Beautiful Stranger : A Memoir of an Obsession with Perfection

Beautiful Stranger : A Memoir of an Obsession with PerfectionThis book is about a woman who has a series of plastic sur geries, one after the other Whenever anything is wrongwith her life she attempts to fix it with an operation Shefinds her first doctor through an advertisement in the backof a free weekly magazine For a self described smart girl,she does some very stupid things Her obsession with herselfmake her unlikable and very lonely.The author appears to have a fixation on plastic surgeries asa way to solve all her problems She examines her family oforigin s connection to her body dysmorphic disorder, ties itto obsessive compulsive disorder and depression, but theseexplanations seem too glib Her surface explanations appearto mirror her surface re do s through surgery.Her therapy is assigned less than 10 pages of the book andthen all is happily ever after once she is cured and leavesthe world of self loathing and sado masochism, living happilyever after Could this be phony balogna Orcould it bea romanticized account by someone not yet in true recovery Ithink the latter is likely. Hope becomes so strong from her former, obsessive, weak self at the end of the book that it is amazing to see her transformation, her journey We get to see her step away from her need for perfection which is motivated by fear for the future and what seems to be a dependent personality Her mother pushed her to be a star child, applauding her for her looks As an adult, Hope seeks to please SO much that she is willing to undergo unnecessary surgery to try to win the favors of her plastic surgeon Hope isn t unattractive, she has a drive to make herself look better despite not really needing it What s under that isn t vanity but depression and OCD, she discovers She is also afraid to get a job and will date anyone who comes along, even the dangerous Hank who lives a double life Her therapist pushes her to make decisions on her own and to be strong In the Hope gets a job at an animation company, forcing herself to do it She meets her husband there After getting married and having a baby, plastic surgery is less of a priority for Hope Her children are her main focus She also realizes how foolish her breast implants were and how ridiculous her plastic surgeon is The surgeon was focused only on money This doctor that was so important to her life doesn t even remember Hope in the end She realizes all the damage he caused her by encouraging surgeries that she didn t even need She begins to see him for a fraud when she discovers he even pushes her to get plastic surgery for her six month old son She realizes how foolish she was, how she doesn t need surgery any, and eventually becomes strong enough to stand on her own. Hope Donahue Seemed To Have It All Beauty, Wealth, Social Status She Was An Only Child Who Grew Up With The Best Private Schools, Debutante Balls, And A Home In Hancock Park, Los Angeles S Old Money Enclave But Beneath The Family S Fa Ade Of Keeping Up Appearances, Hope Hid A Host Of Ugly Truths, Including A Mother Increasingly Jealous Of Her Daughter S Good Looks, An Uncle S Sexual Advances, And A Father Who Cowed To The Demands Of His Wife And Coolly Reserved Parents Hope Became Addicted To A Quest For Physical Perfection In Place Of Her Self Esteem , And By The Age Of Twenty Seven She Had Undergone Seven Plastic Surgeries In Riveting, Unflinching Prose, Hope Recounts Her Downward Spiral That Alienated Her Family And Friends, And Led Her To Theft, Bankruptcy, And A Sadistic Relationship Before She Began Her Recovery A Powerful Response To A Culture Obsessed With Extreme Makeovers And Risky Procedures That Promise Flawlessness, Beautiful Stranger Is A Timely, Cautionary Tale Her Story Will Inspire The Countless Women And Men Like Her Who Struggle Every Day In A Culture That Feeds Us Dangerous Images Of Unattainable Perfection Beautiful Stranger Is A Dark, Scary, And Important Story Of How Broad Social Trends Shape The Suffering Of Individuals How, In The Author S Case, The Beauty Addiction Of A Whole Culture Is Mapped Onto A Dysfunctional Family And An Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Donahue Perfectly Captures The Predatory Style Of A Certain Kind Of Surgeon At Once Seductively Flattering And Solicitous And Yet Always On The Prowl For Access Into The Faces And Bodiess Of The Vulnerable Virginia L Blum, Author Of Flesh Wounds Why write a memoir when you have such little self awareness Did I really just read 200 pages of someone with pretty serious mental issues surrounding her looks and plastic surgery, just to have her spend the epilogue justifying her decision to have MORE PLASTIC SURGERY But she s aging, so she NEEDS to get work done This is an okay read, but the epilogue is seriously disturbing to me Speaking of disturbing, how about the fact that the author s boyfriend tries to view spoiler rape her roommate hide spoiler This one was ok Definitely not great It had moments where the author really seemed to open up about the obsessive compulsive thoughts and tendencies that drove her to so much plastic surgery But much of the book just seemed like a spoiled brat who didn t really have to work and she could indulge her pity party through self destructive behavior In fact, the most insightful and interesting part of the book was the last few pages in the Epilogue Also, the copy of the book I read had three pictures of the author on the back of the book one before plastic surgery, one after quite a few procedures, and one that was her now The difference between the three photos is miniscule, at beast So, for a book about obsessing over plastic surgery to strive for perfection, and because of all of the procedures mentioned in the book, the three comparative photos are rather anti climactic.This book seemed interesting before I read it, but by the end it felt self indulgent and void of any true drama I never felt any compassion for the author, and never felt like I learned anything new as a result. This book is not easy to review, nor was it easy to read That s not to say it s not well written or interesting, it definitely is The book presents some shocking realities regarding the LA cosmetic surgery industry as well as mental illness The author, Hope, is brutally honest and I commend her for this She tells us her deepest, darkest thoughts, which are not endearing at all, yet she is still brave enough to voice them The story is not really about the extremes that the author will go to in order to perfect outward beauty, although they are described in shocking detail Rather, it is about the horrifying depths she will go to in order to try to fill an inner emptiness Hope eventually goes to therapy which does help, and towards the end of the book she visits a psychiatrist who diagnoses obsessive compulsive disorder and she receives medication for this as well as for her depression I imagine that the writing of this book, provided additional healing The only thing I kept hoping was that she would be able to fill some of her emptiness, not with a wonderful husband, or four children, or medication, but with the genuine love and peace that comes from an inner spiritual journey Although this wasn t the case in the book, this is my wish for Hope I truly commend her for sharing her sincere story and I think it will be helpful to so many other woman. This book is quite depressing and reminded me why I dislike plastic surgery so much It s ok if you had a car accident or so, but why change a perfectly healthy body and risk all the complications if you don t need to We all have imperfections, that s what makes us us But we re constantly bombared with photoshopped images and so on, trying to convince us we are abnormal and need to fix that At the end of the book she wrote that her illness has nothing to do with her self esteem but I feel it does The way she judges d other people and the way she let people use and abuse her made me feel like it has A LOT to do with her self esteem She also has d the inability to say no Like when her partner wanted to have children and she didn t know what she wanted so she just let nature decide.I knew an anorexia patient who loved getting pregnant because then she didn t have to worry about food or getting fat The author seemed to have a similar feeling while being pregnant, since she felt she didn t have to worry about how she looked any. This is about a woman from a well to do wealthy family who struggles with depression it runs in the family and deals with her problems through an addiction to cosmetic surgeries By the end of the memoir, she sees pictures of herself and doesn t even recognize herself Hope Donahue is this beautiful, thin rich debutante whose own family thinks that she s a promisicious slut she s not because of her beauty and constant surgeries her mother thinks that she s having an affair with her father she s not and tries to get Hope to confess during a psychological session with a therapist Hope thinks that they are going because her mother was trying to convince her that Hope s father was sexually abusing her Hope also uses alcohol to cope with her obsessions and depressions She ends the memoir married with a child, and still obsessed with getting procedures done, anything from breast augmentations to eye lifts to liposuction to you name it It s a poignant story, geniune, honest, easy to relate to on some levels like if you ve ever been depressed. Ok I know some people did not like this book But it s not just about plastic surgery, it s about obsession and how it dominates the mind and sques the perception of ourselves It is about a woman who grows up privileged in a family of obsessive people She lives a large part of her life looking for perfection in order to seek approval Mostly, she needs her own approval and never gets it It s a good book for anyone who fights their own demons every day and for those who don t understand it This is the story of Hope Donahue a daughter of a wealthy family and this is the story of what it was like to grow up not feeling good about yourself while living in an area where looks are important.I read this book really quickly but looking back there was alot going on but Hope almost seemed detached from alot of it Surgery and bad guys and wanting approval and to be loved come across the most in this book of going from one disaster to another.Although there was alot of personal details in this book it came of as being cold Like Hope was telling the story about someone else and with little interest.Alot of the things that happened in the book were horrid esp some of the men mentioned I had to wonder how she came to meet these people I felt nothing after finsihing the book until I came across what was written about her near the back that she was married and had a family now I was relieved as I hoped her younger years were her worst and that that was all behind her now.

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