Bad Little Falls

Bad Little Falls Maine Game Warden Mike Bowditch Has Been Sent Into Exile, Transferred By His Superiors To A Remote Outpost On The Canadian Border When A Blizzard Descends On The Coast, Bowditch Is Called To The Rustic Cabin Of A Terrified Couple A Raving And Half Frozen Man Has Appeared At Their Door, Claiming His Friend Is Lost In The Storm But What Starts As A Rescue Mission In The Wilderness Soon Becomes A Baffling Murder Investigation The Dead Man Is A Notorious Drug Dealer, And State Police Detectives Suspect It Was His Own Friend Who Killed Him Bowditch Isn T So Sure, But His Vow Not To Interfere In The Case Is Tested When He Finds Himself Powerfully Attracted To A Beautiful Woman With A Dark Past And A Troubled Young Son The Boy Seems To Know Something About What Really Happened In The Blizzard, But He Is Keeping His Secrets Locked In A Cryptic Notebook, And Mike Fears For The Safety Of The Strange Child Meanwhile, An Anonymous Tormentor Has Decided To Make The New Warden S Life A Living Hell Alone And Outgunned, Bowditch Turns For Assistance To His Old Friend, The Legendary Bush Pilot Charley Stevens But In This Snowbound Landscape Where Smugglers Wage Blood Feuds By Night Help Seems Very Far Away Indeed If Bowditch Is Going To Catch A Killer, He Must Survive On His Own Wits And Discover Strength He Never Knew He Possessed

Paul Doiron is the author of the Mike Bowditch series of crime novels, including THE POACHER S SON, which won the the Barry Award and the Strand Critics Award for Best First Novel and was nominated for an Edgar Award, an Anthony Award, a Macavity Award, and a Thriller Award for Best First Novel, and the Maine Literary Award for Best Fiction of 2010 PopMatters named it to its Best Fiction of 201

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  • Hardcover
  • 310 pages
  • Bad Little Falls
  • Paul Doiron
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  • 07 May 2019
  • 9780312558482

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    Bad Little Falls is the third book I have read in the Mike Bowditch series, and this is the one book so far that I felt didn t really rock my boat It was great to go back and read an early book in the series and the story was not that bad I just found it not very memorable and I kept forgetting who was who Personally, I found the best part was that this was the first time Mike met Stacey However, the case was not that riveting although I did find the ending was good and I was even a bit surprised when the full truth was revealed All and all, this was an OK book, although it did feel like a let down when compared to Knife Creek and Stay Hidden.

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    I liked this mystery set in rural Downeast Maine for its twists and turns, its realistic coverage of colorful backwoods characters, and its progress in developing the personality of its hero, game warden Mike Bowditch Given the competition of so many great mystery writers, a three star rating would be fair, but I am biased as this third one in the series is set in my neighborhood, the low income communities of Washington County in the eastern tip of Maine.Bowditch is sent here from mid coast Maine as punishment after getting too much in the middle of a murder case involving his estranged father The community of hardscabble types obviously don t like game wardens, so he easily makes a lot of enemies He wastes no time in putting his nose in law enforcement business when he gets called out on a search and rescue situation in a blizzard and a man ends up dead from foul play It looks like a drug deal gone bad His growing friendship with gorgeous Jamie, the ex girlfriend of the dead man and sister of a man seriously frostbitten in the event, leads Bowditch to secretly seek alternatives to the official explanation At every turn, winter in Downeast Maine rears its ugly head The Oxycontin addiction problem had an epicenter here a decade ago along with Appalachian states This book weaves these issues nicely into the tale Doiron doesn t totally besmirch the county as a backward, godforsaken wilderness For example, he has the popular sheriff be an open lesbian, which isn t far fetched from the tolerance I ve experienced here So if you want the flavor of the rural Maine environment with your escapist mystery reading, give this a try Machias on Machias River, and Bad Little Falls Remote blueberry barren in Washington County, ME

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    Oh, Mike sigh will you ever learn He fairly stumbles into a murder mystery and becomes his own worst enemy, as usual.

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    This isn t my first dance with Doiron I read The Poacher s Son, the first book in the saga of Main Game Warden Mike Bowditch It was a very engaging thriller set in the backwoods This is the third book in the series and, as a result of the events of books one and two, Bowditch has be transferred to the easternmost district in Maine He comes with a reputation or as Mike s new boss says you re an arrogant fuckup who thinks he s the smartest guy in the Warden Service Even Mike admits that this assessment isn t completely off the mark.This part of Maine is known for its magnificent wild scenery its poverty its drug dealing and addiction Game wardens are not DEA or the local sheriff but they, too, are often called to deal with situations involving guns and drugs.Mike has little time to settle in before a white out dry snow blizzard engulfs the region This is Doiron at his best describing the storm and its effects I learned a lot about the difference between a wet snow blizzard and this type and I am glad that I have had the choice on whether to go out in such conditions Bowditch doesn t have that choice and is called out to a cabin where a scary injured man has just appeared outside somebody s cabin Things get complicated fast with death, drugs and instant infatuation with a woman s who serves him his breakfast sandwich and coffee at the local McDonald s What becomes irksome is that Bowditch knows that he has to keep control over his anger his tendency to jump to conclusions his vulnerability for a pretty face and his potential for alcoholism He has to but he doesn t He falls off each wagon than once, despite his awareness and others pointing this out to him see above Just because he has the knack of solving difficult problems and doggedly pursuing his quarry doesn t make up for the character development or lack thereof Doiron may be plotting a much slower arc of maturity for his hero, but this doesn t fire me with anticipation for the next novel in the series.

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    Dorion s description of the poverty drug problem in the woods of southeast Maine, while trying to find a murderer at the height of a blizzard snowstorm, is a riveting read Another fine addition to a very good series.

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    When you annoy the bosses once too many times and you work as a game warden for the State of Maine, you get sent to their version of Siberia In this case, Warden Mike Bowditch has been sent to Washington County The eastern most county in Maine is well known for poaching, drug abuse, high unemployment, and a host of other social ills Not to mention the brutal winter working conditions Bowditch is being punished and he knows it Just about everything Bowditch has to deal with in his new assignment is made worse because his considerable reputation precedes him.The biggest place in the county population wise is the county seat of Machias The town barely has two thousand people The small town, as well as the surrounding county, is a place where everyone knows everyone else, looks the other way, and pretends to know nothing That includes ignoring the actions of a local drug dealer A drug dealer that soon winds up dead with his friend severely injured by frost bite.While others believe the friend killed the drug dealer during a snowstorm, Bowditch doesn t think so Any shred of credibility he had coming in was shot by his involvement in the case never get romantically involved with a suspect is rule one no matter what agency you work for , so he is forced to go it alone to get to the truth It isn t the first time and won t be the last.The series that began with The Poacher s Son and continued with Trespasser just keeps getting better and better This is a very complicated novel that continues to build on an excellent foundation while bringing further nuance and depth to the Bowditch character Those efforts do not get in the way of the multiple storylines at work in this complex and multi layered novel Bad Little Falls by Maine author Paul Doiron is very good and well worth your time.Bad Little Falls A NovelPaul Doironhttp Minotaur Books St Martin s Press August 2012ISBN 978 0 312 55848 2Hardback also available in e book 310 Pages 24.99Material supplied by the good folks of the Plano, Texas Public Library System.Kevin R Tipple 2012

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    Paul Doiron made a big splash with his Edgar Award nominated first novel, The Poacher s Son, which introduced Maine game warden Mike Bowditch and his extraordinary talent for tracking animals and people through the worst weather that Maine can dish up When he s reassigned to the eponymous Bad Little Falls, a remote town near the Canadian border where drug abuse, unemployment, poverty, violence, and poaching are rampant, his reputation for disregarding orders precedes him and it looks as if his career has dead ended To him, it s the equivalent of being exiled to Siberia When he s called upon to examine the carcass of a zebra, frozen to death in a wild animal hunting park, he immediately makes a dangerous enemy of the park s owner, a yahoo whose only concern is luring customers who will pay big bucks so they can mount animal heads over their fireplaces Lonely and far from friends, Bowditch develops an unhealthy attachment to lovely Jamie Sewall, a former drug addict who manages a McDonald s Her son is troubled, and her brother and ex boyfriend sell drugs that may have recently killed a college student When Jamie s ex is murdered, Bowditch struggles to rein in his need to protect her.The story has a strong sense of place and makes palpable the raw power that weather and water can wield The plot is driven by the elusive possibility that this time Bowditch can redeem his career while saving Jamie and her son Shelve this book beside the works of Steve Hamilton and William Kent Kruger, stories of strong but not macho men living in godforsaken places, bruised by past relationships, and trying to get it right this time Review first published in The Boston Globe, 11 11 12

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    This wasn t a bad book, it just wasn t as suspenseful as I had thought it would be The main character is a game warden and it was interesting to read about what that entails and how the job coordinates with other branches of law enforcement My main quibble was with the character of the 12 year old boy, Lucas Although his character gets a lot of book time, he s not as well drawn as he could have been, considering the part that he plays in the drama There is also a lot of information about the climate, especially what it s like in winter in Maine near the Canadian border I always find that interesting I m a fan of Scandinavian and Canadian novels partly for that reason but it doesn t carry the whole book by any means.The love story in this book is one sided and I was left wondering what the main character saw in the woman he fell in love with so quickly Although the book is well reviewed by others, I didn t follow suit because it didn t meet my third day rule If a book doesn t stay with me enough that I m still thinking about it at least three days after I finish it, it s not going to get four or five stars This book didn t meet that criterium.

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    Maine game warden Mike Bowditch is in trouble with his superiors who have exiled him to the uppermost county adjacent to the Canadian border In a place where drugs are rampant, many residents don t like game wardens, especially Bowditch While trying to be sociable, Bowditch breaks bread with the local veterinarian and a well known woodsman Taking the vet on a call, Bowditch finds one man practically frozen and another one that definitely is Although it s not his case, Bowditch doesn t know how to stay on the sidelines.After reading several of the latest Bowditch books, I found this 3 in the series I like seeing how Bowditch has evolved in these books I still enjoy the feeling of the outdoors that these stories provide All the snow is appealing to me in the 100 degree temperatures of Texas.

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    Washington County, Maine The Sunrise County Poor Isolated Long, cold winters Beautiful in the summertime Jonesport Beals Machias Lubec I know the area well This story takes place in Whitney Whiting , Maine It was a good mystery It was quite believable.

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