Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster She S BackAfter Wasting Away In A Mental Institution For A Year And A Half, Ariana Osgood Is Finally Back Where She Belongs She Has A New Look, A New Name, And A New Life All Thanks To Her Former Friend Briana Leigh CovingtonNow Enrolled As A Junior At The Exclusive Atherton Pryce Boarding School Just Outside Of DC Ariana Sleeps In Frette Sheets, Flirts With The Captain Of The Crew Team, And Gossips With The Most Beautiful Girls On Campus She Killed To Get Back Her Life Of Privilege Just How Far Will She Go To Keep It From The Author Of The Bestselling Private Novels Comes A Series About The Dark World Of Wealth, Secrets, And Privilege

Kate Brian is the author of the SHADOWLANDS TRILOGY SHADOWLANDS, HEREAFTER ENDLESS , as well as the New York Times bestselling PRIVATE and PRIVILEGE series, and the wildly popular MEGAN MEADE S GUIDE TO THE MCGOWAN BOYS She also writes teen fiction under the name

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  • Paperback
  • 278 pages
  • Beautiful Disaster
  • Kate Brian
  • English
  • 07 February 2017
  • 9781416967606

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    What is it about this series that has me hooked I have to hand it to Kate Brian She writes a series of books about a young female sociopath in a posh boarding school and somehow I get addicted to the series.I am not usually a reader of series books I have read some great Dystopian series like The Hunger games, Divergent and the Delirium series but 90 percent of my books are stand alone.I read both this and the Private series, one book after another It s popcorn reading but these books were just so much fun And I don t even know quite why If you are looking to binge read a YA series that is wickedly dark but also quite fun to read, this series is for you.

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    I regret taking so long to finish this book, because I forgot how damn good this series is compared to its Private counterpart It s awesome how a different protagonist can completely change a book Reed is constantly at the mercy of other people, is very irrational, and the incessant murder attempts feel as if she s the only one not privy to an inside joke Ariana is poised, calculated and usually she s the only one who is privy to the inside joke Reed never figures out the identity of the killer until the last second, but Ariana is the killer Kate Brian is great at creating suspense and empathy with Ariana I felt Ariana s rage, desperation and frustration every time Kaitlynn threatened to reveal her After every encounter with Kaitlynn, my heart pounded as I expected police to be waiting for Ariana at Atherton Pryce Hall APH When Ariana wanted to shake Kaitlynn by the shoulders, I wanted to do the same to my Kindle As stupid as that sounds In the Private series I feel removed from Reed, rolling my eyes at her stupidity and inability to follow the clues In the Privilege books I feel as if I m one with Ariana, just chilling at the back of her mind while she works her magic In Beautiful Disaster, the serial killer side of Ariana takes a back seat Despite a few murderous near slips here and there, she puts her planning abilities to productive use, like securing her spot in the APH hierarchy We see the cogs whir in her mind as she weasels her way into a clique, secures her academic future and pits classmates against each other I was fascinated by the meticulousness of her plans, and how she was so adept at people watching Within minutes she can discern which nerves to tap, and manipulates her friends like pieces on a chessboard I m really pleased with the supporting and peripheral characters Kate Brian has created here I was initially worried that they d be carbon copies of the Billings Girls, but they can stand on their own I feared that Maria would be a Noelle clone, as she seems to be the leader of the clique Fortunately she s like Kiran, sans the alcoholism Tahira is the closest to Noelle here, with her power trips and calculated moves Brigit and Soomie both remind me of Taylor Bell Brigit with her body issues and general insecurities, and Soomie with her academic ability and attention to detail I was also worried that Lexa would be a clone of Poppy Simon, because a she was also fashionably late to the story, b everyone also reassured Ariana she would love her, and c she was also the girlfriend of Ariana s love interest Fortunately Ariana wasn t instantly at loggerheads the way Reed was with Poppy, which was a huge relief She s like Ivy, after her and Reed become friends I also like the male characters and love interests thus far, or at least I don t want to throttle them Palmer is like an amped up Josh Hollis with his morals and fair sportsmanship, but far less annoying Landon vaguely reminds me of a PG Thomas Pearson and Gage.And as much as I can t wait for the moment Kaitlynn Nottingham magically falls off a cliff, she s a fucking amazing villain She s so evil she manages to make serial killer Ariana seem like a saint I was so frustrated whenever she foiled Ariana s attempts at freedom, and I just about screamed over her becoming a student at APH I can t wait to see how she torments Ariana in the next few books, but I also can t wait to see her meet her demise I am bracing myself for severe headdesking I m also really fucking excited to see this secret society business unfold There were hints of it in the Private series that fascinated me to no end, but they were either never resolved or had shit endings cough magic cough I hope that this secret society is as nefarious as it s made out to be, and that the ties between Lexa, Tahira and Brigit are half as juicy as they seem If it turns out to be private school kid orgies or a coven of witches, I just may cut someone POverall If you enjoyed Privilege, START READING BEAUTIFUL DISASTER RIGHT THIS SECOND Seriously, you ll be kicking yourself if you don t While Ariana s serial killer instincts take a backseat, we get to see the social ladder of a private school picked apart, manipulated and put back together again We get original characters only vaguely inspired by the Billings Girls, and a mindblowingly amazing villain so evil that Ariana seems like a saint.

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    What gets me about this series is that Ariana is certifiably insane, not to mention a serial killer, yet you somehow can t help but root for her, or at least feel sympathetic toward her in many ways She s a great antiheroine and it s interesting and a little scary to get inside her head.

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    Ariana Osgood has come a long way from the hallowed halls of Easton Academy, being confined to a mental institution, to lying, stealing and murdering in order to be where she willed herself to be Now she is Briana Leigh Covington, a sixteen year old brunette entering for the first time at Atherton Pryce Hall, exclusive than the Easton Academy, her former boarding school She has to make a fresh start and undergo new and disconcerting experiences firsthand now she s the new girl, the outsider She has to kiss up to and be evaluated by the reigning queen bees, and set her eyes on hot guys while keeping her real identity under wraps She is in constant alert hoping no one would recognize her or have met the real Briana And things get much worse what with Briana s ex boyfriend still alive, a former flame searching for Ariana, and a fellow psycho inmate on the loose who s painfully aware and ready to expose all of her secrets How far would Ariana go to remain at Atherton Pryce Hall and live the life of privilege she feels she deserves Unfortunately, the sequel proved to be a lame follow up to the massively twisted story that Brian has started with Privilege There s something missing maybe it s due to the introduction of story elements that sems a tad deux et machina for me at times But I think I ll reserve my final judgement of this spin off series until I ve read the third book Ariana is definitely an interesting character, very complex and at times sympathetic, and Brian showed excellent judgment in creating a spin off based on this character Book Details Title Beautiful Disaster Privilege, Book 2 Author Kate BrianReviewed By Purplycookie

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    Ariana Osgood is settling in to Briana Leigh s life She s now enrolled at a private school and is returning to the privileged life she s accustomed to She was one of the popular girls at Easton Academy and she s determined to be the same at Atherton Pryce Hall.Things begin to quickly fall into place for Ariana, now known as Ana She s befriended the right clique and has tied up loose ends to her past Or so she thinks When her former crush and nemesis learns where she is, Ariana will stop at nothing to keep her new life.Beautiful Disaster is the second novel in the Privilege series the spinoff from the Private series Ariana is a character readers will love to hate At times, you will feel sympathy for her until she concocts a new plan to do away with the competition Ariana is ruthless I have to say, while reading the Private novels, Ariana had a quiet presence, a character that is easy to forget Which made the truth behind Thomas s death that shocking.In Privilege, readers see the REAL Ariana and it s quite frightening In Beautiful Disaster, Ariana is portrayed as paranoid Her confidence is slipping as her life begins to slip out of control I have to say, I was exhausted while reading about Ariana s scheming to keep her past hidden Beautiful Disaster ended on a cliff hanger, one that could possibly destroy Ariana for good Fortunately readers won t have to wait long to see what happens next Perfect Mistake, book three, will be released in October.

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    ARIANA OSGOOD IS BACK but this not time not as Ariana but as her former friend Briana Leigh Covington Kate Brian is back with her exciting writing skills in the book Beautiful Disaster For Ariana its not quite of a disaster as she is getting back to her life of privilege well she almost is, and knowing Ariana, she will do anything to get her life to be PERFECT even if it means blood Reading through this book was captivating, i loved the story and the plot, i could never put down this book The writing is just incredible, especially when I am reading about what Ariana Osgood has going through her head Kate Brian really shows through her words how crazy and dangerous Ariana really is just by showing us what goes through Ariana s mind I have to say my favorite part was at the end where Ariana is shocked to find who was the new transfer student at school I liked the ending because it was very suspenseful, now i just cant wait to for the next book Everyone should read this wonderful series, its amazingly good and it always keeps you on your toes.

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    Big fan of this ridiculousness Totally love it This PRIVATE series spin off is set in an even exclusive east coast prep school and has secret societies, murders, princesses, popstars, balls, and is a delightful guilty pleasure.

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    Yes The pampered boarding school setting is back.Way fun, if predictable and unrealistic.I like how Arianna alwasy has to debate whether or not to kill the characters she s encountering.

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    An interesting sequel to Privilege I continued reading to find out what happened to the main character These books are all kind of the same after the first one It s an interesting idea, but hard to root for a protagonist who is so twisted.

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    3.5 out of 5 starsthe only reason im lowering half a star from the last book to this one is simply because i enjoyed Privilige , which doesn t mean this is a bad book by any means, its just a bit of a downgrade from where it started, im a little surprised by the route the series is taking, which is again not a bad thing, its just not what i expected, this book sound like PLL to me, and the first really felt like PLL, this one did too but in different ways, Privilige has all of the aspects of PLL, from the murders to the drama to the relationships, i felt like this book focused a lot on the drama, which i really really liked, but i was surprised they decided to focused on that, so that might have thrown me off a little but overall i really did enjoyed this book, and i cant wait for the next onechokengtitik

    titikchokengs Adam is the sweetest human being ever and he deserves love and affection and i hate how everyone in this book treats him except Palmer , thank you, goodbye.

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