was pregnant I thought about how he left her that night and I felt he had that right as well He d been through all that before I did like that everyone in town pulled together to help bring in the crop It showed how much he d given to his friends and the community It was the perfect opportunity for Angela and Kari to work out their differences while Marc wasn t there to intervene The dialogue was great and the romance was superb Excellent story that I recommend for everyone It was nice i guess I did enjoy it, but it is not one of those books that leaves a lasting impression. Funny thing happened to me at the library yesterday I stumbled across this book in the New Releases section They usually don t have many romance books, but that doesn t stop me from looking every time I m there And boy am I glad I did I absolutely LOVED this bookand now I plan to devour Jane Graves s backlist Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalleyHmmm, how to rate this one This is definitely a tough one for me There were parts of this book that I absolutely hated a lot But most of this book was just fine Nothing amazing but nothing awful I hate to say that but not all of them can knock our socks off.I was poised and ready to L O V E Kari, the heroine I totally enjoy stories about brides who quit their weddings on the day it seems so daring and ballsy and I love stories about heroines who are getting away from a controlling man and learning to stand on their own two feet Love it But theI read Kari, the less I loved her What seemed like a daring and ballsy move running away from her wedding began to seem like the actions of a grown woman who has never had to deal with consequences in a very real way Like, when you re 12 and you get a puppy You never train the puppy and he poops and pees all over the floor so your parents give the puppy away as a consequence But the REAL consequence was the money that was spent on getting the puppy, getting his shots, taking him to the vet, finding a new owner after you failed to care for the puppy THOSE are real consequences Not just losing your furry, breathing toy I was glad that Kari ran from her wedding but I don t know that she did it for the right reasons and I don t know that she did it in the right way But she wants to make decisions on her own and I m all for that so I m still on board with Kari Then, she appears to be satisfied with her version of standing on her own two feet that is, getting a job that was offered to her on a silver platter or a plastic serving tray, as the case may be , getting a vehicle for free, getting some clothing for free and staying at a vineyard also rent free THIS is standing on your own two feet Making your OWN way Are you kidding me She reminded me of people who grow up in small towns and think they know everything there is to know and they go from living with their parents to getting married and living with their husbands and still thinking they know what it s like to make your way in the world They don t And Kari couldn t make it even if she actually tried.Marc is the vineyard owner and he becomes Kari s knight in muted burlap He works his butt off, trying to keep the winery afloat He s looked forward to taking a few years to himself on his motorcycle once his daughter that he had as a teenager starts college He took her to the state college last week and he only has a fewweeks until the harvest and then he can go I have to say that I felt like Marc had earned some time off Running such a huge and finicky business like wine making has got to be tough Running it while raising a teenage daughter Next to impossible Of course, as the time for Marc to depart draws nearer,andthings make him not so sure that leaving is a great idea I really felt angry that Marc was being tied down again by the same old obligations It made me angry at his family, angry at Kari and I ended up being angry at Marc for not sticking to his guns and making a clean get away.On the downside, I felt like Kari and Marc had little to no chemistry until they did To me, it felt extremely abrupt and false I m leaving out a huge section of the book because I m trying to avoid a major spoiler but it makes it REALLY difficult to explain why I disliked this book so much if I can t talk about the spoiler The spoiler was the main reason I disliked this book, disliked Kari and felt nothing but pity for Marc, the hero.On the upside, as an animal lover, I really connected with the story behind the town this takes place in, Rainbow Valley The Rainbow Bridge is the bridge that our pets cross after they die They re restored to full health and wait at the other side of the Rainbow Bridge until we, their humans, cross the bridge and join them It s on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge that humans are reunited with all of their pets and stay together forever I just love that tale and it gets me all misty eyed whenever I hear it It s told MUCHbeautifully in the book but that s the general idea There s a chance that it s worth reading this book just for the Rainbow Bridge explanation I don t think I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a light and fun romance I thought the heroine was childish at best and the hero was a hot, pitiful mess Anyone liking heroines who need to be kept may enjoy this and that is in no way an insult I just can t imagine a way that Kari could take care of herself, let alone anyone else So any relationship with her is going to be lopsided on the taking care of each other scale But the writing is solid and I m definitely going to give this series another shot I loved this book It was fun with a few little twists Kari, one of the main characters, was a delight She had so many levels to her personality A quirky little ray of sunshine with wisdom thrown in Marc, her counterpart, was interesting He seemed to have a chip on his shoulder because he had a child at 17 and ended up raising her alone He loved his daughter, Angela, and had raised a good kid, but was ready to have the life he felt he missed out on while raising her He was an incredibly responsible man, very active in the community and the small town relied on him on a daily basis to fix this or make that right When their two worlds collide on a stormy night, neither of their lives will ever be the same We get to watch them become the people they were meant to be She from a wealthy family with an overbearing controlling father and no idea how to take care of herself and him from a position of forced responsibility for the last 18 years She is exactly what he needs and he is exactly what she needs.It s like the supporting cast was handpicked They were also a treat a strange but loveable group of characters.I will definitely recommend this book It was such a fun read. Irresistible Jane Graves Writes With Charm, Wit And Heart Carly Phillips, New York Times Bestselling AuthorWith Only The Wedding Dress On Her Back And Her Honeymoon Luggage In The Car, Kari Worthington Is Running Away Determined To Put Her Controlling Father, Her Rigidly Structured Life, And The Uptight Groom She Left At The Altar In Her Rearview Mirror, She Escapes To The Texas Hill Country And Lands On A Tall, Dark, And Gorgeous Winery Owner S Doorstep All She Needs Is A Job And A Place To Live Until She Can Get Back On Her Feet So Why Is She Fantasizing About Losing Herself In His Powerful Arms For Marc Cordero, Freedom Is So Close He Can Taste It He S Devoted His Life To Managing The Family Business And Being A Single Dad Now With His Daughter Away At College And His Brother Taking Over The Winery, Marc Is Ready To Hop On His Harley For Parts Unknown Until A Runaway Bride Bursts Onto The Scene Free Spirited And Tantalizingly Sexy, Kari Excites Him Like No Other Woman Has Before But When Irresistible Passion Turns Into Something , Will Marc Give Up His Future To Take A Chance On Love , Words I bought this because it won the RITA, so maybe my expectations were unrealistically high.I thought it was okay The heroine was really annoying totally flakey, and acting like it was a big deal for her to be standing on her own two feet when really she d gone from being a dependent of her father s to being a dependent of a total stranger The writing was smooth, and the story was okay.

Jane Graves is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of twenty contemporary romance novels She is a nine time finalist for Romance Writers of America s Rita Award, the industry s highest honor, and is the recipient of two National Readers Choice Awards, the Booksellers Best Award, and the Golden Quill, among others.Jane lives in the Dallas area with her husband and a beautiful but

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