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Alan Grant is a Scottish comic book writer known for writing Judge Dredd in 2000 AD as well as various Batman titles during the late 1980s and early 1990s He is also the creator of the character Anarky.Alan Grant first entered the comics industry in 1967 when he became an editor for D.C Thomson before moving to London from Dundee in 1970 to work for IPC on various romance magazines After going

[PDF / Epub] ☃ Batman: The Last Arkham ✑ Alan Grant –
  • Paperback
  • 112 pages
  • Batman: The Last Arkham
  • Alan Grant
  • English
  • 12 June 2019
  • 9781563891908

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    I got these first four issues of Shadow of the Bat from Comics N Stuff It was funny seeing ads for Batman Returns, Alien 3, and collectible cards for Star Trek The Next Generation This was 1992, after all This story introduces the Batman villain Mr Zsasz, a serial killer who has 47 known victims, with rumors of double that amount for unknown The tally marks which he cuts into his body for each murder, however, reveal that he has murdered approximately 759 people prior to the events of this story Unlike other Batman villains, he does not have a theatrical looking costume or alias He is one of the most insane foes Batman has ever faced We also learn about the methods used on Arkham Asylum s inmates by Jeremiah Arkham, nephew of the late Amadeus Arkham Villains such as Joker and Scarecrow have cameo appearances.

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    Comes off as an attempt to horn in on Morrison s much better Arkham Asylum The serial killer maniac isn t all that compelling but the head of the asylum is a little interesting.

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    This was an excellent collection of Grant s Batman This is one of my favorite Batman stories, where the twists keep on coming and the bad guys are as dark and twisted as ever.

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    I started my love affair with comics after reading such a story when I was an awkward teenager Now that I am an adult that love affair continues and I re read this tale still blown away by its ferocity If Silence of the Lambs was creepy, this book is creepier Batman has been incarcerated in the Arkham asylum and is being treated as someone who has had a nervous breakdown That is just the start Read this story as it grabs you by the throat and takes you on a roller coaster of an adventure.A must read for a fan of the Dark Knight Heck do read it even if you are a not a fan of the DC comics.

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    I like it.The story is interesting and I really like the trust and friendship shown between Jim Gordon and Batman.The Red Herring was obvious, IMO, but still interesting to see that Batman would do that.Nightwing to the rescue

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    A well made but very basic Batman story Its very competently done, but isn t in the least bit inventive or revelatory.

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    Not amazing but not terrible either Art was a little lacking but the story rumbled along pretty well

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    This was quite a fun mystery narrative which examines the inner workings of the Arkham Asylum under the supervision of Jeremiah Arkham who inherited the place after his uncle was driven to insanity He prides himself of being gifted with the power to see through evil and darkness in a person s mind His goal is to cure psychosis through radical and exploitative methods which he subjected some of Gotham city s worst of the most criminally insane A few of them are even Batman s infamous villains However, Dr Arkham seems convinced that the most insane of them all is no other than Batman and he captures him and tries to reverse the madness which does not go well at all.The story is pretty simplistic in structure and also includes a murder mystery and a conspiracy design Divided in four parts, it remains faithful to the Batman mythos in a sense that it s very explorative of his psyche and it s refreshing to see the dark knight in stressful situations which tested his resilience and spirit The introduction of Jeremiah Arkham was an absolute delight He believes he has Batman pegged and that he is the main reason why criminality is rampant in Gotham because his very presence, according to him, only encourages the maniacs to act out violently I can quite agree on those terms, seeing that Batman does actually enable his villains to keep coming back for considering his moral code is never to kill, only to injure An admirable stand for sure, but a very problematic result for the people of Gotham Still, it s just one of the reasons to admire Batman he never loses control over himself even though this story was able to tap on that psychology of his that is just as complex and twisted as the villains he fights The fact that he shares this unique brand of madness with the criminals is saying something I like that the negative impact of vigilantism in a personal level for Bruce Wayne is examined here, as well as the appearance of Nightwing former Robin, Dick Grayson who provides other insights about Batman, considering he was like a son to Bruce for so many years This was a really good piece of work I definitely want to read about Arkham after this.

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    I finally got around to reading this 20 year old Batman story by veteran Judge Dredd scribe Alan Grant, which also launched the title Shadow Of The Bat all them years ago.The Good 1 Introduced new villain Zsasz Creepy, scary, tough I didn t care for Amygdala, I mean how unsubtle is that villain He s not Alan Grant s finest creation.2 Introduced new character Jeremiah Arkham Conflicted, creepy, compelling.3 Nightwing is used well and written well Guest cameo for Tim Drake The Robin of that era He did stay Robin for the next 20 years on and off.4 Decent plot It s one of those why hasn t anyone thought of it before plots I won t spoil it for anyone who has not read this story yet.5 It s told in 4 issues Screw decompressed story telling.6 The art is decent to good Just above average, not by much though.The Bad 1 Some of the dialogue is not only dated, but out of place Alan Grant s britishness creeps into Batman s mouth far too often You read enough Batman, you ll know when the dialogue feels unnatural and lazy.That s it, it s a short enough Batman arc and I really didn t find many problems with it other than some unnatural, stiff dialogue and unimpressive art by Norm Brefogle, whose art I usually admire.

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    3.5 , , , , Jeremiah Arkham , Amadeus , Arkham, Zsasz, visual design coolness , serial killer , .

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