Batwoman, Volume 4: This Blood Is Thick

Batwoman, Volume 4: This Blood Is ThickAfter Taking Down Medusa, Batwoman Expected Her Life To Get Easier Not So Much When Caught In The Crossfire Between Batman And The DEO Department Of Extranormal Operations The Organization Has Their Sights Set On The Dark Knight, And Could Be Using Batwoman To Capture Him But Is Batman The True Threat Writers JH Williams III And W Haden Blackman And Artist Trevor McCarthy Continue Their Mammoth Run On The Critically Acclaimed Title In BATWOMAN VOLTHIS BLOOD IS THICKCollects Batwoman Not sure what to say about this one, I ve been ruminating on it for almost 2 weeksIt s not up to the same levels as Batman and Batgirl Vol 4s, but it s sure better than the clusterfuck that was Vol 3 Things finally come to a head here, but still, I really get the feeling that Kate Kane has no clue what the fuck she s doing If that s the point, then no thanks I don t mind a hero finding their way, or doubting things, but this is silly Also, why throw in another pair of estranged family members DEO s Agent Chase and her sister absolutely useless Maggie Sawyer has long been a strong character on her own long before being reduced to the girlfriend role, and it s a shame I don t find that this makes her ainteresting character at all.Also, I m getting very tired of the storyline with the 2 girls on the covergee, who do we think might be involved again What motivation could Bones possibly have to get Batwoman to go after Batman Oh hmmmthat coverrightThat being said, if they actually pick this up in Vol 5 with anything other than exactly what should happen, I will be shocked.Still get confused by the colour schemes that keep changing, and that there s far too much on the supporting characters and very little on KK herself.But as with most of the New 52, it seems Vol 4 will be the end for this creative teamfeels like a cheap ploy to keep us reading at the end though. Bullet Review Wow Good stuff A shame DC chased away power duo, Williams and Blackman, mid story arc.I m afraid of Volume 5 It s heart breaking that Williams and Blackman had to leave the book, because this is great Sadly, they left in the middle of a large and important storyline Huge cliffhanger I can t not read the rest, but if it doesn t live up to what s here Such a shame It just felt like, for once, everything came together in this volume This Blood is Thick is quite a long story, but it didn t at any point drag There was always forward momentum And I don t mean constant action, because much of that momentum was on the personal level, in the relationships between characters And the art It s always looked nice, but the panels are in control this time It was a pleasure to read, beginning to end.And let s not forget about the interlude, starring Killer Croc in an oddly effective little story It s a gem in a collection that s already really good.I wish DC editorial hadn t interfered so much that this storyline was interrupted I ll always wonder what it might have been, in the end Such a shame. Are you freaking kidding meI read TPBs so they don t end in cliffhangers So I get a complete story But nooooooThis volume of Batwoman has to end in, not 1, but 2 cliffhangers Crap I really enjoyed this story The action is great Mags and Kate s relationship is fantastic Wasn t Mags originally from Metropolis I really liked the issue focusing on Croc And the end was rather suspenseful making the cliffhanger s muchannoying I ll definitely be looking for volume 5. Beautiful artwork, beautiful dialogue, beautiful characters Batwoman continues to be one of the best comic books in the market.4 5 At first, I wasn t aware that THIS was JH Williams and W Haden Blackman s final volume in Batwoman Since I don t live under a rock, I was aware of the duo s very public split with DC over the direction of the series, and whether or not Batwoman should become married spoiler alert they were all for it, while DC isn t much of a fan of their superheroes getting hitched Granted, I understand that a change in the creative talent is pretty much an inevitability in superhero comics, but damn What an awful place to split This Blood is Thick is a solid addition to the New 52 s Batwoman line, well paced and with a really thrilling build up at the end In this volume, everything comes to a head when the DEO tells Kate to do something impossible unmask Batman or her loved ones get it This feels like the most personal storyline of Batwoman s new 52 run, with a real emphasis on family The artwork, as always, is absolutely gorgeous, filled with wonderfully detailed, uniquely designed panels Much like World s Finest, the volumes ends on a bombastic city wide action sequence Unlike World s Finest, it also ends on a cliffhanger, with all of the plot threads of the storyarc left completely unresolved.Batwoman has never been a perfect comic the To Drown the World arc being a noticeable low point for me , but I think that JH Williams and W Haden Blackman have done a pretty good job with it The fact that they didn t even get to finish up this particular storyline is pretty damn frustrating Of course, I will give the new writer a chance when volume five is available at my library, but it s quite a shame they had to go out like that. 4.5 starsThis was another excellent volume of Batwoman, and you really have to credit the creative team that put it together.It starts off with Kate and Maggie still struggling with the repercussions of the battle with Medusa, but their relationship seems strong enough to overcome it Now that Maggie knows that Kate is Batwoman, there s definitely a deeper layer to everything And I liked how she immediately has her back.In the Killer Croc one shot, you get a look at how Maggie is fully capable of not only taking care of herself, but also stepping up to help take care of Batwoman.The main plotline involves the D.E.O basically blackmailing Kate.They want Batman unmasked, but it appears that this vigilante has all his bases covered Shocking, no It seemed like a no brainer that she d refuse, but Bones had an ace in the hole They have something very precious of hers, and they know she ll do anything to get back Anyone who s been reading this title can probably guess what I m talking about, but I m trying not to be all spoilery.Ok Everything mentioned above Great, good, awesome It s all the same stuff I ve come to expect from this title.Now, the ending I can t blame the creative team for this massive cliffhanger fuck up, because I m pretty sure this wasn t their choice.The morons in charge of this at DC, however, need to be spanked and sent to their rooms with no supper.Seriously.Talk about an abrupt ending.I ll read the next volume to find out what happensbut I m not happy.No Not happy at all.

James H Jim Williams III, usually credited as J H Williams III, is a comic book artist and penciller He is known for his work on titles such as Chase, Promethea and Desolation Jones.

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