Bargaining with a Rake

Bargaining with a Rake An Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found Here And HereFor Eleven Years, Gillian Rutherford Has Dreamed Of Escaping Her Family S Dark Secret And Living A Normal Life Now, Faced With An Unwelcome Marriage That Will Chain Her To London And The Secret Slowly Killing Her, She S Desperate To Save Herself And The Sister She Adores Salvation Comes In The Form Of An American Shipping Tycoon, And All She Must Do Is Seduce Him Into Marrying Her But Gillian S Scheme Hits A Snag When She Makes A Bargain With A Notorious Rake Alexander Trevelle, Lord Lionhurst He Ll Help Her Win The Hand Of His American Friend, If She Ll Assist Him With Exacting Revenge Against Her Unwanted Fianc But The Price Of The Pact May Just Be Their Hearts

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[Read] ➳ Bargaining with a Rake ➯ Julie Johnstone –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 292 pages
  • Bargaining with a Rake
  • Julie Johnstone
  • English
  • 26 September 2017

10 thoughts on “Bargaining with a Rake

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    Ms Johnstone has a lot of potential as an author But, this book has some major problems in both continuity and context First if you are going to write book in a historical setting please use language that is part of the time period I don t expect an author s romance book to not take dramatic license, but the usage of modern day colloquialism in language kills the book for me Ms Johnstone used far too much modern language for me to over look it Ms Johnstone pretty much throughout the social s of the time period, in writing this book Between these points several stars were deducted You can t write a historical romance and not abide by the time period you are writing in.Second there were continuity issues in this text, and it makes me wonder why since this book was written in 2012 that the text issues have never been addressed Does not one pick up when the hero has already told the heroine something, but tells her again near the end of the book.Third there were to many players in the play The author set up an entire cast of characters for her to build future books on and bloated this book with them She also had to much death and tragedy that the characters moved on from too quickly I also felt I was running a race the entire time I read the book, as the author had too many moments fraught with danger In all it was far too much in one book.Now I have said all this know that I am not giving up on this author, as I see potential in the way she writes her characters She may have given me too many characters in this book, but she gave me good well developed characters She also gave me a story that despite being bloated with too much plot had really good bones of a story No I am not trying to give you mixed singles, I just want you the person who reads this review to know that Johnstone has the chops to write really good books.What she needs and what a lot of Indie authors need is someone to tell them when to cut and when to add They also need continuity editors, like movies have, because readers don t need or want dialogue repeated I truly believe the need readers prior to release that are going to be heartlessly honest with them and tell them when something works and doesn t work Writing a book is a craft and an art form which authors can improve Now that I have read Ms Johnstone first work I am going to move onto her later books to see how she has honed her craft I hope to ring out the truth in my prediction, that she has the chops to be a solid writer.I also listened to this as an audible companion, and the audio version was very well narrated, it actually enriched the experience.

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    This book had the potential but Johnstone failed in executionI really enjoyed her recent books so I could only chalk up this book s failure to deliver to her inexperience as a writer at the time.

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    Les personnages principaux sont un peu lents la d tente pour accepter le fait qu ils se plaisent et doivent vivre ensemble un peu redondant par moment aussi mais dans l ensemble, ce fut une lecture agr able.

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    Spitfire, Gillian Rutherford is a daughter of a recluse duke She is has been running from a dark sad secret for the past eleven years, and she is tired of running She has one shot to have a happy life and make sure his sister Whitney, has a happy life Gillian must marry to make this reality She has set her sights on an successful American businessman This will be her ticket out of England What she doesn t count on is her heart telling her the American s business partner and best friend is the man she should be with and not the American.Alexander Trevelle, Lord Lionhurst is all things handsome and wicked He lives a rakes life Breaking hearts as the day is long among the Ton Behind the rakes facade Alex is troubled, haunted and desperately faking his way through life When his sisters sudden death throws him into overdrive, he finds he must ruin and help the woman that makes his blood boil with passion into the arms of his best friend and business partner the American, Drake Sutherland.It s simple really Gillian Rutherford must marry the American Drake Sutherland and go to America, taking her sister, Whitney with her She can do that She ll just need to have the American fall in love with her She is beautiful and witting, what s not to like What she doesn t count on is the rake known as Alex Trevelle, Drake s business partner and best friend A sad turn of events will take place and Alex and Gillian will team up and find a way to get Drake to marry Gillian This will seek revenge for Alex and give a fresh start for Gillian and her sister What they both didn t see coming are the sparks that are between them Can they both ignore the spark to accomplish their goals This was my first read by Julie Johnstone and I really enjoyed it This book has quite a bit of suspense just waiting to be discovered The villain in this book is nasty, and you can t wait for him to get what s coming to him Great secondary characters as well Auntie is funny and a strong force to be reckoned with The chemistry between Alex and Gillian is electric and it was a joy to read it unfold You ll be on the edge of your seat until the very end to see what happens Fun read See my blog

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    There wasn t a lot of sexy time in this book When it did happen, it was like, oh yeah, let s throw in one for good measure So, Gillian has this dark family secret She needs to marry so that she can protect her sister and herself She sets her sights on an American just come to the English shores It s his best friend that she ends up taking a liking to Getting to their eventual HEA was really fun and there wasn t a lot of groveling or painful denials.Anyway, I liked that Gillian had a lot of backbone She was very protective of her sister However, I dislike books where the heroine or hero can t think of any other solution than to sacrifice themselves I also liked Alex, the hero He was so sexy He was seductive without even trying He was also a genuinely good guy I wish the villain had gotten a steeper comeuppance, though.

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    Plot was predictable, not the worst I ve ever read but it completely lost me when the author had men genuflecting to those of higher rank really when did the Brits start this usually they bowed to each other even in 1817 they knew they weren t in a church when they were attending a ball And I m getting very tired of books that are obviously written with an ending that, one assumes,is supposed to entice the reader to purchase the the sequels one to find out what happens next annoying and I don t buy the next book.

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    Duluth s good readGillian will do anything to hide her mothers secret and protect her sister She has a plan until Alex enters her life and instead of concentrating on the task at hand she finds her concentration floating to Alex.

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    A surprising gemI chose this book after reading the most critical review I ve ever seen While it wasn t the only negative review for this book, it blasted the author for spelling and grammar errors while being filled with many itself I decided that the reviewer had to be wrong, and I wanted to see for myself By the author s own admission, it had been filled with errors upon its initial release, but was soon revised That s one of the nice things about e books, your copy can be updated for free.So, on to the story Lady Gillian and her younger sister, Lady Whitney, are experiencing their first season Whitney wants to enjoy every last bit of it, while Gillian is certain they ll never be accepted by the ton because of their family history Eleven years earlier, their mother had died under suspicious circumstances, and gossip among the ton was that their father had killed her Gillian has decided that the best answer is to marry a wealthy American and leave England forever, taking her sister along.Meanwhile, her father, the duke, has approved her engagement to a vile man, and she s met a rake with secrets of his own Alex, the rake, loathes her fiance, and decides to humiliate and ruin him, including seducing Gillian and getting her to publicly break the engagement.Suffice it to say that nobody gets what they d planned on, but all are happy with the outcome, except for the nasty fiance.

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    A WONDERFUL HISTORICAL ROMANCE Bargaining With A Rake book 1 of A Whisper Of Scandal series, was a absolutely wonderful Historical Romance It had the right amount of romance with a little bit of sensual sexy heat I usually like a sensual erotic romance story but Bargaining With A Rake s storyline and characters made up for the lack of sex There is plenty of suspense, mystery and secrets with a touch of sadness The villain get his just deserts The H H Lady Gillian Rutherford daughter of the Duke of Kingley and Lord Alexander Trevelle the Marquess of Lionhurst were written with intelligence, witty banter between the two Deep layers of character development Great Storytelling Enough of a backdrop to transport you back into the year 1817 I hope the next book Conspiring With A Rogue is as good I Highly Recommend BWAR Very Well Done.

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    Solid 4, narration and story I enjoyed this quite a bit, the devil in this actually is a tiny bit sympathetic figure His actions definitely NOT It will be interesting if he resurfaces, occasionally has flashes of regret He s got a big hill to climb if he does show up in the series again Jillian, is forced to be betrothed to a man she hates because of her father and a blackmailer not that she knows who it is She s hatched a plan to marry and American and escape to America with her sister But her co conspirator is Alec who makes her blood run hot Very enjoyable cast including a fun and meddlesome aunt Good start to a series.

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